Hi Jordan!! Do you have a nutritionist in the LA area that you'd recommend? I recently moved here from SF, and haven't had a ton of luck finding one. I'd really like to find a professional who could help me better understand how my body is processing the food I'm eating, work through some digestive issues, and create a balanced plan for me to follow. I need some guidance even though I have the basics down. Thanks so much!

Hi love!! yes!! my dear friend Kelly Leveque is my go-to nutritionist. She is amazing. You can find her on BeWellByKelly.com and @bewellbykelly on Instagram. Send her an email and I'm sure she will be able to see you. Also my functional medicine doctor Apostolos Lekkos is someone I highly recommend, and he works in Santa Monica!

I currently go to OTF and Core Power Yoga. Ever since you've talked about your issues with OTF and your skin, I've noticed how badly my skin got once I joined OTF. So I started cutting back on the times I go there (5/6x a week to 2x a week) and then yoga 4 times week. But I've found myself not feeling as accomplished with only doing yoga. Might sound weird. What do you think the good balance of OTF and yoga would be? Could the acne problems be from going to OTF first thing in the morning without having anything but BPC? So many questions, lol! I just want to keep both in my life (a good balance) and have better skin & energy.

Hi love!! Wow!! Well it's not the workout itself causing your skin issues but likely a spike in cortisol from too much high intensity. The good news is, you can totally have both in your life. If your body responds better to yoga multiple days a week and OTF just a few days a week but you're not feeling like you are working hard enough -- maybe try running outdoors once a day at your own pace. So you're not pushing yourself super fast and hard like you might in a class, but you're still getting that cardio in!! MAYBE you also need more fats throughout the day to stabilize your cortisol levels! And maybe you need more than BPC but in that case I'd recommend a nutritionist to figure that out πŸ™‚ I think you can def have both!! Play around with how much / how little you go and see what helps over time!

Hi!!! I have a similar situation to you, where I used to be a Barrys Bootcamp cardio junkie and all it did was make me feel bloated, swollen and worn out. Recently, you've had a few orange theory sessions, do you still push yourself to sprint on the treadmill. What speeds would you reccomend if I wanted to run but not overload my cortisol. Thoughts?

Yes!!! I feel you. So here's the thing with me going back to OTF lately. I have totally changed the way I workout there. I don't wear a heart rate monitor anymore so I don't feel like pressure to be competitive with myself or push myself to get into the really high heart rate zones. Instead of sprinting I've been working my way back up to running at a steady pace and then once I am super warmed up I will choose to sprint for short little bursts. Everyone's body is so diff I wouldn't be able to recommend a specific speed, but what I can say is listen to your body and you'll know!! I personally like running at a 5.0 / 5.5 and then working my way up to 6.0, 6.5, 7.5 and even 8.5 if I'm feeling crazy for short bursts. But that is me -- listen to yo bod girl. I am going to write a full blog post on this soon and cant wait to share more!! <3

Do you have any recommendations for an intro to Ayurveda?

Yes!!! The book Yoga & Ayurveda is wonderful. Also just taking a dosha quiz online and finding out what your dosha is + starting to eat for your particular type of body is a great place to start. And I would suggest trying a consultation appointment with an Ayurvedic practitioner in your area if you want to explore deeper, have your tongue / pulse read, learn about Panchakarma, etc!! And check out my friend Sahara's site Eat Feel Fresh -- she's an Ayurveda master & has such good info on her site!

Do you drink Bulletproof coffee post workout or will you add some extra protein/carb/fat in? πŸ™‚

I drink Bulletproof coffee pre-workout!! It's the best pre-workout because then when you're burning calories your body uses the fat as a fuel source instead of glucose!! So you burn fat instead of just using sugar as a fuel source. Post workout I usually have a protein shake with some greens like spinach and a scoop of fat like coconut butter or almond butter!

What are some things ALWAYS in your fridge

Great question!!! ALWAYS in my fridge are... almond milk, Chameleon cold brew, REBBL herbal drinks, Brussels sprouts and broccoli and cauliflower (when I am on my veggie roasting game), chicken bone broth, coconut yogurt (The Coconut Cult is my current fave) and tahini!!!

I know I sound stupid, especially becase your body is SO perfect, but I'm still scared to eat as much fat as you do. Ironically, my 'low fat' lifestyle has me overweight etc.... any tips?

This doesn't sound stupid at all!! I think getting over the fear of eating a high fat diet is hard for everyone because we are programmed our whole lives to believe that fat is bad for us and will make us fat. The truth is, a lot of low fat foods are filled with sugar and other inflammatories that our bodies don't process very well. High fats that are totally natural and from the earth like avocado, coconut, olive oil, wild caught salmon, etc have no sugar so they're great for stabilizing blood sugar and hormones -- they keep us full longer, fuel our brains and activity and give us energy!!! Start slowly and maybe introduce a Bulletproof coffee in the mornings to see what it feels like to get your body in and out of a slight ketosis!! This will have your body burning fat so you'll probably be comfortable at that point eating more fat too!!!

What are your favoruite ways to season food or keep things interesting?

Some of my favorite seasonings are turmeric, cumin, cinnamon (on sweet things and Indian dishes and basically everything, lol), tahini, healthy peanut sauces, and all of Cafe Gratitude's yummy & healthy dressings!!! Whole Foods usually has a good array of healthy, minimal ingredient dressings also!! XO

Ok, here is my issue. I can be healthy from the time I wake up until I get home at around 8pm... even if I have a healthy meal 'planned' all I want when I come home is comfort food (last night was Indian butter chicken and brownies... like basically stuff that derail my whole day), how do I break this habit?

I totally, totally get it. First of all, know that that is SO normal. So many of us plan all day and do so well and then we just get hungry (starving), tired, our hormones might be out of whack, etc and we go all out with so much food. My suggestion would be to up your healthy fat intake (lots of olive oil, avocado, avo oil, coconut butter, ghee, Bulletproof coffee if you like that) because they keep you fuller longer and keep your hormones stabilized. Also introduce a protein shake in the late afternoon to curb your cravings!!! It will work WONDERS ! It sounds like you just need to stabilize your blood sugar and hormones, and your cravings won't end up being so ravenous, I promise. Sugar is also a great thing to cut out (or cut back on) if you feel like your cravings are controlling you.

THANK YOU for always responding to 'fans' no matter how famous you are!

THANK YOU for being awesome because you guys are my favorite part about what I do forever and always!!!

What are some of your favourite budget-friendly, but uber healthy meals

Greatttt question. Honestly a forever staple in my diet is black beans, quinoa and steamed kale. SUPER simple. Lemon or tahini dressing. Black beans and quinoa last so long when you buy them in bulk !!!

I'm in LOVE with health/nurition blogs... what are some of your favourites?

Me tooooo!!! Great q!! Some faves are: The Skinny Confidential, RachLMansfield, Chocolate Covered Katie, The Healthy Maven, Addicted to Lovely, Oh Lady Cakes, and My Name is Yeh!!

When you were in graduate school, how did you fit in your wellness lifestyle...amidst friends who love fast food, movie nights, all nighters and low budget?

Veryyyy great question. In grad school I was known as the girl who would order a tall glass of water out at the bars after class. πŸ™‚ We had late night classes and we usually walked to a nearby bar afterward. I would just get water, stay and hang out for about and hour, and go home and be in bed by midnight when everyone else stayed out way later!! It was the best of both worlds because I made some lifelong friendships in that program but also was dedicated to be healthy, early morning yoga, non alc drinking lifestyle !!! I also like to think that my lifestyle inspired them a bit to try healthier restaurants, eat better, exercise, etc -- so it all worked out! <3

If you had an entire weekend off, with no plans, what would you do?

GREAT question!!! I sort of had one of those weekends this past weekend, and it was AMAZING. A few things I did were... checked out Tantris Yoga in west hollywood (absolutely GORGEOUS and so much fun), had a yummy healthy lunch at Erewhon with this insanely amazing reishi cappuccino there that I am obsessed with, had an awesome cryotherapy session, made dinner with my love, took a private kundalini meditation class with my best friend, taught yoga and hung out in the valley a bit with family. So basically -- a lot of yoga, good food, people I love, and good vibes!! And lots of sleeping in and leisurely mornings πŸ™‚

This is going to sound like such a silly/odd question... but I'd like to eat dinner earlier. I've been eating dinner at 8 or 9pm because I don't like to go to bed hungry. However, the catch 22 is that because there's such a gap between dinner and lunch... I basically binge eat before dinner..or have dinner twice. How did you train your body to have dinner at like 5 if you dont go to bed until 11 or 12.

Hi!!! I totally get this. I am an early dinner eater and sometimes I have to have a snack later on before bed if I don't go to bed very early!! What my nutritionist Kelly taught me is to have a clean protein shake in the afternoon (4pm ish) if you're going to have a late dinner, which holds you over before you have a lighter healthy dinner. Or you could eat dinner earlier and have a healthy snack later on like nut butter and fruit, veggies and hummus, a protein bar, a healthy dessert, etc. It's all about keeping that blood sugar stabilized!

Hi Jordan, I LOVE your podcast. I use it when I take daily walks to work. I work two jobs, so my time is pretty limited and this is just one little thing I do to try to be 'healthy' and save money. I'm trying to get back on my feet after a low period. Do you have any other 'little' tips or things i can do while working 2 full time jobs with limited money?

Hi you!! Thank you so much -- that's so nice!!!! I love, love, love that you are taking walks in the middle of the day to feel good, move mindfully and get your exercise in on a budget!! I am ALL about it. Midday walks are great. If you want to ramp it up by doing some outdoor runs (starting with 30 mins every other day, and then increasing to 40 mins, 45, etc and work your way up) that is another free way to exercise and get that heart rate pumping!! All you need are some good running shoes. I will also be releasing my yoga ebook VERY soon which is just a onetime payment and then you have yoga sequences and poses on hand for life!!! <3

Hi Jordan, for the past few months I went through a lot of changes (new city, new job etc). So my eating habits went from 'kale' to burger king. I've gained 20 lbs but truly enjoyed just being able to meet new friends at dinner, etc. For once in my life I didn't really care about 'healthy food'.... but I feel like Crap..... Any tips to get back together without restricting (I have a history with that).

Hi!! AHHH I feel you. I think striking a balance between being too restrictive and overindulging is one of the hardest things to do for us extreme personality types! I would suggest doing things that strengthen the mind/body relationship so you can get in touch with your hunger cues and nourish your body from the inside out. Focus on how you FEEL rather than how you look. It doesn't always have to be total health food -- sometimes it's good for us to just be more laid back about food and actually enjoy the entire process of being with people and eating !! For me I love to do yoga, meditation, journaling, breath work, and mindful movement to get more in touch with my hunger cues. And therapy helps me too!! Just a few random tips !!! XO

Just wanted to say, I really like your podcast and What I Eat In A Day posts!

Hi you!! Thanks so much!! I will do more What I Eat In a Day posts, it has been a while!! Appreciate the feedback!

Hey Jordan! I am 29 years old and have always had sensitive skin. Right before I went on a trip to Vegas last week, my arms started breaking out and my friend who is a nurse thinks its eczema. I went back and read some of your blog posts about it and I was wondering if you still use the Skinfix balm for it? It's not super noticeable to others but it is bothering me. Any advice would be appreciated - I'm a sensitive skin, no makeup girl just like you. πŸ™‚

Hi love!! I DO still use Skinfix, and it works extremely well for me. I highly recommend it. It's clinical strength and the ingredients are nothing bad for the skin (sensitive skin gals unite !!!) -- try it and let me know what you think!!

No question. Just want to say you are the BEST!! Xoxo Franciele Faria - a Brazilian πŸ™‚ @franciele_faria

awww YOURE the best!! thank you!!!

Hi Jordan I reached out to an old co worker it's been a few months since we last chatted. Do you think she will respond?

I am sure she will!! If not -- don't sweat it. It's probably her own issue and not yours if you left on good terms! X

Hi Jordan!!! I'm debating on making a blog and you give me a lot of inspiration. What is the layout you use? Or do you have a specific website you get different layouts from? Thank you so much!!

hi babe!! amazing!! this is a super customized layout on wordpress. i've used a lot over the years but i finally dove into the full custom site and its been such an amazing thing. i am happy to recommend my web designer to you if you're looking for something on the professional side!! xx

Hey Jordan, I lovvveeee your website layout!! What platform do you use?

thanks so much babe!!! this is wordpress with a LOT of plugins and customized design. love love it!

Hi Jordan Need your expertise! I reached out to an old teacher of mine in high school! - she was a teacher for me once as an on call, do you think it's inappropriate for me to do that? All I asked her was how is everything and is she still at my old high school? Loved your book and your podcasts! Thank you for inspiring so many!! You are a beautiful soul! Xoxoxo

hi love!! i think that is absolutely great. i am still in touch with many of my high school teachers! i think they love hearing from their former students!! thanks so much for the love and kind words girl. MUAH

have you ever had problems with binge eating or eating after drinking or a night out? i struggle with these sometimes and i feel like i can't control it and i need help. i'm too scared to tell anyone about this because i'm embarassed but i need to find out how to stop

absolutely!! i have definitely been there and i know how difficult it can be. my issues with what you mentioned above came from being deficient in all sorts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. i didn't have enough b12, iron or protein in my system so my body started ravenously craving sugar. it was the worst!! i would recommend seeing a nutritionist and/or an eating disorder specialist to dig into the emotional side of it too. emotional eating is a real thing, and sometimes we use food to try to bandaid other things going on in our lives. sending you the best babe and you will surely get to the bottom of it -- i promise so many people are in this boat and your awareness of it is the first step!!

Hi Jordan! I'm in recovery from anoxeria for 3 years now, and in this time, I've gone vegan (nearly 2,5 years ago). At first it helped me so much, I felt I can eat more. I was hclf vegan for like 1 year and this past 6 months (after starting to lift weights) I upped my protein and fat and also started counting macros. Since the start of my recovery I've been obsessively counting calories and weighing foods and I still couldn't stop. I love being vegan and it means so much to me, I learnt a lot in this past years about the environment, animals and myself as well. But this past few weeks everything started to go down, I'm the busier I've been, I'm always running to everywhere and I started to feel really tired, weak, lost a bit of weight which was enough for my ed to start creeping up. And the thing which I'm asking for your advice and opinion: I never craved anything animal product this past years. But this weeks I've gotten huge cravings for eggs and greek yogurt (no meat, that still disgust me) and since then, it's on my mind all the time. I feel so guilty and bad about myself for craving animal products... I told this to my boyfriend and he said that there's always a reason why my body wants eggs and yogurt. He is really supportive but he worries a bit as well, he said he'd be more calm if I would be vegetarian at least until I fully recover. But how could I say I go back? What would I say to people? I told everyone that it's the most healthier diet and I'd never go back. I don't really know what to do now πŸ™

Hi beautiful!!! I totally understand. Don't feel guilty at all for what your body is craving. Your boyfriend is right, there is absolutely a reason why you're craving certain foods -- and that's because your body knows best. You are lucky that your body is still in alignment with its hunger cues so you can listen !!! I ALSO told everyone I was going to be vegan for life, but your concern can't and shouldn't be other people -- it should be YOU. Your body. Your happiness and health. The people around you will understand and support you regardless. Have you read my book Breaking Vegan? Search it on Amazon and check it out babe!! I think it would be very helpful to you as you make this transition. XO

hi! what are your thoughts on muscle testing/applied kineosiology? I want to believe in it so bad, because I am currently getting treated for leaky guy, hormone problems and food sensitivities at my naturopathic doctor and he uses it for everything. I feel like it's correct but then I started looking stuff up online and there's such a mixture of research and feedback, mostly saying negative things. Which makes me mad haha

hmmm i think it depends on the person!! i have definitely had some people do it with me and i've seen / felt it to be really accurate, and then other times i haven't! i think it's important that whoever you're seeing as your doctor you trust 100% so maybe its time to try something else!! there is definitely legitimate info out there about it, so i do think it depends on the doctor, situation, etc. hope this helps!

When you started your blog, did you have professional photos taken? At what point did you decide it was time to go pro!

i had a few professional photos taken for the launch of my blog, but for the most part all of my social media photos at that point were just taken on my iPhone!! when i started working with brands and really taking blogging full-time more seriously, i started using high quality professional photos the majority of the time!! <3

Hey Jordan, My name is Paige Johnson, and I am getting ready to create my own fitness/lifestyle blog. I just wanted to ask if you have any tips, recommendations, or helpful hints that you could share from your journey with blogging. I really like the layout of your page, and the message that you share. I am a trainer myself, but work more in the High Intensity Interval Training world (I'm from the Windy City, so have to find a way to stay warm lol). Anywho, I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for your time! Paige Johnson

hi babe!! amazing!! yes -- go to the search bar of my blog and type in 'blogging tips' -- i have shared a TON of them over the years! also writing an ebook all about the business of blogging that i hope will be helpful for all of you amazing babes getting started with your blogging journeys. you will kill it!!

Hi Jordan I need your help! I met a really nice girl and we actually met through me watching her older sisters YouTube videos! We were talking and came across the subject of life and all the things we wish to achieve and talking about some people in our life who died and couldn't fulfill them. We bonded over a discussion about my uncle because he sadly passed away from a brain aneurysm and the girl sadly had the same experience with one of her friends - this girl died of a brain aneurysm sadly at school she encountered a sudden headache and passed out and died in hospital two days later only being 18.. I am so affected by that because my uncle died in the same way her friend died. - the girl sent me the link so I could take a look and it was really truly sad. I have never met this girl before but being friends with her friend the one I am talking too after becoming friends because of her sisters encounter with me from a subscriber relationship. We follow each other on social media and she has posted pictures from the date the friend died and memories. I can't help but look and feel sad. I need guidance in how to move forward? I always get attached to theses stories and situations and feel very bad. I don't know her and I feel bad for my friends because they knew her but I just want to move forward. Any advice?

hi babe!! ahhhh this is hard. i think you just have to remove yourself from the situation and know that the best thing you can do is send good vibes and healing energy their way. i know how it feels to be a highly sensitive person to all of these sorts of things, but you can't let it get to you!!

Hi Jordan! I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration to me. I am in the process of recovering from orthorexia/anorexia and have not had my period for a little less than two years. Do you perhaps have any advice as to how I can get it back in a healthy, balanced way please? Thank you so much for your time.

read the book Woman Code! a lot of my friends who have been in this position have found this book incredibly helpful as far as learning about hormones, etc. Also for me, taking b12 supplements really helped and also eating a lot more iron and protein. I would also recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor to get some testing done to see what the exact hormone imbalances are!!

Hi Jordan! I've heard you slightly mention maybe doing yoga retreats in the future! Please please do it! I know myself and a bunch of your "tribe" would love to go!!

yes!!! in the very early stages of hopefully planning some. do you have any exact location requests?! i am so excited to get moving on these !!!

What happened to your business of blogging e-book? Is that off the table now? Hope not!

hi love!! def not off the table!! jugging a few too many projects at once, but it is still in the works!! its halfway written... just need to write it out and get it all out -- thanks so much for inquiring, i am going to do my best to finish it ASAP!

I just order the Ketones! Any advice on how to get started?

amazing, you're going to LOVE! listen to episodes 14 + 20 of the podcast, they will answer all of your q's about getting started!!!

You mentioned you had a stomach parasite. Just curious if you have any recommendations for anti-parasitic natural remedies/foods? I picked something up while traveling recently and it's been hard to get rid of completely, even with medication!

hi love!!! ahhh, the worst. i took an antibiotic. I am not even sure which one -- i can ask my functional medicine doctor and find out!! it took two months to die.... it was seriously nuts!!!! sending you the best with yours, babe

Hi Jordan! I recently discovered your podcast/blog/instagram/tribe and am obsessed! First, I do not mind your long intros, I love hearing your updated and what you have to say, my favorite podcasts sometimes have long intros. I would love if you maybe had an "ask Jordan" section at the end or beginning. Sometimes at the end might be better because then people can turn it off if they just want to hear the guest. Secondly, doing my Yoga Teacher Training is a life long goal of mine, I am still young (24) and I know that I have time, but am worried I'll forever push it off because it isn't the right time. I also work in the hospitality industry which causes me to work weekends occasionally and long hours and am not sure how I can fit all of this. Do you have any advice for any corporate people that would love to do a teacher training? Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

yes this is awesome!! i LOVE the idea of the "ask jordan" section at the beginning!! i will add that that ASAP and so true that people can fast forward if they choose to! and that is so exciting about your YTT -- there are so many diff options so you could technically do a 200-hour training that is every weekend or every other weekend (i did the every other weekend option for 6 months) so those are available to people who work 9-5 during the week! i did mine when i was in college!!! it's a lot of work but if you're dedicated you can make it happen and you'll love it <3 <3

Hi Jordan I love your podcasts! - I loved your book too! You have pushed me to write my own book! I need your help! I am going through a hard time right now I'm struggling with friends I reach out to old friends and they don't respond to me anymore.. so I am sad about that and I am also struggling with getting motivated I want to start my own channel and create s blog but I can't get motivated to find a name.. how did you find motivation to reach your goals? I would love to see a video on it! Much love xoxo

hi babe!!! that means the world to me. thank you! for me, the balanced blonde as a name just totally fit what i was doing and who i am. i knew i wanted to focus on balance, and wanted to keep the "blonde" in my name from my O.G. blog the blonde vegan!! for you, you could always just use your name instead of fussing with trying to get creative with it -- creativity can't be forced, and once you start you can always change it if something pops out at you!! my advice is to just START, and you'll feel good about going forward from there. and so sorry that you are struggling with friends, that is the worst. keep doing you and being you and and you will begin to attract those likeminded individuals that way <3 <3 sending love babe xx

Which vitamins and foods are essential for vegetarians?

b12 is something i think all vegetarians should be taking since it can be hard to get in plant foods alone. same with iron and calcium!! other than that, i really think it depends on each individual body as far as what to take on the daily!! <3

Hi again Jordan! Thank you for your quick response to my question on the KETO OS. I was also curious if this is a product that one would continue to take indefinitely, like for the rest of the forseeable future, or if there is a stopping point? Like, does one build up a tolerance to it, or does it totally depend on each individual? I have tried it and have mixed feelings! Thanks a ton!

hi babe !!!! i think it totally depends on each individual. some people love it so much that they can't imagine ever not taking it every day, and others are more into having it pre-workout a few days a week or every so often. i have been having it daily but i also know that i will probably have some time soon where i take it less frequently, just because i like to switch things up!!! if its not feeling good for you, switch up how you're using it and maybe go for using it less often, or taking half a packet instead of a full! <3

Hi Jordan! I have some major portion control issues. I feel like I have virtually no self control when it comes to food. Especially carbs! Like rice, bread, FRUIT etc. So I make a conscious effort to not eat them whatsoever. I really wish that I could just eat a little bit and feel satisfied, but it's so hard for me to recognize "hey, you're full" or distinguishing boredom or mindless eating from hunger. Any advice? Thank so much. Xx

hi love!! AHHHH i so get it. you know what, i actually just listened to a podcast by the amazing Gretchen Rubin (of "The Happiness Project") all about ABSTAINERS vs. people who can do things in moderation. Her whole stance is that the social norm is to have things in moderation which makes it so hard for us extreme people to follow through with things like "cheat days" once a week and eating well the rest of the time. I am certainly more of an extreme, abstainer type of person... and that is to stay away from foods that don't make me well I sort of have to cut them out of my life. That isn't something we should feel guilty about!!! It's actually beautiful & amazing that as humans we are all so different and we get to learn how we all work best and what makes us function our best. Anyway, my advice is to cut it all out and see how you feel. As Gretchen puts it, it's more FUN to abstain and see and feel the results than constantly struggle with that "one bite" of chocolate a day or whatever it is. Also, Keto OS helps me a lot with curbing my cravings (thebalancedblonde.shopketo.com) which is another nifty tool!!

Hi Jordan! I just listened to your most recent podcast (love your podcast and blog btw!), and am just wondering, is the KETO OS something that should be taken twice a day (ideally) indefinitely? My apologies if this was answered on the podcast already and I missed it! Thanks!

hi babe!!! dont apologize -- such a good question to ask!! honestly my recommendation is to try it out and then check in with your body to see how often it feels good for you to take it. i really enjoy taking it twice a day (it works optimally that way) but that also requires drinking a lot of water to prevent dehydration from the sodium!! some people really like taking it once a day. can't wait for you to try it and hear your thoughts!! X

Hey sweet lady!! Just wanted to say you are doing AMAZING things! Love being able to join in on your journey of inspiring others! I have the hardest time descinfwhat to eat pre/post workout and how to supplement before and after. Any quick tips/food ideas to optimize my workout. I usually go at 5am so it's hard to pre fuel my body that early.

hi beauty!! thank you so much!! what an amazing message to receive πŸ™‚ OMG that is an early workout missy!! that is amazing. i have trouble eating that early also. i think it really depends on your body for how to eat / supplement before and after but what i do is... pre-workout bulletproof coffee, maui punch keto OS, and 7-9g of BCAA's!! however some people like SOLID food before a workout which i totally get. i used to be a big oatmeal with PB girl!! after a workout i like a big protein shake with a clean protein powder like Rootz Nutrition or Vital Proteins collagen πŸ™‚ hope this helps!!!! XO

What are your thoughts on fitbit and other fitness trackers?I feel like they can be harmful if you have an obsessive personality type, but i like tracking my heart rate and all that...

i agree!!! i think that if you're prone to obsessing, then they can kind of perpetuate that habit. for example, when i wear one i get extremely fanatical about hitting 10,000 steps a day.... not a terrible thing, as there are FAR worse things to obsess over but it depends on how obsessive your personality is!! i think knowledge is power when it comes to our health so they don't really hurt unless you feel better off without knowing. i've been enjoying working out WITHOUT my heart rate monitor at orangetheory so i can listen to my body instead of focusing on the numbers πŸ™‚

What nutrition/wellness certifications do you have? If I am looking to become a wellness coach with my business and my own clients, and design my own meal plans which would be best for me?

i did the IIN health coaching certification program!! it was a lot of fun + super informative. feel free to refer me if you sign up for it! otherwise, i am just passionate about health and wellness. 500 hours of yoga training also so sometimes i feel like i have a masters in yoga πŸ˜‰ pretty fun!

hi! can you please explain what you normally eat in a day on the keto/paleo lifestyle! and could you tell us anything else about what it's done for you and why you feel so good this way? have you seen any changes in your body or digestion? I'm so curious, and want to try this lifestyle as well. xo

hi babe !!! i talk ALLLL about the deets of this in episode 14 of my podcast to answer all q's!! i don't ascribe to the label keto or paleo, as i like to listen to my body above all else, but i do enjoy eating low carb, loading up on bulletproof products and high fat foods, and high quality proteins like wild salmon, organic chicken and red meat about once a week. LOTS of high fat smoothies (protein shakes are my jam), keto OS twice a day, lots of yummy veggies loaded with ghee or olive oil, and of course all of the organic dark chocolate because it's my fave. i will do a whole post on this soon to make it easier to follow!! in fact.... i think i will write it right now πŸ˜‰ XO

Hey! I recently discovered your site and I absolutely love it!! I've been really diving into health and wellness (clean eating/clean beauty/yoga) lately and want to learn more, but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?

amazing!!! read my post from yesterday titled 'wellness hacks' it has my top 16 or 17 go-to's for wellness and feeling good!! check it out! xx

Hi! What do you do when shopping to think about the environment and climate change, etc... where food comes from, leather...? I need help!

i don't really do a whole lot of shopping for leather unless someone gifts me something that was made for leather. i just try to shop at places that i know use ethically sourced fabrics, non sweat shop production, etc. it takes a lot of research but i also mainly wear activewear so it works for me;)

Any tips on ways to take action regarding the current Trump administration? He has done everything from threaten the rights of trans- kids to deporting many who just want peace and love.

my blog isn't a space where i openly talk about politics, but in terms of how the administration is affecting the organic/health world, i would highly recommend signing up for my friend max's "Organic Insider" newsletter. look him up (LivingMaxwell.com) and sign up, you won't regret it! <3

Hi Jordan! I literally just came across your blog quite desperate. I have been struggling with my weight pretty much since birth. I tried many eating lifestyles. First I was plant based, then I was calorie restrictive, then Keto, then Paleo, then back to plant based. Two months when I went back to being plant based I lost 15 pounds. However, I feel like my body is resisting this lifestyle. I have been having serious GI issues. Severe bloating 24/7! At times it is very painful. I feel like my my whole body is filled with air. Yesterday, it was so bad I had shortness of breath because I feel like the air was under my rib cage. My bowels haven't been normal since either. I could eat anything and it could even be small and it would bloat me even more. I feel like my body needs some good healthy fat like an egg yolk or coconut oil, but I am so afraid that if I start putting fats in my diet again I will gain all the weight back. I have done so much research. Everybody contradicts what the other is saying. I am so exhausted trying to be healthy and get to a normal weight. Please Help! Ashley Boardman, Ohio

ahhhh that is so painful. well honestly even if you DO gain weight at first from going off of a plant based lifestyle it sounds like it will be worth it due to how awful youve been feeling - that sounds so uncomfortable babe and i am so sorry you're in this position! i'd recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor so you can get your blood work drawn and see what's going on with your hormones, maybe you have a parasite (i did -- happens easily), or other imbalances that are causing you to hold onto weight with a non-plant based diet that is still healthy. invest in the functional medicine world babe, i think it will work a world of wonders for you!!

Hi Jordan! I need some major help. I am going through an extremely hard time right now with the recent break up with my boyfriend of 4 and a half years. We've lived together for 3 and a half years so it's been really hard living in my house alone with so many reminders of him. I've always been drawn to mediation and different spiritual activities but never pursued anything out of fear (stupid I know). I really want to just turn my life around and become the person I really am. Not this strange person I don't feel like I even know. I have purchased some crystals which was something I was always drawn to and I read the soul searchers handbook (which I loved). But I just feel kind of lost. What do I start with? How can I be more connected with myself and the Universe and all of the energy surrounding me? How do I get in touch with my crystals? I try meditating but I can't focus and I just think about nine million things. I'm in serious need of some serious advice. Thanks so much,

hi love!! ahhhh that is so tough, i feel you. i would say start with yoga and then work your way into meditation. i find that starting with a moving meditation type of experience like yoga or running can help you work your way into deeper, seated meditation that quiets the mind. there is no one size fits all pill or magic formula for getting into it, other than clearing your head, setting your intentions, and being OPEN to the universe guiding you. read gabby bernstein's 'the universe has your back'!!! game changer.

Hi! On one of your recent podcasts, you and the gal you were interviewing talked about setting intentions. Can you go into further detail about how to do this? Thanks!

hi love!! ooooh i should write a full blog post about this because i think it's a little too much for me to write here, but honestly you can just start with your journal and write your intentions for the day/month/year -- they can be anything from spiritual to physical to emotional and beyond πŸ™‚ read the book "the artist's way" to learn more about how you can work on specific intentions to enhance creativity, and also "anatomy of the spirit" xx

hi! do you have any good recommendations for a non toxic, clean sunscreen? i am going on spring break soon and i have recently been very conscious about the products i am using, i am trying to be non toxic as much as possible!


Hi Jordan I need help. I reached out to a former co worker who blocked me because she wasn't understanding my account situation I made I business and one personal anyway tonight I reached out it's been a year.. and apologized for the account switch up.. do you think she would report me?

I don't think so! Doesn't sound like you did anything wrong to me.

Hi Jordan! Recently I've been feeling extra tired lately and it's hard for me to get stuff done and even finish homework. I've been getting 8-9 hours of sleep and have had my thyroid levels checked and can't figure out what's going on! Have you had similar experiences/ suggestions on what I should do? I eat a healthy diet and get exercise as well. Thank you so much!!

hi love!! ahhh hmmm i wonder if it could be high cortisol, adrenal fatigue, overcommitment of your time, not enough protein/b12/calcium? i have definitely had that experience before. i think that there are so many possible factors here i would recommend looking into seeing a functional medicine doctor to get your blood levels tested so you can get to the bottom of it!!! knowledge about our health = our power!

Hi! What are your thoughts on peanut oil?

not a fan of peanut oil because peanuts can be a breeding ground for mold in the body!! i have peanut butter every so often, but i prefer almond butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc. πŸ˜‰ <3

Hiiii gorgeous! I just wanted to say that I am LOVING everything you are doing right now and accomplishing. You are one of the reasons I am going to yoga at least once a week now. I just wanted to ask if we have seen your Valentine sweetheart on Snapchat? Or is it someone we haven't met in the online community yet....so happy for you! πŸ™‚

awww thank you so so much!!! i love this question. you've seen him on my snapchat πŸ˜‰ and he is also on my episode 11 of the podcast... he is one adorable cutie. and i am very lucky. longtime friend turned recently more. thanks for the support boo!! xo

it seems like you use the keto os stuff as an excuse to not eat enough food the same way peple do that with veganism ..

i think it's silly and sad that people judge from afar when they have no idea what people on the other end of the screen do or do not eat πŸ˜‰ as i have mentioned a few times publicly, until i do a "what i eat in a day" video, you will have no idea how much i do or do not eat, as i don't publicly share every bite that i do or do not take. and just a personal note -- spending your time judging others' diets (and reaching out about it) seems like a waste of time to me, especially with inaccurate info to base your judgements off of!

Hi Jordan! How do you keep up a healthy lifestyle and fight cravings! I always eat clean and well but am a sucker for pastries and eat way too many cookies for example and feel like I am back at square one. Any recommendations on not indulging and fighting temptations? Thanks!

hi love!! as far as cravings -- i find that using Keto OS every morning (you can purchase at thebalancedblonde.shopketo.com), really eliminates my cravings for sugary, unhealthy foods!! also eating a TON of healthy fats, rich in vitamins and minerals helps. and vital proteins collagen peptides and beef liver supplements!! those are a lot of my go-to's. avocado, coconut, olive oil, salmon, YUM !

Hi Jordan, As someone who has been vegan for 7 years who is passionate about veganism, it saddened me to see your article entitled "veganism almost killed me," only to read on and learn that you were never vegan. It sounds like you followed a plant-based-diet, and had some calorie deficiencies and other issues as well. It saddened me because I think it can be misleading to people who do not understand vegasnism. When you were vegan, did you still wear leather/wool/silk? If so, it is inaccurate to have called yourself vegan. It would it be more accurate to say you followed a plant-based-diet. I think plant-based diets can be wonderful and offer a lot of benefits, and I don't contend that veganism is for everybody - it's just that veganism refers to an ethical lifestyle, not a diet. These aren't my opinions, it's just taxonomy. "Vegan" does not mean someone who follows a plant-based-diet for health reasons. Why have you chosen the label "vegan" if it is not correct? I am sure this must have been brought to your attention before (I myself had left a comment on your Facebook page, which was deleted). I am not judging your decision for returning to a diet that includes meat. That was a personal decision. And I am not trying to argue to be rude, I honestly want to know why you chose to label yourself this way when it was not accurate. Best wishes on your health journey, Lily in New York P.S. If I am incorrect, and you did stop wearing leather, etc., my question is - do you still abstain from supporting those industries? Or do you wear leather again now that you are eating some animal products?

hi there lily. first of all, i never wrote an article titled "veganism almost killed me," and there is a lot of information out there (written by me) about the fact that the media sensationalized my story and chose titles like that that were incorrect. that is media in general, a rule of thumb most people should be aware of. and as far as your judgement on whether or not i was vegan or plant-based, i will leave that judgement to you. in my opinion, i was vegan in every sense of the word -- and i no longer believe in labels. for obvious reasons, mainly including the sad truth that the labeled communities are riddled with judgement for others. that is all i have to say on the subject, and wish you the best <3

any tips for PMS? I feel groggy, annoyed, anxious and just kinda down and gloomy before and a little bit after my period. holistic tips?

holistic tips -- i just heard about an amazing THC suppository that has helped people a LOT with terrible period cramps and PMS!! check out the "so retrograde" podcast for all the info on that!! also, my friend wrote a good book about holistic ways to deal with periods -- i will be writing about it soon!

hi beautiful!! what is your skin care routine? you GLOW in all of your insta stories!! and i think we have very similar coloring, fair skin and light eyes so i wanted to get your feedback! thank you πŸ™‚

awwww thank you!! such a kind comment!! i have a pretty specific routine. i take Vital Proteins collagen peptides + beef liver supplements every day which i believe help a lot with my skin. I also use Keto OS powder every day (avail at thebalancedblonde.pruvitnow.com) which has helped a ton with my skin and digestion. Lastly and most importantly... I use Rodan + Fields Unblemish & Soothe lines for skincare, Argan oil on the daily with my makeup, and organic, natural, non-GMO makeup from Juice Beauty and Supergoop!!! ALSOOO lots of sunscreen and healthy eating. πŸ™‚ XOXO

What are things you always buy from the grocery store?

nut butters (Wild Friends and Barney's Butter and Justin's are three faves), Eating Evolved chocolate, Coconut Cult coconut yogurt, New Barn almond milk, Chameleon cold brew coffee, REBBL tonics + elixirs, produce like kale + spinach + broccoli + sweet potato, organic chicken & salmon!! my staples!!

Hi Jordan, I know you moved a bit. I have been here in a new city for about 6 months and while I have friends in other cities, none here, really. I tried to join a book club in my building, studying/working in public spaces, but no luck. Any tips on meeting friends?

ahhh i feel you. it can be hard to meet people in new cities!! i would recommend joining a gym that has group classes, like OrangeTheory Fitness, a yoga studio, Barry's Bootcamp, or something like that. I find that gyms can be very community oriented and usually host fun events. Or sign up for a workshop at a local yoga studio!! A lot of them have weekend workshops or mini trainings, and that is a GREAT way to meet people who are likeminded!! Also, healthy cooking classes!

What are some things you have to do everyday in terms of wellness or your simpliest wellness tips for daily life that don't cost a fortune.? I.E: For me it's green tea every morning.

journal every morning, meditate and stretch every day, cuddle with my kitty, take time for myself, bulletproof coffee & keto OS (a little more expensive but worth the investment in my opinion), healthy supplements from Vital Proteins and a daily probiotic, green tea throughout the day, and lots of SLEEP!! and ginger tea if i have a tummy ache after eating... and magnesium!!

Hi Jordan, I know you recently went on the Ayurvedic cleanse & I also know it's intense. Any tips for making this an 'at home' thing? Maybe not so intense but things we can do to reset at home, on a budget?

hi love!!! it was intense, for sure. you can definitely do a version of this at home!! i would recommend making kitchari (so many good recipes online!) to eat 2 or 3 times a day, as i did on my ayurvedic cleanse. you can give yourself hot herbal oil massages, take hot steam baths, do a full body exfoliation, and do a digital detox (take a technology break for at least 24 hours if not longer). relax, get a lot of sleep, practice self-care and meditation, journal and tune in. it's an amazing way to do this at home!!

Hi Jordan, coming here as a "friend". I know we must strive for balance and not restrict, but I have the opposite problem then most 'health nuts'. Since the end of November, I've let go of all 'control' and have not been eating great. The result is me feeling like complete garbage (take yesterday for example, I had a cookie + latte for breakfast, white pasta + mashed potatoes for lunch, popcorn, more pasta & crackers for dinner....chips in between). My body does best when I'm eating 'cleaner' and really focusing on those veggies and protein. I just cannot seem to get back on track. When I try, I feel like Im restricting so mid-day I binge, or I get so hungry, because my body is so used to those simple carbs (& huge portions) I just end up giving in. Any tips?

hi lovely!! i totally get it -- it sounds like your body is a little out of whack, and trust me -- i have been there. MANY times. i would recommend seeing a nutritionist or a functional medicine doctor, because these types of imbalances often occur when we are deficient in certain minerals/vitamins. replace the simple carbs with complex carbs like sweet potato and quinoa, to begin with!! it's not about deprivation, just about healthy substitutes. you don't want to feel deprived or it will be hard to keep it up -- ya know? find all the healthy substitutes that you love!! I'm going to write a blog post about this (youve officially inspired me) because i know a lot of people struggle with this!! lots of love <2

First and foremost, I need to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE the podcasts. They keep me company on my daily commute and sometimes if I make it to the gym! Now, my question for you is about work-life balance. It's one of my goals for 2017. I am a PhD student (so that's practically a full time job), I volunteer & I have a new part time job. I'm usually so busy balancing these three M-F, that I have little time for anything else (especially if I schedule in a work out or something- something I'm trying to do more of). I'm trying to not work weekends (in the past, I'd use my weekends to 'catch up'). However, I'm finding myself bored or anxious (it's hard to 'relax' after such a busy week). I'm using my weekends to clean the apartment, do face masks, watch some TV or movies, catch up on blogs, read, grocery shop if need be.... but still. I don't have many friends here, so visiting them sometimes doesn't happen. What do you do when you have days off?

HI!! this is AMAZING!! thank you. i totally get it... i feel the same way with the psycho schedule a lot. it can definitely be hard to relax when you're used to being so "ON"! But I have found that taking time OFF for real is so soul-nourishing, necessary, and amazing. One thing that really helps me unwind is trying my best to have a digital detox on my days off. Taking time away from my phone and computer. That way you're less connected so you're less ON, and more available to tune in with your thoughts. Also, yoga and meditation help hugely with this. Or going on long scenic runs on the weekends... total moving meditation. I also like to just VEG OUT. it doesn't happen that often, so when it does... it's blissful. a good netflix documentary, some dark chocolate, my cat, phone off... HEAVEN !!!

Hi Jordan I need advice. A friend liked one of my photos and we haven't talked in a while and I checked on all her photos to make sure I didn't say anything bad so I checked all her photos and instantly felt bad that I did say something.. but I know I didn't right anything.. any tips

hi love!! hmmm -- i don't know!! i think my usual advice for this would be that if someone is ignoring you and not reciprocating your good energy, then they aren't worth your precious time and space!! focus on the people in your life who are great to you. <3

Not a question, just sending you love and good vibes and sunshine x Great job with your podcast, btw, it seems like you've really gotten into the groove of it and so quickly! I'm learning so much, i love it <3

hi love!!! i absolutely love this, THANK YOU!! what a kind message to receive here πŸ™‚ love that you're loving the podcast. i love YOU!! xx

Hi Jordan! My question is about hormones and birth control! I have always hated birth control because it makes my natural system out of wack, has made me moody although it has helped clear my skin. I know its a personal choice for everyone 100 percent, but I wanted to know your thoughts and experiences with birth control?

hi!! ahhh yes i feel you so much. i stopped taking birth control about four years ago and it was one of the best decisions i have made for myself personally. i just didn't like taking a daily pill and my hormones are SO funky that i knew by putting something into my body every day it just didn't make me feel good. i do believe that everyone's bodies are so different and we all have to listen to what works for us -- but even these days i have to work hard to control my estrogen and progesterone levels so i am still loving being off birth control!

Hi Jordan! Is there any way to test out Vital Proteins without committing to a whole tub? My parents are not convinced about the fitness or health benefits and I have really been wanting to know if collagen or gelatin is right for me!

you can try their stick packs which are smaller than the full tub!! i am not sure how many sticks come in a package, but i think those would be the best to try before going for the full tub!!

Jordan, do you think that you are possibly being just as extreme about your new ketosis/paleo lifestyle as you were about veganism? I am happy for you if you are enjoying how you are feeling, but I am worried that you are possibly being too restrictive. I think that this whole low carb lifestyle is simply a fad. As someone with an eating disorder past, it can be triggering for me to watch your content. Do you ever consider this?

hi love!! i so appreciate the question and the thoughtfulness -- but i am not doing a full ketogenic diet!! i just use the keto OS product in the mornings because i really love the way it makes me feel and the energy it gives me. i haven't cut out carbs and i don't plan to. i try to be mindful of how i say things when i share about the health products that i love (vital proteins, bulletproof coffee, keto OS, etc) because i never want to trigger anyone but the truth is i think social media in GENERAL can unfortunately be triggering sometimes. just keep in mind that we are all doing US and what works best for us, and you keep doing you. don't let my lifestyle or anyone else's make you question or compare your own. i don't believe in labels so i don't consider myself ketogenic or paleo, but if anything i am "close" to paleo -- with a lot of listening to my body and a lot of healthy desserts. πŸ˜‰

Hi Jordan I hope you can help me. I need your help. So I created a new social account because I wanted a business profile and my friends are very supportive usually if it. - so I sent a few messages to one friend and are relationship and friendship is a different one she sometimes doesn't check her messages and other times she does but we haven't but this time it's different we have not communicated since the end of January so today I was feeling anxious and sent her a few messages.. not to be annoying just out of concern and because I think of her as my friend.. she has liked others posts but won't message me back or accept. - the last time we talked it was very good. Good conversations. I feel sad and anxious and don't know what to do.. I need your help. What would you do?

hi!! ahh that does sound stressful. i think if your friend hasn't responded or accepted you, it's probably not personal. social media can be that way -- some people don't check their stuff very often. and if she doesn't want to be your friend, then i would focus on putting my energy into other, healthy friendships that go both ways!! <3

Hi Jordan, Are ketones safe to drink when breastfeeding?

hi love!! yes, they are but i would still talk to a doctor first just in case because everyone is so different! our bodies naturally produce ketones so the keto OS product just ramps up that process. Babies are born producing ketones too. πŸ™‚ And for breastfeeding moms, I recommend caffeine-free !!!

Will you be doing any retreats or specific TBB meet ups/ yoga classes?:) Love you so much and all you do! Riley

hi!! yes!! i am working on planning a retreat for the end of the year... yay!! and also will be hosting yoga classes in NYC and Philly in the coming months, and I teach in LA 4x a week!! <3

Hi I was wondering the name of your functional medicine doctor thanks!!!

His name is Apostolos Lekkos and he works in Santa Monica! Look him up, he's amazing!

Hi Jordan! I am 16 years old and absolutely love your blog. I am also currently recovering from orthorexia. I had asked my mother to pick up a specific brand of almond milk from Whole Foods, but she accidentally bought the wrong kind. Being orthorexic, I am nervous to drink this specific brand of almond milk, which is Califia Farms unsweetened vanilla. Could you please perhaps give me your opinion on this specific type of nut milk and whether or not you would recommend drinking it? Thank you so much for your time.

HI love!!! Ah, I totally get it. I have been in similar positions before (my mom can attest to that, haha). Califia Farms is a great brand!! It's organic and the unsweetened version sounds great. My advice to you is to try your best to enjoy the food you put into your body, even if it's not organic or natural, because life is about enjoying what we eat and the experiences we have with people. I hope that helps -- and I am sending you so much love in your recovery!

I know you're on a big yoga kick right now, and I'm loving all your posts and instas and stories featuring yoga. What are your favorite yoga or yoga lifestyle websites?

Thank you so much!! My fave yoga sites and yoga lifestyle sites are yogajournal.com, mindbodygreen.com, and elephantjournal.com for awesome yoga articles!! To follow on IG I love @the_southern_yogi and @jessicaolie. And I will be posting some yoga tutorial videos soon to YouTube!! <3

Jordan, I have so many questions for you because I think you're absolutely adorable and love the energy you put out into the world sharing your experiences. I was wondering how you got started blogging (where you created your blog (website?) and what type of camera/lens you use!) I am soo interested in knowing these details!

Aww so sweet!! I love it!! I got started on WordPress.com (and I use Bluehost.com as my hosting site), and I use a Canon 6D camera, my iPhone (with all the VSCO filters!), and a GoPro Hero 5. <3

soo, I used to be able to drink quite a bit and be totally fine in college. Now since I changed my diet to eating much more clean I have ONE drink and I am hungover for two days.. is this normal? And also, my hangovers trigger my anxiety back up so then I get stuck in that again. Any tips or experience with this?

omg i am the SAME. i get super hungover now too, and i think its because i drink far less now and also eat super clean now. being hungover is the worst. honestly, the way i deal with this is by drinking very minimally. if i have a cocktail i keep it to one or MAYBE two, and if i have wine, it's one glass. i get such bad hangovers so it's worth it to me. if you're hungover, i'd suggest drinking aloe juice, sparkling water with apple cider vinegar, and eating a nutrient-dense breakfast (or late night snack!) to get the alc out of your system!!! xx but yes this is definitely normal <3

I try to be the bigger person and left a comment on a girls photo .. we aren't friends but we are friendly. I put beautiful do you think that's ok??

Of course! That sounds nice!

Hi Jordan. I need your advice and your wonderful help! There is a girl I work with we are friendly at work but not friends outside of work.. just recently she added me on social.. Tonight she posted a picture I liked it and instantly felt guilty.. I didn't commented I just liked it... we haven't talked since Friday when I saw her at my last shift and we have a shift together tomorrow.. I'm just feeling guilty like I did something. Maybe I am feeling this way because we haven't talked in a couple of days I don't know. Thoughts?

This sounds like anxiety to me and I would consider seeing a professional about it. πŸ™‚ I see a therapist every week and it's fab!

Hi! I am really intrigued by your collagen and beef liver post! As a fellow health enthusiast, I am SO annoyed by my thyroid condition. Beef liver seems like a great way to help my body, but I can't help but be skeptical. Can you share some of the research you looked at when deciding to experiment? I'm trying to decide between the collagen and beef liver supplements, so any guidance around when to choose one versus the other would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

YES! Check out Vital Protein's site and also search Beef Liver on Pub Med and read all about it. I think you will find that the benefits will be perfect for you, but all of of our bods are so different so def dive into the research so you're comfortable!! <3 I like to use both, but if you are choosing for hormonal issues then i would go with the beef liver!

My email is sparkleinhersoul.contact@gmail.com Thanks for your help and inspiring words!

So cute, I love it!!!

Hi Jordan! I recently started a healthy recipe instagram because I love creating recipes but don't have the time or money to start a blog at the moment. Do you have any suggestions on how to get followers and expand my insta? How did you start yours? Thanks πŸ™‚

Yes!! I started my Instagram as a hobby and grew it organically but interacting with other wellness accounts, hash tagging my photos with relevant hashtags, and investing time and energy into quality imagery and recipes!!! Hope this helps. Excited for you! XO

Jordon We have a 17 year old girl fighting for her life that is a vegan and an extreme fitness nut she is 6.5 feet and 94 lbs She is in Children's Plano Tx Suffering from Orthorexia can you help? Can you write her a letter Thanks A&J

Awww thank you so much for reaching out πŸ™ I would love to write her a little letter. Has she read my book? I would highly recommend it. Email my assistant christina@thebalancedblonde.com and she will get me set up with your info to write your daughter a letter. Sending lots of love xo

Would you ever work one on one with someone interested in what you are doing??

It depends on the context! My schedule doesn't really allow for it much at the moment, but sometimes I do consultation appointments depending on what my week or month looks like!! Definitely something we could discuss! XO

Who is Mr. Squeak?

HUDSON BUDSON πŸ™‚ the best kitty in all the land!

Hi Jordan! I am in college at CSU Chico, and I have been struggling with eating healthy every now and then. My parents give me 30$ a week for groceries, which I am very thankful for but it is just not that much. I also volunteer on an organic farm, where in exchange, I get a nice box of fresh veggies every week, but I still find myself struggling with groceries. It is especially tough because I try to buy organic and from the farmers market as much as possible, which tends to be more expensive. Do you have any advice or tips to stretch my money further? Thank you!! πŸ™‚

Hi love! Ahhh that is definitely tough. I don't know how I would subsist on a $30 grocery budget but it is VERY nice that you get fresh veggies every week from the farm where you volunteer. I would definitely suggest looking into coupons that you can use at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or any other nearby grocery stores where you can buy organic and natural foods!! Focus on whole, real foods above all else. Black beans, rice, quinoa, veggies, coconut yogurts, nut butters, protein powders, etc -- this is all stuff you can buy in BULK and let it last you for weeks or months!! Also, if you really feel that you're struggling, I would consider getting a small part-time job? It could help ease the money stress!! Sending you lots of love, babe. XO

What is the best website to use to start a blog?

WordPress for the blog site and Blue Host for domain hosting site!!! You can use this link to sign up for Blue Host -- www.bluehost.com/track/theblondevegan/ πŸ™‚

Let's be honest, is becoming a yoga instructor expensive? Also, how many years did it take you to gain your skill? Love you lots!!!!

Yes, it's expensive! It's an investment... sort of like a lot of other health-related things! You can try to get sponsorships / financial aid at most studios, and also some studios (like my fave studio in Maui, the Maui Yoga Studio) offers a FREE training once a year that can be applied to. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and did my first training 4.5 years ago, and my 300-hr is wrapping up now. Definitely something to save up for if you're serious about it!! It's a true life changer. <3 Love ya

How do you become a yoga instructor?

500 hours of training through Yogaworks here in Los Angeles. πŸ™‚ Mentorship under some fab instructors from Gigi Snyder to David Lynch. Very very special experience - I would highly recommend it!

How do you create a blog that people actually want to read?

Blog about what you LOVE and what you are most passionate about, and the rest will come. <3 You will never run out of content if you keep your eye on what you love the MOST and what sets your soul the most on fire. And don't be afraid to evolve... getting stuck in one thing and becoming stagnant is the WORST way to grow and keep people engaged. So evolve, change, ebb and flow, and do yo THANG! And quality content helps. Xoxo

Jordan! I wanna try this ketosis drink!! Where can I get the deets?! Thank you!!

Hi BB! I am seriously so excited that you are interested in the keto powder. I am OVER THE MOON to record a specific bonus podcast episode with nutritionists + experts Kelly and Wes tomorrow and will be asking them a major handful of questions so that everyone can grow to understand the benefits of ketosis and how wildly cutting edge it is for our bods with fat loss, metabolism, digestion and more. It also fits hand in hand with my *balanced* outlook on health, because after drinking the keto OS bio max drink in the morning I find it helps me stay better in touch with my hunger cues throughout the day and promotes brain alertness on a WHOLE new level. You can also watch this informational video on the homepage of thebalancedblonde.pruvitnow.com for more info. πŸ™‚ (If you order, use referrer code thebalancedblonde to be on my "team"!) & let me know if you have any questions!!! It's a pretty insane product and the health benefits are blowing my mind so I couldn't not share with you guys. <3 Lots of love, Jordan

Hi Jordan Trying to figure out an email address for my YouTube channel I am into wellness and skincare and fitness any ideas?

I think it's gotta be up to you!! I don't know enough about you to answer that question -- make it feel like YOU and very authentic to who you are, and it will work. πŸ™‚

Hi Jordan A co worker I work with got engaged and I commented congratulations so happy for you. I didn't say to her and her boyfriend cause I don't know him. Is that ok that I just said congratulations so happy for you!

Of course it is!!

Hi Jordan, I am a complete wellness junkie and love following your blog and podcast. I have been doing barre and have become so passionate about it that I have started considering becoming an instructor. What are some things you could suggest about getting started? How did you make the decision to transition from yoga student to instructor? Thank you!

SO COOL!! I love hearing that. πŸ™‚ Man, my decision to transition from yoga teacher to student was a DREAM for 10+ years, and then I did my first teacher training 4.5 years ago, and didn't really end up teaching afterward because I felt like there was still SO much to learn and wrap my head around. Then I had an epiphany on a yoga retreat last May about how much I needed and wanted to teach -- how deeply I craved immersing myself into that side of the yoga practice and having that person to person connection with people. So I signed up to finish my 500-hr at Yogaworks! Then I *knew* I wanted to start teaching during my 300-hr, so I made it my mission to do that.... and now I teach all the time and it's the best addition to my life ever. I would highly recommend becoming an instructor for barre since you love it -- sharing your love for the practice will enhance your relationship to it in a whole new way. It's so fun. XO

I am going to college next Year and fear I won't know where my classes are going to be.. also my program is two years do you think that will go by fast?

You will totally know where your classes are going to be!! Just walk the campus first once you get your schedule so you give yourself some time to figure it out and adjust. And leave with lots of time before class so you don't get into a last minute situation. Two years will fly by if you enjoy what you're studying!!! If you don't enjoy what you're studying, then maybe switch it up. πŸ˜‰

Hi, Jordan! I hope this message finds you well. I'm studying abroad in London this Spring and wanted to continue practicing yoga while there without being bogged down by a schedule at a studio. I was scrolling through some of these questions and saw one about a reader studying abroad in Florence and I agree with you in the sense that I want to take the trip for what it is without stressing too much about my routines from home, but I feel like an occasional yoga video when the mood strikes could really benefit me! Thanks!

Yes, totally agree with you on that!!! Find a balance of immersing yourself in the culture and enjoying the time for all it has to offer -- BUT definitely do you and do what you love!!! I certainly missed yoga while living in Europe. Maybe doing a home practice would be best for you and practicing a bit every day or every few days in your living space?! I am hoping to create a yoga video series very soon that should hopefully be conducive to that exact type of situation. Have so much fun in London!!! Epic city. <3

Hi Jordan! Do you have any tips on how to avoid being lonely? Living alone and having only a few friends, being alone can sometime turn into loneliness and I'm trying to avoid that negative feeling. Thanks!!

Hi love!! Yes, I do!! I live alone as well and I have a lot of different tips + tricks for getting out there and keeping your social side nice and nourished πŸ™‚ my advice is to start filling your time with things you love (that are social) because inevitably you'll meet people that way... joining a local gym and going to events and group fitness classes there, going to yoga events / meditation (check them out in your area and I bet there will be a bunch of options!) and making fun plans with your friends like weekend trips, spontaneous dinners, etc. Also... I swear that starting a blog and immersing myself in the blogging community was one of the best things I've ever done as far as meeting incredible, likeminded people. Try those things!! And check out my blog post about "finding your tribe" because I have a bunch of tips there too!! Xo

Hi Jordan For an email do you like 1 or 2 or 3 1. Happinessinhersoul@gmail.com 2. Sparklesinhersoul@gmail.com 3. Sparkleinhersoul@gmail.com Please help!

Like them all!

Hi Jordan, I just discovered your blog and I am at a really low point so I just thought I would try asking. I am tired of hating my body and feeling intense regret after eating. I don't eat that healthy. I really have no idea what to eat as I am currently a college student (freshmen) and live in a dorm room with no access to a kitchen. I don't know what to do or where to start, please help!

Hi lovely! Ahhh I know where you're at -- it's so hard in the beginning of college and getting used to that dorm life / trying to find balance within that lifestyle. I would recommend trying to think to lean protein, veggies, complex carbs (like sweet potato, quinoa, rice) and cutting back on sugar and processed foods! Whenever I go back to the basics like this I feel amazing. Also, incorporating exercise (even light jogging / walking) feels amazing and will help kickstart you into wanting to eat healthier to feel better all around!!! Hope this helps! Xo

First off, I absolutely love your blog and your podcasts! πŸ™‚ But I have a quick question about your book. I've been wanting to read it, but as someone who is starting to transition towards veganism I've been a little hesitant. I understand how orthorexia is incredibly unhealthy, but I'd want to know, in your book do you talk about veganism as being completely unhealthy? I hear that kind of stuff all the time, and I've done enough research to know that every diet can be unhealthy, and I want to read the book if it doesn't completely tear apart veganism. I apologize if this question sounds bad, I'm honestly asking out of curiosity, and the fact that I've been really really wanting to read your book for the longest time. Thank you so much!

Hi love!! No, I don't generalize veganism as unhealthy at all in the book -- that is a great question. I know that my stance can be confusing after I switched from veganism and found more balance in a different way of life with no labels, but I am not opposed to veganism at all. I think it works beautifully for some people, and there are still weeks/months of my life where I am so heavily plant based I could practically be considered vegan. I just prefer not to label it, because my mind is SO all or nothing that I get into a tailspin of cutting more and more foods out and trying to feel even purer.... you know how it goes. πŸ˜‰ I would love to have you read the book and hear your thoughts! There are a lot of really awesome (and very die hard) vegans who have loved the book -- so I hope you could be one of those too!! XO let me know if you read it!

Do you understand how damaging and unbelievable the article about you titled "Being vegan almost killed me"? So, super disappointed you would let that happen

People who get interviewed for articles in mainstream media do not get to choose the titles of said articles -- and it is very common knowledge that titles are sensationalized on the daily, without the interviewee's awareness. Perhaps next time don't cast judgement until you have a better idea of what you are referring to. πŸ˜‰

When are you teaching some more yoga classes?

I teach Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at So Cal Hot Yoga!! 7:45pm on Mon and Wed, and 5:15pm on Thurs!

Hi Jordan I need your help!! So today at work we ( my co workers and I) - were chatting about our hours and they asked me if I heard anything and last night our new gm was saying some hours may change and I heard that and asked for my own purposes and told them what I heard but said I don't know for sure.. do you think that's bad? I tend to worry and feel anxious now.

I don't think so! I think that sounds like a lot of anxiety + stress, and I would perhaps consider seeing a therapist to talk it through. πŸ™‚ Therapy is a godsend!

I see you talk a lot about balancing hormones. Do you take birth control? Thanks!

I don't take birth control! I've been off of it for almost 4 years and feel amazing without it!

Hi. What are you doing for your stomach issues now? Have you healed yourself with your current diet or is it still a part of your daily life?

It's a full lifestyle balance!! Check out my book Breaking Vegan if you haven't, as my whole regime is in there that helps me lead my happiest, healthiest, most balanced life!! I still have major stomach issues because I was born with them and have the MOST sensitive stomach ever, so it's a balancing act. The Bulletproof lifestyle works really, really well for me, so I stick to that most of the time. πŸ™‚

My channel is sparkle in her eye should my email be the same or sparklesinhereye

It's up to YOU πŸ™‚

Hello, so I have been vegan for about a year and my dad, who is a doctor is oriental/natural medicine, roots against me. He has told me several stories about chronic illnesses and how many long term vegans suffer from micro nutrient deficiency. Out of fear and inspiration I am thinking about switching up my diet to more of a paleo diet. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this transition easy? What made you not be vegan anymore? Since switching your diet, what affects have you noticed? Thank you for you time!

Yes!!! Have you read my book, Breaking Vegan? All of my tips, tricks, and guide toward making this transition in a balanced way are there!! Link is here -- http://rstyle.me/n/4gxt9bejn7!!! XO

For an email do you like sparklesinhersoul@gmail.com?

Yes so cute!

Do you think I should send my friend another message? -

I don't think so -- I think you've done your part by reaching out and now the ball is in her court! If you have something you're dying to say then go ahead and say it, and then walk away and know that you said everything you could!

Hi Jordan I reached out to a friend 3 weeks ago but no response? She has been active on social media by liking posts and other things. Do you think she still wants the friendship with me?

Hi!! Ahh if she isn't paying attention to you, then I would recommend putting your energy elsewhere. If you are worried and panicked about the friendship, she may be picking up on that energy and it may be turning her off. Not that you are doing anything wrong, but just do YOU and she will come back if she is a caring friend. If not, you are better off without her and putting your energy into YOU and your other friends + caring people in your life!

Hi Jordan! I love your blog and have been a long time follower. I am so passionate about health and fitness and one of my biggest joys comes from sharing my knowledge about nutrition and fitness. I love trying the newest health trends and am always up for any type of fitness class. I also love to write! I have been thinking a lot about how to turn this passion into a career, similar to you- but I have no idea where to start or how to go about this. Do you have any advice or tips? All information is helpful πŸ™‚ Thanks, Julia

I love this!! YESSS I certainly do have tips -- this is one of my fave topics! First of all... I am working on an eBook about the business of blogging that has taken me a long time to finish (EEK, overcommitted) but it will be coming out soon!! My top tips are to find what you are most passionate about and build a career off of those things. You can do this in a variety of ways... starting with a social media account and blog, and growing off the Internet to hosting workshops in your local community, planning events, connecting with other likeminded entrepreneurs, starting a podcast or interview series, getting your health coaching certification or yoga / fitness training certification, developing recipes for friends / parties, the list is endless! If you love what you're doing, the career will build upon itself... the hustle is real, so put the work in and good things will come!! Lots more tips and tricks to come in the ebook!! <3

Hi Jordan I need your help. Each night I check a co workers insta pics to make sure there is nothing I wrote that would sound rude.. I get theses anxious thoughts in my mind that I wrote something rude or disrespectful so I keep checking over and over.. nothing is always there. I know in my heart that I didn't but the anxiety takes over along with guilt. We haven't talked in a bit. I miss her. I don't know what to do? Hope you can help. Merry Christmas!

Merry belated Christmas love!! If you haven't said anything rude to her -- then there is no need for the anxiety! I know when friendships fade or there is something uncomfortable going on it can be really difficult, but just know that if you didn't do anything wrong then perhaps your friend is going through something she needs to deal with on her own. Keep sending her good vibes, and she will come back to you if she is planning to! If not, your energy is better spent elsewhere. <3

What is bulletproof coffee? Love Sandra 😘 Happy holidays 😘

Hi Sandra! Check out my bulletproof coffee recipe here with a description of what Bulletproof is -- http://bit.ly/bulletproofrecipe, and if you are further interested you should check out Dave Asprey's book The Bulletproof Diet!! It's amazing. The Bulletproof lifestyle is one of my favorite ways to eat/live. πŸ™‚ XO

Hey girl! I don't even know where to begin for this question and it's more just asking for advice lol...so I've started an instagram where I just post healthy things I eat everyday and I have like 3 followers which is amazing and I didn't really make the insta for it to become like a big thing (nor do I care about followers) it's mostly just so I can hold myself accountable for what I eat and it's kinda fun! But I am really feeling like trying to start a blog about a healthy lifestyle and trying to be my own BOSS (the longer I work at my 2 part time jobs the more I know a 9-5 desk job is not for me)! But I just don't know how to get it going. Like how do I promote myself, are people even going to read my blog? How would I make a career out of it? Or just like what's the first step, just so I can start somewhere haha! sorry that was all over the place! xoxo

Hi beauty!! Well if you're looking to blog full-time, that is AWESOME. I am working on an eBook that is meant to help people get started with blogging, and I am sooooo excited to put it out there!! It should be finished in the next couple of months. Otherwise, my main advice is to blog what you are absolutely most passionate about, and you'll never run out of things to share. When you love your topic, you will also garner an audience who loves the topic -- even if it takes time. Quality content, bright + clear images, and quality writing helps too!! Social media helps a lot... use hashtags and engage with other bloggers + wellness Instagrammers!! XO

Hi Jordan I need your help. I have been reaching out to a former co worker for sometime now. - at work we were really close and we followed each other on social media.. just recently she un followed me.. so I sent her a message never heard back and sent her another one last night.. do you think that could be seen as bullying or do you think she would report me to the police? I am a bit nervous. Thoughts?

Definitely not bullying in my eyes if you were just trying to reach out to her? If you're nervous about it, I would just let her do her own thing and she will contact you if she wants to keep in touch and keep your friendship in tact! If not, maybe the friendship wasn't meant to be and you should focus on the other close, positive relationships in your life. πŸ™‚

Do you like cashew butter πŸ™‚

LOOOOVEEE cashew butter!! Watch this video, lol -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrjgIwYxTAI

What makes a food "healthy" to you?

Basically anything natural with no GMO's, preservatives, refined sugar or refined flour πŸ˜‰ then again, there is not ONE definition of the word "healthy"! But that is my definition!

can you recommend some good health books??

yes!!! depends on the topic but some i love are called: the hormone reset diet (great book for women's wellness and hormones), aim true (yoga + recipes), anatomy of the spirit (more spiritual book), dave asprey's bulletproof diet book, and the body book!!

are you married?

no, lol! if i was, my hubby would be all over this blog πŸ˜‰

Hi Jordan!! I am sooo happy I stumbled across your blog. I am 20 years old and fitness is my passion; okay maybe my obsession. I have had a history of unhealthy eating, and anxiety in social situations revolving around food- you know feeling thrown off because you don't know what's exactly in the food, you didn't make it yourself, it doesn't fit into your macros or micros etc.... This is something that I have been struggling with for a while. I think that day by day I am doing better. I don't restrict myself from the foods I need, as I do love to run everyday and lift pretty heavily, so I do allow myself a moderate amount of carbs, proteins, and fats. However, I would say that I'm pretty cautious/ pay close attention to what I eat, which causes a lot of unnecessary stress. I'm emailing you because I am about to travel to Granada, Spain to fulfill my minor of Spanish Studies. While I am entirely grateful, and aware that this is a once in a lifetime experience, I can't help but feel anxious about the change in my diet. I will be living there from January to May, so five months, and I will not be able to cook my own food! We live with host families- and they prepare our meals for us. I already told them that I am lactose sensitive, and that I don't eat gluten, but really, I'm just nervous that I won't be able to balance being respectful and eating prepared food while maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. Additionally, there is no gym at the university! AHHH! Although I can run everyday, engage in HIIT workouts outside, and I'm sure I will be doing a lot of walking in Spain, I can't help but stress about how I won't have my RX bars handy for a little snack, and be able to use dumbbells and weights. What if the combination of the foods I'm eating/ lack of exercise will contribute to weight gain? I love the way I look- and don't want to change anything. So, I'm reaching out to you for some tips and tricks on how to stay fit. I know this seems excessive, being as I can just moderately pay attention to what I eat, and always find alternate ways to workout- textbooks, cans of soup, HIIT workouts, etc... But still. I think I just need some reassurance that it's possible, and that I can do it. How do you manage, staying fit and not over indulging in the food?I have read through your blog, and I know the key is balance, but I would love if you could respond and give me some advice. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, it really means a lot.

Hi beautiful!! Ahh, I can TOTALLY relate. I studied abroad when I was in college in Florence for a semester, and I too had a lot of food fears and anxieties before I left. Especially with Italy being the land of pasta, pizza and wine! Plus, no one exercises there. I found the ONE yoga studio in the city but it wasn't quite what I was used to, haha. Honestly, my biggest word of advice is to live it up while you are there, indulge mindfully, and do so without guilt and anxiety. I know it's easier said than done, but I look back on my time in Italy with SUCH happy memories and good vibes, because I let loose, enjoyed myself, and really immersed myself in the culture and had a blast with my friends. I tried to exercise, but honestly I just got back on the wagon when I got back to the states. So find that balance but also don't feel pressured to be anyone that you're not. If you can find a gym or cook some of your own healthy meals, by all means so it if that will make you feel more balanced!!! I hope this helps, and I am always here for you to answer any questions and chat!! Muah!! XO

Are there any skincare and makeup brands that you recommend? I'm looking for products with ingredients that are good for my skin and the environment.

Yes!!! Derma E, Oxygenetix, Juice Beauty, Bare Minerals & Nubian Heritage are some of my current faves πŸ™‚ I also use Rodan & Fields for skincare, but that one is not all natural!

Sparkle in her soul is what I came up for my channel and blog!

I love it!!! Beautiful name, and so cute!

Hi jordan, I know we are to priortize sleep and normally I do... but lately, I've been two busy (full time student, volunteer, 2 part time jobs). Any tips on staying healthy?

Aw man, I totally feel you! There is something in the air lately with sleep... I have been trouble falling asleep lately too. As far as sleep health, I love the supplement from HUM Nutrition called Zzz. It helps a lot with falling asleep / staying asleep naturally. As far as other health tips for your busy schedule, don't forget to carve out time for yourself!! Journaling, meditation, and moving your body through exercise (yoga, running, whatever you enjoy) will help a lot to keep you balanced and feeling good!!

Do you love being a yoga instructor? I am interested in becoming certified and I am asking others that are certified if they enjoy it. What are some pros and cons?

I LOVE it. It is a huge pro in my life. πŸ™‚ It's been a blast teaching people what I love most (yoga), and getting to connect in such a special way... being a teacher is awesome. Especially since the rest of my career is spent mostly behind the computer working!!! The only con is that it takes a lot of energy + time to prepare yourself to be fully present to teach, and of course it doesn't pay well (but thats not why I do not) -- but I imagine that might bother some people!!! Just keepin it real. But otherwise it's amazing, you should do it!

Hi Jordan! I love your podcast and I especially love the one with your nutritionist Kelly! I actually have my first nutritionist appointment tomorrow. I just wanted to know how having a nutritionist has positively impacted you and your healthy lifestyle? Thank you! <3

Aww yay, that makes me so happy!! Kelly is the best and she is my "unofficial" nutritionist because I don't see her regularly -- I just ask ALL of my questions to her all of the time!!! She is incredibly helpful. Knowledge is power when it comes to our health, so the more we know... the better! You will find so many positive impacts I am sure. Let me know how it goes, I am excited for you!! XO

Hi Jordan I am thinking about calling a manger at work tomorrow night to discuss a time I would like to meet with her.. do you think that would be a good idea? My co workers and o were talking about one of the mangers today who isn't nice.. I feel guilty and was wondering do you think the co workers would turn against me and tell her? I am having anxious thoughts about this.

I think you are totally fine! It's human to vent and express your emotions about people -- but if you're feeling guilty, just be mindful of not doing it again!! XO

when your anxiety was high did you ever get depersonalization (felt like you were in a dream)? or what were your anxiety symptoms? also, how long did it take you to fully recover from your anxiety? I feel that I am on the up slopes of recovering and now I am just scared it will all come back cause the symptoms really scared me when I had it!

Hi! Wow that is an amazing question because at the height of my anxiety (when I was a sophomore in college), I did experience depersonalization. It was brought on by a traumatic event, and the event itself was so painful to me that I often felt like I was in a dream while it was going on and when I thought back on it. It was crazy -- and my therapist helped me realize that it was depersonalization. The good news is, once you are recovered, those symptoms will not come back unless there is a reason for them to! I learned to manage my anxiety and also to manage the situations I got myself into to make sure that those situations would not rise up again. I will be sending you all the best and lots of love as you move toward full recovery... always here!! Xo

HI Jordan! I am currently a freshman in college and trying my best to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is very difficult at times, and I know it would be easier if I had a solid support system except unfortunately, not many freshman are worried about health haha! I was wondering how you found people who understand you and who are so similar to you or how long it took you to start forming a solid support system? Ahh p.s. you are such an inspiration to me, keep doing what you're doing!

Hi love! Ahhh yes, I feel you. Being healthy in those early years of college was HARD. It definitely took a lot of trial and error to find my people who were also into health and wellness... and even then, we still went out + partied so much in college, even my healthiest friends were really into letting loose. Overall I think it was good for me to experience college to the fullest and let go of some of my super healthy tendencies so I could live in the moment, BUT I will say I was always looking forward to adult life beyond college so I could get back to my healthy roots. I found other healthy likeminded friends by doing yoga in my college gym, bonding with girls from my sorority who also loved to go to the gym and try healthy yummy restaurants near school, and ultimately by ALWAYS listening to my body and staying in / not drinking if that's what my body told me to do. I feel that when I was most unapologetically myself, it just attracted the right type of friendship and those are always the times when I met and bonded with the people who were meant to be in my life. If you haven't found that yet, don't fret! Freshman year is HARD... even if it's fun, it's challenging and a huge shift from the last 18 (ish) years of your life. Sending lots of love, and always here for you!

Hi Jordan I need your help At work we got a new manger for the dining room, I work at a restaurant. She is a year older than me and is constantly harassing me on checking the washrooms and cleaning which I always do.. she is also very mean to me and she makes me feel sad.. I want to sit down with her and have a convo do you think that's a bad idea? What would you do? I love your blog!!

Hi babe! I would definitely sit down with her and have a convo, I think that is a great idea! Being upfront and honest with people who are bothering you in some way is the BEST thing you can do, because that way you are true to yourself and you get to express yourself at the same time. Plus you will hopefully connect and find some kind of reconciliation. I would just say, "Excuse me, can I talk to you about something? I feel like you may be frustrated with me so I'd like to know if I am doing something wrong. If so, how can I fix it?" And if she says nothing, then say, "Okay, then I would appreciate it if you showed me a little more kindness and appreciation versus getting down on me -- I don't respond well to that type of communication." <3 <3 good luck!!

What age did you move out?

I moved out when I was 18 and went to college in LA!

Hi Jordan! I live in Massachusetts and obviously November-April is pretty cold! I know that you go to farmers markets a lot, where are some of your other favorite places to shop since we only have them usually May/June-early October. Thank you! -Becca <3

Hi Becca!! Great to hear from you. I also love to shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Sprouts, Gelsons, and on the east coast I love Westside Market and Integrative Foods!!!

My older sister by a year always gets angry with me when I talk about my day with her she thinks I am giving her attitude because sometimes I don't want to talk to her about it.. I am 20 and sometimes I prefer to keep that to my self! Today my sister got impatient and ended up smacking me and sending me to my room and took a privilege away.. Do you think she did that because she lost it or do you think she did that because she was hurt that I didn't talk to her.. any advice would be helpful!

Hi! Well in my opinion if you are 20 years old and your sister is taking privileges away from you -- she might be trying to exercise some sort of control over you? You are a full grown adult and you have every right to live YOUR life without anyone taking privileges away from you. I think if she smacked you then there are deeper issues & I would recommend seeing a family therapist?! Therapy is such a liberating thing. πŸ™‚ XO

Do you have your own place?

Yes! I have my own place + live with Huddy (my kitty). And I have friends stay with me a lot when they come into town... it's the best ever to live alone!! <3

Are you still doing YouTube? I miss your videos!!

It's been a while because I am more into the podcast life lately!! Basically YouTube minus the video component. πŸ™‚ But I definitely still plan to upload some videos in the new year!! I think YouTube is a great supplement to my blog and brand, but not my main focus!

I can SOOOO relate. My biggest word of advice is to follow your heart + soul, and go for that wine and dance sesh!! Just because its been a while since youve had alcohol or gone out, it doesn't mean that you "don't" do those things. I think you will feel so much relief and freedom if you allow yourself those simple pleasures once in a while. I don't really drink either, but nights out with friends sometimes where I do have alcohol can still be so much fun. Hope this helps -- letting go and living in the moment is what we all deserve, and that is true balance! xx reply- Thank you. This is crazy how I feel the need to label myself as not drinking because I really couldn't care and feel I do it for others. So crazy! I think doing this will help me let go of control yeah? Letting my hair down πŸ™‚

Yes, I am so with you!! I have a few posts about that. Search "alcohol" or something like that in my blog search bar, because I have struggled a lot with living in the middle and not feeling the need to label myself as "sober" or someone who doesn't drink just because I don't drink often. Same goes for red meat... I hardly eat it, but don't like to label myself as *NOT* eating it. We are allowed to live in the middle!! XO

Hi Jordan, I read on your blog that you are a "Health Coach" and I was curious where you got this certification from? I am also interested in doing this as well. Love of Love <3 -- Anna E

Hi Anna! I am a certified health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Let me know if you'd like a signup link and I can send it to you! It's a pretty awesome program, although I don't practice health coaching at this time because I prefer teaching yoga + blogging. πŸ™‚

Hey Jordan! Where did you take your yoga teacher training?

YogaWorks 500-hour!!! <3

Hi Jordan! What do you recommend selling an EBook through? I am just starting out and currently don't make any money from my blog. I've seen a lot WooCommerce, Gum Road, Shoptify...

Gumroad!!! I love it and that's where I sell all my ebooks and cleanse programs. Shopify is great for physical products like clothing πŸ™‚

Hi Jordan I replied to a friend on message saying how is everything with you? Is that rude?

Doesn't sound rude to me at all!

Hi Jordan, I need some advice! I messaged a co worker and we usually talk here and there! We were talking about hockey and I gave her my opinion she was saying she was disappointed about how a hockey team played and all of that. I always try to see the bright side out f things and everything.. although I am sad now because this co worker hasn't responded I get that people are busy but she usually responds sooner! Do you think she still wants to be friends? I keep checking social media to make sure she was still following me and all that.. please help me!! I am sad.

Hi!! I don't think that sounds like she is upset with you at all -- if she hasn't answered and you want to talk more, just shoot her a message making sure everything is okay between you! I think the more direct we can be with people we care about -- the better! xx

Hey Jordan! Wow Im half way through your book and can relate so much to avoiding social situations through fear i wont have healthy food, even this year i want to go camping for a week and feel those thoughts coming back up, though not letting it stop me... Especially being immersed in yoga scene and veganism friends, though I started drinking bone broth and eating ghee and have felt amazing! I lost my period and feel intuitively its because of vegan diet and hoping the bone broth ghee and some weight gain heals it as im a bit thin atm. Did you have to gain weight? Did you lose your cycle? Im finding it difficult as im happy with my current weight grr and I do not undereat. Love to know what your thoughts are. Also, I don't drink alcohol and havent for the past 2 years as i practice ashtanga yoga and it just doesnt interest me so much but lately ive been craving a glass of wine and a good dance, though feel im not allowing myself it for some weird reason. Can you relate? My ny resolution is to let go of control completely and live in the moment!

I can SOOOO relate. My biggest word of advice is to follow your heart + soul, and go for that wine and dance sesh!! Just because its been a while since youve had alcohol or gone out, it doesn't mean that you "don't" do those things. I think you will feel so much relief and freedom if you allow yourself those simple pleasures once in a while. I don't really drink either, but nights out with friends sometimes where I do have alcohol can still be so much fun. Hope this helps -- letting go and living in the moment is what we all deserve, and that is true balance! xx

Hi Jordan, You have inspired me to be on a healthier journey! The question I have is, do you have any tips for buying the same health stuff that you use on a budget? I have two daughters so I really need to be careful with my money. Thank you for any advice!

Hi lovely! I am so thrilled to hear that you have been inspired by my journey! Yay for health. As far as shopping for healthy food on a budget... yes! One thing I love to do is hit up local farmer's markets for produce and specialty items like plant based protein powders, superfoods, honeys, bone broth, etc. Local farmers tend to give better deals, especially if you are buying in bulk for a full family. Also, shopping at Trader Joes versus Whole Foods always saves SO MUCH on my grocery shopping, without sacrificing the quality of the produce and products. When it comes to things I use all the time that are pretty expensive (protein powders, superfoods, yogurts, etc) I just buy the largest quantity they have so even though it's expensive... it lasts me for a LONG time. Also, always be on the lookout for deals and giveaways that healthy food brands are hosting online. It's amazing how often they host little sales !!! Also, bloggers are often hosting giveaways of these items (I do them all the time) -- so stay tuned for those!! <3 XO

Hi Jordan I need your help. So today at work I ordered food.. I usually get a discount. There was no manger.. so she told me I didn't have to pay.. so I took it.. now I feel guilty as all hell.. I am not a bad person.. this girl tells me she is my friend but I don't want her to tell.. uhh I want tomorrow to come faster!! Do you think everything will be okay?

Hi there!! Well if she told you you didn't have to pay, then you didn't do anything wrong! I think anyone in your position would have done the same thing -- how are you supposed to pay if there is no one there to give your money to? If you are still feeling guilty about it, you can absolutely go back and pay them extra next time!!

Hi Jordan, I hope you don't mind me reaching out with something so triggering and personal. I'm in recovery. I have a past of anorexia and restriction, and perhaps now some bing eating (although, that was never formally diagnosed). My issue is my thin roommate, who used to boast about her fast metabolism is now on a "diet". For the past 8 days, she's been walking around the house looking at the calorie count on everything, saying things like "I am SO hungry", "I'm only eating X number of calories" (a number far too low" or "I can't eat, THIS, THIS, THIS". As someone who has to make a very cautious effort to eat certain things, knows what she is doing is dangerous and now struggles with the weight she's gained from recovery... it's tough. I've tried to ignore the comments or say things like "just try to eat healthy instead", but it gets to me. It got to the point last night where I said "can we just not talk diets, please, I'm really trying to stop that body hate myself"... she just doesn't get it. I've come to realize that this trigger will always be there, there are always media and diets... how do I protect myself? Admittingly, I am jealous of her ability to maintain this, since now if I try I'd just binge..... it's wrong and sick, I know.

Hi there! Ahhh I feel you, girl πŸ™ that is a rough place to be in. Honestly, it is very hard to live with a roommate in general because in some ways and at some point their behaviors can be triggering. You're right that triggers will always be out there in media / fad diets / on the Internet, but it does suck when you have to live with it in your own home! And I know it is frustrating when people don't quite understand that saying "I'm SO hungry" and those types of things are very hard for someone in recovery to hear. It sounds like you're doing a good job being honest and letting her know that talking about diets so much is bothering you. I would take it another step and explain, "Look, I'm really sorry, but I am recovering from an eating disorder and I would really prefer not to put the emphasis on food and hunger all the time. I respect what you are doing and I hope your diet is making you feel great, but personally it's hard for me to talk about so consistently so I hope you can respect that." Or something along those lines. Be a little blunt. Being OPEN and honest about these kinds of things can be very helpful. Also, this is a situation where we can practice BOUNDARIES. As people in recovery (and as sensitive people in general), having boundaries is super important... or else other people's negativity and energy will get to us and drive us mad. Keep in mind whenever she talks about her diet that this is HER energy and not yours. Don't let her words and her experience suck YOUR energy away from you... just let it go in one ear and out the other. Keep in mind that you have done hard work to make your mind-body connection as strong as it is now, and that one day she will also get to that point. And then try to take your mind off of it!! Other people's issues are so not worth stressing about... even though I know it's easier said than done! I hope this helps!! I can relate because I used to have roommates like that too and it DROVE ME CRAZY -- I wish I had taken it more lightly and just let it go!

Thanks for your blog this week - I also have a super sensitive digestive system aggravated by years of disordered eating - still struggling to find balance in my life! I am a really all or nothing kind of girl and struggle so much with eating and what to eat and when😒 Any tips are always welcome thanks love ❀️ Sandra Xoxo 😘

Hi babe <3 I am so glad that the post resonated with you. All or nothing can be so hard, especially with our sensitive tummies!! I am so with you. If you haven't checked out my book, I think you would really be able to relate + there are lots of tips in the book that I share that have really helped me find balance. It's Breaking Vegan on Amazon + B&N... let me know if you check it out!! <3 xo

tips for balancing hormones?

Vital Proteins Beef Liver capsules, Collagen Peptides with morning coffee or breakfast, lots of healthy fats & eating balanced meals with at least 1 major rest-day per week <3

Hi Jordan, I need your help! I have been wanting to create a YouTube channel and blog for a while now but everytime I go to do so the name that I like is taken.. I am trying to come up with a unique name right now! Could you please send prayers to me! I love your blog! Btw do you have any siblings?

ahhh so many names are taken these days, I totally feel your pain! Just be unique and be YOU, and if you think of something that is so so so *you* then there is no way it will be taken. It might have to be sort of long to get this accomplished!! Sending good vibes! And yes, I have three older siblings (two sisters and a brother), and I have 3 nieces and a nephew! <3

do you have any tips and tricks for staying healthy but still enjoying yourself around thanksgiving and the holidays? i am already worrying about thanksgiving dinner

omg yes I totally do. I am going to write a blog post today about my top tips to stay healthy during the holidays but still enjoy yourself... and the post will be live before thanksgiving!! hopefully tomorrow -- stay tuned. <3 thanks so much for asking! great Q.

How do I help a raw vegan friend that is going through miserable stage? I turned to omnivorous 10 months ago and I feel so much better but I do not want to scare her away!

Ahhh it is tough!!! I know. Honestly just be a positive, healthy example to her, and likely she will eventually follow your lead. Don't be too pushy about it, but just talk about and SHOW her how healthy you feel and she will probably want to feel that way too. πŸ™‚ I have found the greatest way to inspire people to make a healthy change is to be a healthy example to them!! XO

Why do you think gluten is bad? I have seen articles from both sides. I have noticed gluten free things can be not as nutritional as the gluten version.

I don't think gluten is bad. I personally am gluten-free because I have an intolerance to wheat -- it inflames my stomach, gives me skin problems and makes me nauseous after I eat it. But I went through several blood tests to find that out. I do think the reason some people believe gluten is "bad" is because it's often used in conjunction with refined flour, which is not something we want to be putting into our bodies! Not ALL gluten-free products are "better" than products with gluten, but if you stick to organic, natural brands then you should be all good!

How old were you when you decided to commit to a healthy lifestyle? (Like started changing your eating habits or working out)

I was about 15 when I first started dabbling in health, doing yoga and exercising regularly!! But it wasn't until I was 22 that I really took in the "healthy lifestyle" as a WHOLE. I think starting young is GREAT, but also when we are young we have to be easy on ourselves and enjoy everything from starting to drink alcohol out with friends (if you want to!) to living the college dorm lifestyle (not always the healthiest options), and then it really makes you appreciate health and wellness when you reach that point in your life!

Dear Jordan, I am a 15 year old girl that loves sports and being athletic. I want to lose fat and gain muscle so that I can perform better in games and such. Do you have any workouts, diet plans, or just general tips for me?

Hi love!! Amazing, love to hear it. Yes, first and foremost I recommend a balanced diet full of lean protein, veggies, complex carbs (sweet potato, quinoa, rice, gluten-free grains) and to focus on listening to your body and nourishing yourself with healthy foods so that you never have the desire to overeat or to restrict and under eat!! On top of that, exercise like HIIT (high intensity interval training), yoga, running, or whatever makes YOU feel best will help you lose fat and gain muscle. Also lifting weights... I love the way lifting light weights makes me feel!

Hi Jordan! Last year, I started counting my calories and have stuck with it since. In the first couple months of me counting my calories, I lost about 10 pounds, but haven't lost any weight since. I've actually cut back on the calories, but still can't drop the extra pounds I want to lose. So, I guess, my question to you is, do you know why I can't seem to shed the last few pounds I've been trying to lose? P.S. I love your blog and follow you on Instagram and am so inspired by all your posts!

Hi beauty! Ahhh yes, sometimes people just plateau once they hit a certain point -- I know I for sure have been there! Usually that is our bodies telling us we need more nutrients than we are getting, or even more different TYPES of nutrients than we are getting. When I plateau... I try a few things, like Bulletproof coffee for breakfast and waiting 15 hours between dinner and my first meal of the next day (balanced intermittent fasting) and focus on eating high-fat foods so they nourish my body and fuel me for exercise. And then I just really cut back on desserts and carbs because they do pack on a pound or two even if they're healthy. πŸ˜‰ Just my honest advice, but don't go overboard with it -- keep listening to your body!!! <3

Hi Jordan! What's your opinion on fitness and meal plans such as the beach body guide and all the others that are out there?

Hi! I think some of them are totally great. Kayla Itsine's "Bikini Body Guide" and lots of healthy books and programs are out there on the market, it's just about choosing what works for YOU so you don't feel like you have to go overboard with the workouts and diets. Some of those fitness programs make it so you have access to a personal trainers' workouts, which is awesome! I prefer to take classes and workout on my own versus follow the programs, but I know lots of people who have seen great results from them! xo

i am always so hungry at night after i eat dinner and i end up binging. does this ever happen to you? i don't think i restrict myself during the day but i always need something after dinner and i can never keep it to a small portion

Hi! Hmmm I think my next podcast episode (up next week) will be VERY helpful to you because I interview nutritionist + health coach Kelly Leveque, and we talk ALL about balancing blood sugar and insulin so that those hunger swings don't happen. Basically, the desire to binge comes from a blood sugar crash, which can be caused by eating too sugary of foods, eating too often (because our insulin never has time to fully metabolize in our cells), or from restricting early on in the day. This has totally happened to me many times, but ever since I started learning more about what happens INSIDE of our bodies when we eat (and when we don't eat), I have been able to avoid the crashes more often!! Hope this helps. <3

Are you vegan?

Nope! You can read all about that in my book, Breaking Vegan (available here -- http://rstyle.me/n/4gxt9bejn7)

how much calories do you eat?

I don't believe in counting calories. πŸ™‚

Any tips for anxiety?

YES !!! Journaling, meditation, yoga, long soaks in the bathtub with essential oils (Clary Sage & Frankincense are some faves), being super honest & radically honest about your feelings with those close to you, THERAPY (just keepin' it real), rigorous exercise, and cutting toxic people + toxic foods/things out of your life. Food is medicine, so fueling yourself with nourishing, whole foods is super helpful. XO

Who won your awesome giveaway from signing up for your podcast? Loved the interview with your mom in Podcast 2- very down to earth, real, and now I am following her instagram! Hugs and Peace Lisa Nyers lisa@ethosinc.org

Hi Lisa! Yay, so I am so glad to hear that! I chose 7 winners for the podcast giveaway... and let me tell you, it was SO HARD to choose because you're all awesome and all of you totally deserve to win. I ended up choosing based off of what each of the 7 said to me about loving the podcast, subscribing, their journeys, etc. The winners are announced in my blog post about the podcast with my mom!! Will definitely do more giveaways soon. And love that you're now following my mom! SO AWESOME. <3

For my blog I came up with believe and inspire! Do you like?


I'm slowly getting more & more interested in Ayrurvedic ways of eating/healing my gut/skin. Any book recommendations for beginners? I already know what type I am & I grabbed Kimberly Snyders new Radical Beauty book.

YESSSS love it. Also, check out "Yoga & Ayurveda" and also "Happy Belly" by Nadya Andreeva!

do you ever take rest days? where you don't workout at all?

Absolutely! I think rest days are so important. I try to take at least 1-2 a week, but some weeks I end up taking more. When we REST is when we give our bodies a legitimate chance to change and repair. <3

I am vegan (and want to keep being vegan)! Tonight I ate so much and sometimes feel like I can't stop. Tips? I still have to gain weight though...

Awww that is a rough feeling -- I totally get it. It sounds to me like your body is probably in need of nutrients that you aren't getting... I would consult a doctor or nutritionist to find out what your deficiencies are, and then go from there! Hormone imbalances and nutrient deficiencies can cause that feeling of extreme hunger where you can't stop... also blood sugar imbalances can cause that -- trust me, I suffered from that a ton when I was in the midst of my eating disorder. Not fun!! Sending u love!

Hi Jordan I am feeling really sad theses days and got some sad news today that a co worker is leaving. I am really sad and don't know what do do! She is 4 years older then me we have a,ways had a pretty solid friendship and I am depressed. Any advice?

Awww I'm so sorry to hear that πŸ™ it is rough when people you're close to move away (or leave where you work) and you won't see them as much anymore. I would say just be upfront with her about how much she means to you and make a solid effort to stay in touch and still spend plenty of time with her!! I've never worked in a traditional job setting so I don't know from experience, but I know a lot of my close friends have had their "work besties" leave their office and their friendship only gets stronger if anything -- you just have to make that effort outside of work and find things that you both love to do together!! Even a monthly dinner date or adventure date would be an awesome way to stay in touch. πŸ™‚

do you still have slip ups with food where you get off track, binge, or feel shameful about eating so much or certain foods? or have you perfected a balanced healthy-eating lifestyle?

hi!! my relationship with food/fitness/health is definitely not perfect, but most days it is healthy and balanced because i always focus on how i FEEL more than anything else. i try to be as balanced as possible and stay away from depriving myself or overeating (or eating when i don't want to / feel like it)... and when i have an off day, i don't beat myself over it. that's the key -- our relationship to health is a lifelong lifestyle, not a one day make or break situation! i hope that helps. i have some tips for food freedom in my book, available on amazon if you're interested <3

Hi Jordan I need your help.. a friend of mine just got into a relationship with this guy I don't know him but I heard through another friend they have been dating for some time. Which is fine although I am a bit sad because my friend no longer talks to me.. do you think it's because of her new relationship? Do you think it will last a while?

Hi! Hmmm I don't think that her being in a relationship is why she isn't talking to you anymore -- but I would need some more context!! Did you have a falling out, or did your communication slowly dwindle? If I were you, I would reach out and let you know that you miss her!! No harm there, and you get to express yourself and share your honest, authentic feelings! <3

Hi Jordan! Are you going to be having an event in LA anytime soon?

Hi hi!! Yes, I will be hosting some yoga classes around the holidays and will have some steady yoga classes soon in Brentwood -- will keep you all very updated about that!! Sign up for my newsletter if you haven't yet -- that's where I will send out the info!! <3


happy happy ween you SNUGGY

Hi Jordan I need your help!! I was talking to a former co worker chatting about different things! We were ending a conversation when I said I miss you and I said the place where she worked with me before is definitely not the same with out her and that I miss her! Is that mean? She didn't respond.. I wrote back saying would never want to offend and it was not my intention. Help please πŸ™‚

Hi hi!! Hmmm that sounds to me like she probably just got sidetracked in the conversation and didn't get back to you!! I don't think that is offensive to anyone at all. Good for you for following up and letting her know your intentions -- that's the best that you can do, and if she doesn't get it, that is definitely not your problem! <3

Hi Jordan, do you have any suggestions for declining food when offered, that you're sensitive too/make you feel bad or how to eat "differently" in social settings without feeling awkward? I eat out with friends a lot (I prefer it over the bar/club scene) but always give into whatever their eating (i.e: greasy burgers & fries) even though I don't necessarily even like that stuff over say a lettuce-wrapped trukey burger.

Hi hi! Yes, I totally get it. The main thing to remember is, YOU are the only one who lives in your body. You are the only one who knows what works and what does not work for you and your system. Any good friend should understand and support you ordering what works for you (i.e. a lettuce wrapped turkey burger) or else they're kind of judgmental and you MIIIIGHT not want to keep spending so much time with them. And it comes down to you -- you've gotta have the confidence to do what works for you, and explain to people why you are doing it!! Make sense? It takes a while to get comfortable, but once you do it makes a wooooorld of difference. Xoxo

Need help creating a blog name! I like the words haven, inspire, true and balanced any ideas you get from that?

A blog name is such a personal thing, it's got to be YOU that comes up with it. If I knew you personally I'd love to brainstorm, but without knowing you -- I am too far removed from the situation to give my thoughts! I do LOVE the words you came up with. Riff off of those! πŸ™‚

What do you think about weight watchers?

I think it's a good thing for people who need a kickstart into feeling/being healthier! I am not into the whole calorie counting thing, but I know it works for some people -- and I can support any type of lifestyle change that promotes health, wellness, and feeling good in our bodies. Are you considering trying it? xoxo

Hi Jordan, this may be random (but I admire your 'hustle' so much). How do you manage to get so much done in a day while still balancing fitness, healthy food, friends and self care? It feels like there are only so many hours in a day.

I love this!!! Yes, the hustle is REAL over here. Honestly, I've had to cut back a bit on the things that I've committed to in order to continue to prioritize fitness, healthy food, friends and self care ALONG with work, yoga training, training for races, etc. Ultimately I realized that what is MOST important is how we feel in our bodies and the people we surround ourselves with... so that helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance. Otherwise, I really just do what feels right to me and have created this career path in my life because it combines all the things I love!! It makes it easy to work and get things done so I have time for myself... plus, it's flexible. So I can work for 14 hours one day if I feel like it, and 2 hours the next!! Sometimes I really do that, and it weirdly works for me. I will have a whole chapter on this in my upcoming ebook, so stay tuned!! XO

Not a question, but I HAD to come here & tell you how much I LOVE you. Seriously, I mean this in the least creepiest way possible, I think we're friends. I've been reading your blog from the start, love your S.C & Instagram. You do SUCH important work for girls like me. Thank you <3

AWWW I LOVE that!! You are amazing. Thank you so much. I would love to know your name + email so I can send you a PERSONALIZED thank you for what a sweet message this is and how grateful I am to have had you following for all these years. And duh... we are friends. <3 xo

So I'm pretty much like you in that I'm an "all or nothing" type person- either chugging kale juice, eating salads etc etc or eating Oreos for dinner for the 12th night in the row..... how do you achieve balance while allowing yourself 'treats' but focusing on healthy food? Like how do you handle triggers?

Yep, extreme people for REAL!! I get it. Well, the triggers are hard. I find that everything in moderation works better for me than cutting things out entirely. I mean, I can cut things out for months or years on end, but eventually there will always be a day that restriction ends and I go overboard again with what has been so off limits. I try focusing on how I FEEL rather than anything else... and remembering that I do not feel good when I eat a whole dessert to myself or when I eat an acai bowl with tons of toppings for dinner (my weakness) instead of lean protein and veggies or something else more "balanced".... then I remember it's just not worth it. I am so focused on feeling good, it makes the rest a lot easier. I hope this helps. <3 xoxo

Hi Jordan, can you just give me some examples of filling dinners you may have on the go...I often study in the library late at night.

Yes, this is great! I like to make a little "whole" of good, healthy yumminess on the go. Like roasted veggies (brussels sprouts, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and squash are some of my current faves), quinoa, black beans & avocado! Or a salad with lean protein and veggies. Sometimes when I'm really on the go I get a packaged meal from Whole Foods that is perfect for eating in the library or during one of my nighttime yoga training classes. I also LOVE nuts, Perfect Bars, and protein shakes on the go!

Hi Jordan, how did you get into running? I've tried on & off a few times, but never could stick with it. I have never been able to run for more than 4-5 minutes.... any tips?

Well, that's exactly where it starts! Running for 4-5 minutes at a time. πŸ™‚ The way I started training for the LA Marathon was by running 30 minutes outside every other day, and then working my way up to 45 minutes, and then an hour... etc. My long runs were on the weekends, and I gradually increased those over a 6 month period from one hour runs to 3.5 hour runs!! Then, next thing I knew, I was running a marathon!! Hope this helps <3 you've got this! XO

Hi Jordan, this may seem 'out there' but I'm asking you as a friend. I recently moved in with a new roommate. She's a vegetarian (I'm not, but I do eat mostly vegetarian). She loves to cook (& I consider it a success when I can scramble an egg). Anyways, turns out, she doesn't have the healthiest of habits. In the past two months, I've had more take out and meals out then ever (I turned 23 before ever trying Taco Bell). Besides it being expensive, I've gained wait, I feel horrid, my skin is yucky.... and I'm triggered. You see, I'm a recovering binge eater (former restricter before that) & so eating these things, just sends me into a spiral. I can't just eat, say a McDonalds meal or 2 slices of pizza... I'll need the ENTIRE pizza etc. It's not healthy. I told her how I've been feeling (leaving out the ED part- I dont think she'd get it...how do you explain that you just cant control yourself around food) and in turns she's been cooking dinner for us. I can be healthy for breakfast and lunch because Im at school or work, but dinner it's hard. Nothing she makes is THAT unhealthy (yesterday was questadilla's with tons of beans, cheese, peppers and sour cream) but it still triggers me. I miss my old 'dinners' of large salads, soups etc......... How do I refuse her meals without have her suspicious or offended? Or how do I just eat some of her healthier meals without going overboard? Thanks

Hi love! Ahhh, I totally get it. That is so tough. Honestly, just be super upfront with her. Tell her that you are struggling with food (you don't even have to use the words "ED", you can just say "struggles" "unhealthy habits" "loss of control" etc) and that you really need to stick to a specific plan. Tell her that certain unhealthy ingredients trigger you and make you feel out of control, so you need to stick to cleaner meals for the most part to get yourself on track. If you are open and tell her that you just need some support and understanding, you'd be astounded how far that can go. Being open about my eating issues rocked my WORLLLDD and changed everything for me. It was amazing!! Sending you love, always here. Xo

What are your favorite post workout meals? Do you eat different things based on your workout?

I do eat different things based on my workouts! If it was a really intense HIIT workout with lots of running, I focus on protein and up my carbs a bit. Lean chicken, turkey, fish and sweet potato are some go-to faves. Also LOVE eggs post-workout and "protein oats" -- oatmeal with egg whites and protein powder!! SO good! And protein shakes are a huge part of my diet. πŸ™‚

do you take any vitamins or supplements?

Yes!! I take b-12, vitamin D, and take a little concoction of essential oils that keep me feeling cal and balanced. πŸ™‚ I also take collagen peptides twice a day from Vital Proteins, and Beef Liver from the same company!!

Hi Jordan I have a quick question. At work we have lists that we put who's working and so fourth. A girl and my name is on it and we are friends. I feel guilty for some odd reason I feel like I may have said something on that list even though I didn't and nothing was on that list before I checked but I feel guilty that something was written on it and I am feeling guilty any thoughts.

Hmmm what do you feel guilty about? I am not sure if I understand what the purpose of the list is! It's for who's working the hardest, or not working very hard? If you don't think you did anything wrong, your gut is probably right so I would not worry too much. <3

hi jordan! i really fell of the wagon recently and i am having a lot of trouble staying motivated to eat well and maintain my exercise routine. my friends aren't very healthy eaters so it's hard to stick to my healthy diet. what would you do in this situation?

Hi! Ahhh I totally get it. When I fall off the wagon, I usually do make a very serious pact with myself to get back on it -- and I start by making healthy choices, non-negotiable, for 3 days straight. After those 3 days, I am already feeling better and more healthy and balanced, so it makes it easier to stay ON the wagon. It's all about just STARTING, and maintaining it in the beginning long enough to reap the benefits from it!! <3

Do you have any thoughts on white vs brown rice? Which is better? Is brown rice really that bad due to arsenic? I love rice and I get so confused by all this conflicting health information. Thank you!

I like both!! I actually find white rice easier to digest for my super sensitive stomach, but everyone's bodies are so different! Brown rice is lower glycemic and has more protein, which is a plus. And quinoa is great too if you are looking for a more protein-rich option!!

Hi jordan! Do you think i can make your pumpkin chocolate loaf with a chia or flax egg?? I love that there is no sweetner added. Im into the slightly sweet savory snacks. Cant wait to try it!

Hi!! Oooh you're going to LOVE if you aren't a huge sweets person -- same as me! You can definitely make them with chia or flax egg. You can also make without any egg substitute at all, just be sure to add more nut butter to make the consistency less dense!! The original version of these are on my blog under "pumpkin almond butter oat bars" - and those are vegan & egg-free, if you wanna check that recipe out!

hey! are there other health bloggers that you follow?

oh yes!! SOOOO many. i LOVE (in no particular order bc they're all awesome): Lauryn's The Skinny Confidential, Geri's Because I'm Addicted, Chocolate Covered Katie, RachLMansfield, Shut The Kale Up, Lexi's Clean Kitchen, Kathryn Budig's blog, The Southern Yogi on Instagram (basically like an Instagram blog), My Name is Yeh, The Healthy Maven, Realfoodology, Lee from America, and SOOOO many more. They are all so great!! I get inspiration from reading other people's stuff. πŸ™‚ xo

do you eat dessert? if so when? and are there certain foods you never eat or never let yourself eat?

yes, i do eat dessert!!! i LOVE the brand Lily's chocolate bars... they are sweetened with stevia so no extra sugar -- and they are SO good. also Eating Evolved is another delicious brand of chocolate, PB cups, etc that is totally healthy and natural. and when i am out with family and friends... i always take a bite of dessert if i want it!! i just don't overdo it. i have a little bit of dessert every day because i love it, and it helps me from feeling deprived. πŸ™‚

hi jordan! i know you are recovered from your disordered eating but do you still find yourself struggling sometimes? do you still have those "fear foods" or "triggers?" i am recovering but sometimes i still have trouble allowing myself certain foods. can you relate?

oh yes, i definitely still struggle!! i think even when we are fully recovered, we still struggle. it is sort of a part of our personalities, us perfectionists. the BEST way i try to avoid this is by filling my body and my diet with a ton of healthy fats (avocado, coconut butter, coconut oil, full fat yogurt, wild salmon, olive oil, etc) -- it satiates me and reminds my body that i do NOT deprive anymore. and when i crave something sweet... i eat it! in moderation. i know that depriving myself of something always tends to hurt me in the long run. i ALSO fill my time with things that i love -- because that is always a great distraction from food issues / thinking about deprivation. I hope this helps!! sending you love! xo

Hi Jordan I have a question for you. I am trying to create a blog and add a YouTube channel as another component but I am having a hard time sticking towards the name. I thought about peaceful clarity but I don't know if I like it. On my blog I talk about fitness, wellness and skincare. - any ideas?

A blog is a very personal thing to choose a name for, so without knowing you or seeing any sample posts, I don't think I'd be able to give much advice or choose for you! I think it's gotta feel right to YOU, because this is going to be your baby and perhaps one day your business. πŸ™‚ excited for you!

Hi Jordan, if you know you're going to have a wild girls night (or just a night where there will be booze, drunk food, etc etc) how do you prepare during the day?

That is a great question!! During the day I make sure to get a sweat in, get lots of rest the night before, and eat really well (lots of healthy stuff + greens) during the day so that by nighttime it's only a few drinks (plus maybe some drunk food) that I have to recover from the next day -- and not a whole day's worth of craziness + no workout + bad sleep!! Does that make sense? Basically I *balance* it by lots of good, healthy stuff during the day! I love going out with friends at night even if it doesn't always fall into my usual healthy lifestyle choices-- we have to live and have fun too!

Hey Jordan! I have a question about running...I use to be so into my running schedule and making goals for myself, but recently I have had no desire to get out and run on a weekly basis. I have been running on a treadmill for about a month and finally made it up to 6 miles, but even when I take a week off I have no desire to get back out there. This past Monday I went on a good run outside and felt great, but still I don't want to go out and run again. Last year I ran a half marathon and had a blast training for it...I felt so amazing after I finished up the race. Do you ever go through periods where you get sick of running/any type of workout that you do? How do you keep up your energy? Thank you!! xo Liz

Hey babe!! Making it up to 6 miles on the treadmill is KILLER and something you should be very proud of. Even for frequent distance runners, 6 miles is not an easy distance. And guess what? It's okay if you don't love running!! You can find that sweet spot between being obsessed with running and absolutely hating it... and just do what feels comfortable for you! I am a big proponent of challenging ourselves to do workouts that don't come easily to us (*ahem* me + running, for SURE), but I am also big on not doing any type of workout consistently that you don't actually ENJOY. I also think we go through "seasons" with what we are into, fitness-wise. To be honest, ALL I've wanted to do is yoga lately. I could happily go to 2-3 classes a day and do nothing else and be happier than ever. Does it stress me out a bit that I haven't been running as much? YES, especially because I am signed up for a half marathon in less than a month!! But it's okay, and I am being easy on myself about it. I think it's worth getting yourself out there at least a couple of times a week to keep up your running fitness, but if you really aren't enjoying it... just do something else instead!! Sweating + getting your heart pumping is really the only goal, unless you're training for something specific. <3 in a short... you're not alone!! XO

Kind of personal, but do you take birth control pills? I just started a few months ago and have put on a lot of weight and just feel all around not too great about myself. I want to stay healthy and fit but these darn pills seem to be getting in the way! Thanks πŸ™‚

I always eat when I'm bored. I just enjoy it, I'm eating healthy stuff but I find myself putting on some lbs from mindless eating. Any tips? Love your blog! Xo

Hey hey!! Yes, my main tip is to fill your diet with a lot of healthy fats... like avocado, coconut oil, coconut butter, olive oil, full fat yogurt (if you're not sensitive to dairy), ghee / grass fed better, wild salmon, etc. And limit your intake of sugar.. even fruit sugars!! That will help you stay full and have the desire to snack less. Our bodies actually produce more insulin when we snack in between meals, which can lead to fat storage. That is my best tip-- cutting back on snacking by filling my diet with fat rich, nutrient-dense foods has been a game changer!

Hi Jordan! Love your blog by the way! I am currently in college in Southern California and have just recently gotten into yoga. Unfortunately, I'm on a college budget and can't spend a fortune on all the awesome studios here. Do you have any suggestions for a broke college student? Thanks!! -Maria

Hi Maria!! Ah, I totally understand the struggle. Yoga is expensive in LA / So Cal!! (And everywhere, really.) There are a lot of free yoga videos on YouTube and on different teachers' / trainer's sites, and I think that joining an online membership like Udaya.com, MyYogaWorks.com or YogaGlo.com is all more affordable than joining a studio. Also, listen to some yoga podcasts and then once you nail some sequences on your own you can totally practice at home!! All you need is a basic knowledge of the poses and sun salutations and then you can get creative with it and be your own teacher for the most part. It's such a beautiful way to learn yoga and get your body acquainted with it. I will keep posting my favorite poses & sequences, which will always be free and accessible to you guys. OH and come to my yoga events if you're in the LA area!! XO

Hi Jordan! Have you considered going on tour? I mean for things such as pop-up events, workshops, teaching yoga, etc.. I would love to meet you in person! #tbbtribe

Hi! WELL, going on tour would basically make my world go round!! I LOVEEE meeting you guys and getting to connect face to face. Hopefully with starting to teach yoga more I will have the chance to go on tour and hit a lot of big cities-- also hopefully with more books I'll have the opp to do that as well! I will definitely keep you all very posted. #tbbtribe ALL the way!! <3 <3

Hi Jordan, I've just found your blog and love your honesty! I'm a strict vegetarian and have been since I was 7 years old. I'm struggling to find a lifestyle that is fulfilling and healthy - everything seems to have cheese in it as a vegetarian and so I'm looking into vegan options as a healthy and exciting alternative to eat well and be excited about food again - difficult when you struggle to lose weight. I want to write a blog and do a YouTube channel about it as I'm constantly experimenting with food, but I worry that because I'm not a professional it could be harmful to people reading/watching it? I'm not a nutritionist or personal trainer - just a girl trying to figure what works for her! lol... Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

Hi girl! Thanks so much for the kind words, and YES I can totally relate to the struggle! Glad to hear you're dabbling with finding healthier options so you can feel your best. πŸ™‚ You can totally start a YouTube channel and blog without being an expert! Just don't ever claim to be giving medical advice and don't answer people's questions as the "end all be all" to what they're trying to fix... it's okay to give tips as a "friend"/blogger/YouTuber, just with the disclaimer that you aren't a nutritionist! No harm there as long as there is always transparency and honesty behind it. I say go for it!!

Watched your videos with Brandin. You two are super adorable together and it's very obvious there is chemistry there! You both need to make it official!

Haha awww Brandin is one of my closest friends and we have so much fun together. We definitely give off the chemistry vibe because we are crazy close -- but no matter what he is to me he is hugely important in my life!! Stay tuned for more videos with him and maybe a podcast episode or two... πŸ˜‰

You talk about how you struggled with orthorexia. I have too can you talk about it a little more or point me to the page or blog where you first wrote about your experiences with it? Thanks!!

Yes! Search for "Why I'm Transitioning Away from Veganism" in my search bar and it will bring you to my first post with it! Then just scroll to "next post" to continue reading. Also, my book Breaking Vegan is all about my orthorexia struggle and recovery. You can purchase it here if you're interested -- http://rstyle.me/n/4gxt9bejn7 !! Xo

Do you eat something sweet everyday?

Usually! I never say that I do anything "every day" because every day really is so different, but mostly every day I have something sweet! Whether it be an almond milk latte sweetened with stevia, a piece of dark chocolate, some fruit with honey, a Perfect Bar... I usually crave sweet! I just love it. But I do have days where I have no sweets and I enjoy those days too. <3

Hey Jordan! I have loved following your blog, insta, and reading your book-i am actually reading it for the second time right now! Anyway, my question is regarding juice cleansing. I just got off of a vacation where I threw my healthy eating habits out the window, and I am interested in doing a partial juice/smoothie cleanse for about 5 days. What are your thoughts about juice cleansing now? Do you have any tips? I don't want to do a strictly juice type of cleanse, I want to be able to eat other solid foods during this time so my metabolism doesn't crash once I pickup normal foods afterward. Nervous, but thought you may have an answer!!

Hi! So glad to hear that you are a fan of the book, blog and insta!! All of that means the world to me. Yes, I think that partial juice cleansing is the way to go... Definitely not all juice with no solid food all day because it just turns into a deprivation cycle and your body needs more! I think it's okay to kickstart with a green juice every day, and focus on easy-to-digest soups (there are some delicious veggie soup recipes!!) and end the day with more veggies and a grain or some lean protein. Also, incorporate healthy fats into your cleanse! Avocado, coconut oil, coconut butter, nuts, etc because that will keep your metabolism up and also keep your blood sugar stable! Way better than all juice like I once used to do. <3 You want sustainable!! xo

Hey Jordan, when you were in Italy was it hard for you adjusting to their eating habits? I'm living in Spain for the year and while there is lots of good food, their diet is very heavy and the "alternative" foods that I'm used to eating are either not available or very expensive. I've struggled with Orthorexia in the past and I find myself getting kind of stressed not having my typical "safe" foods (I miss my food processor and blender!). I'm trying to have a balanced approach and be open to a different culture but this week for some reason has been hard food wise. Do you have any advice?

Yes, it WAS hard for me!! I totally get it. It's really difficult to be in a different country/culture and be so far outside of our comfort zone with food and routine. First of all-- big kudos to you for adventuring and doing something different, even if it's totally difficult to get used to. My best advice is... find a way to *balance* the Spanish culture with your own food preferences. For example, I struck a pretty good balance in Italy with their typical pasta/big lunch/late dinner thing (even though it was really hard for me to get used to) with my OWN preferences toward lots of veggies, small lunch, early dinner... and tried to meet in the middle most days. I wanted to enjoy the food of the culture without getting too stuck in my own head. Also, I ditched the scale. I definitely gained some weight living in Italy, especially because Italy is not big on exercise, and I was totally fine with it. I look back on those days so fondly, it was all worth it. ALSO I had my mom send me granola in large batches... so at least I started the day out with *my* food preferences each day! I hope this helps. <3

hey Jordan!! I love your look and your website! its awesome youre willing to share the things you do to encourage and help others. I am curious as to know what your height and weight is????

Hi! That is a quite personal question and I don't feel comfortable sharing that online, especially because I don't really believe in weighing myself very often, but my height is 5' 4''!

Hi Jordan I have a friend, we don't really know each other very well, only new her for a year I mean we work together. She ol lows me on social media, she used to like some of my photos but not anymore.. Do you think she is my real friend?

Hmmm -- I definitely think she is still your real friend even if she still doesn't like your photos! I have tons of friends & acquaintances who's photos I don't always like all the time, but it doesn't mean I don't like them as people. I wouldn't take it personally. πŸ™‚

Hey! What podcasts do you listen to?

Hey!! I've recently gotten into podcasts, and I am LOVING the Beautiful Writers podcast hosted by Linda Sivertsen, The Bitch Bible by Jackie Schimmel, Lauryn Evarts & Michael Bosstick's "Him & Her", Two Dope Queens, and my intern has one called Actually Adultish that is awesome!

I really try to avoid processed food, even if it's "healthy." But there are some good ones out there with wholesome ingredients. What are your favorites? (granola, bars, dried fruits, crackers, etc)

Yes! Great question! Because sometimes we DO have to "live a little" and not make everything from scratch. I love nut butter brands like Wildfriends & Justin's (also Justin's PB cups when I want a treat are LIFE), Perfect Bars, Quest Bars (in moderation bc of the sucralose), Julian's Bakery Paleo bars, Mary's Gone Crackers, and a bunch of Trader Joes brand cereals!!

Hi Jordan! Do you think it's possible to eat too much fruit?

Hi! While all bodies are different, I do think it's possible to eat too much fruit. For example.. I really can't have more than 2 servings of fruit a day without feeling bloated and without my blood sugar spiking a little (leaving me hungrier later). Fruit has a lot of natural sugar, so it's something to eat in moderation! Although it's beautiful, whole, food from the earth, so I'd choose it over refined sugar any day!

Hi Jordan I have two quick questions for you. 1st being I need your help, I need to remain my blog and YouTube channel because someone already has mine! I need to strong names, I talk about wellness, balance and creating a healthy lifestyle. Any ideas? 2nd does it mean your friend doesn't like you if they say they are always busy but like others photos? Thanks

Hi! For the YouTube and blog names -- try something with your first name + Welless, like... "Jordan's Wellness Journey" or something like that! 2nd, I don't think it means they don't like you! Maybe you just aren't on the top of their mind. Reach out and be honest about how you're feeling. Ask if you've done anything wrong! It never hurts to be open and honest, even when it's tough to do.

Hi Jordan I need your help. I reached out 3 times to a friend but no response? Do you think she wants wants the friendship?

Hi! Hmmm I need a little more context -- were you in a fight or arguing about something? Or are you just reaching out and saying hi? Sometimes people are super busy or have other things taking up their mind, so I wouldn't give up on the friendship just yet. I say be super honest and express yourself and just say "are we good? i feel like you may be avoiding me -- did I do something?" being honest and speaking from the heart can never hurt. let me know how it goes!

hey jordan! i'm a 20 year old college student and i have a very active and healthy lifestyle. i love working out daily and eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. i have good discipline and i never thought i had disordered eating because i really love how i feel when i workout and eat whole foods. but recently i've been having trouble with the nightlife, drinking, and drunk eating that usually happens every weekend. do you ever struggle with this? i'm afraid of going out with friends because it'll hurt my health goals.

hi!! ahhh yes i totally feel you -- i had that experience in college as well where i felt like alcohol and staying out late would kind of derail and mess with my health goals. but i am so glad that i didn't let that stop me from having fun in college, going out to events & staying out late on the weekends more often than not. i have such fond memories from those days -- and i was somehow able to bounce back and still wake up early / exercise, etc. but that's just ME. we are all different and if you're feeling over the going out scene there is nothing wrong with that... there are always other ways to connect and hang with your friends. that's how i am now! i barely ever go out but still see my friends all the time in other ways. <3 AND when you do go out and drink, just keep the drinks to a minimum! when you aren't hungover it helps a lot the next day. :)

I already went to the gym this morning. I don’t have anything left for tonight (I mean theres always stuff I SHOULD do, but nothing really pressing)….. what do people do after work when theres nothing to do & they don’t shower?

Great question-- because I am in your boat tonight and am going to have to pull myself away from work so I can relax and do something fun instead of being a workaholic! I love making plans with friends, going on walks outside, grabbing a bite to eat somewhere fun or new, talking on the phone with a friend, reading, writing, brainstorming new projects... There are lots of fun things to do with free time. I hope this helps!! Xo

Do you like hey balanced and true for an email

Great words! Yep.

I loved your tribe post! Do you have any advice for when friends grow apart or break ups... essentially letting go to people who you love and shared so much with, but who no longer want to be friends or serve you?

Thank you so much! AH yes, this has been incredibly hard for me. I have the most trouble letting go of people I was once close to... but honestly, remembering that the friendship no longer serves me and reminding myself of all of the reasons why helps me keep a clean break and feel good about it. There are people I was close to for nearly a decade that I hardly talk to anymore, and when I start to miss them I remind myself that while there were great times with them -- there were also really challenging, draining, emotionally painful times that I do NOT miss. In order to cultivate a happy, whole, inspired life -- those draining friendships and relationships just realllllyyy don't work in the longterm. Sometimes as time goes on those people can be a part of your life again, but remember that for YOUR happiness (and ultimately theirs too) distance can be a beautiful thing. I try to "never say never" or close the door on someone completely because to me, THAT is painful. It's more of a gradual, spend less time ruminating about the challenges kind of thing for me and then slowly pulling away. I hope this helps. <3

Hi Jordan, what are some wellness things you HAVE to incoporate daily, evenon the busiest of days?

BEST question. My wellness routine is non-negotiable! Every day I must... stretch (even if I can't make it to a full yoga class, some major stretching and mini-yoga sesh goes down in my apartment), make sure to check in with myself and BREATHE through the stress of a busy day, eat healthy (it's most important to me on my busiest days - so that I can feel good on the inside at least!) and break a sweat. Sweating it out & getting my heart pumping is my #1 go-to for busy, stressful days. A few other, subtle things... tongue scraping, getting enough sleep, sipping on green tea, oil pulling with coconut oil, surrounding myself with positive people and good vibes, and journaling. <3 I basically live and breathe wellness... hehe

Any tips on beating carb cravngs (for unhealthy white carbs or candy)

Yes!! Fill up on healthy fats -- in my experience, it helps cut cravings biggggg time. Some of my favorite sources of healthy fat are avocado, coconut butter, coconut oil, nuts, olive oil, and freshwater fish. If you count ingredients and not calories -- you can eat these foods in abundance and you'll prob start to feel a lot better / more energized / experience less unhealthy cravings!! XO

I've been absolutely horrible with my eating habits for the past 2 months, due to some stress and changes and gained 18 lbs in 2 months. Any tips on getting back with it?

AHhh I feel you-- never a good feeling. Stress is a very real thing when it comes to how it affects our food intake / what we want to put into our bodies. As far as getting back into it.. You might want to consider jumpstarting with a detox! That always helps me get re-inspired and re-motivated to get back on the weekend. There are some great detoxes that include food, like Elissa Goodman's SOUP detox, and the Philosophie cleanse. Another thing you can do is just promise yourself that you are going to get back into the swing of things, and make healthy action steps to follow!! Having a self-care routine really helps. I like to meditate in the morning, journal, make sure to get a ton of sleep, take baths, etc and all sorts of things that keep me centered and peaceful. The inside is where it all begins. <3 xo

Hi Jordan, I was wondering during recovery did you lose your hair?

My hair got very thin during the worst of my orthorexia, and thickened back up in about 6 months to a year after I began recovery. I also took b12 supplements which I think helped. Not fun to have your hair come out in clumps in the shower!

Hi Jordan! How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Good question. πŸ˜‰ Probably a lot of wood..!

Hi Jordan! Just curious- what's your middle name?

Hunter. πŸ™‚

hi jordan i am having a hard time creating an email. how did you pick yours?

My email is the same as my blog name!

hi!! does anxiety and over thinking go away when you stop paying attention to it and just live your life?

It depends on the person and where the anxiety is stemming from! I don't really think that anxiety goes away if you just stop paying attention to it-- but that is definitely a helpful first step. Just get out there and live your life and have the confidence to do so, and the anxiety will lessen. Also try different self-care methods like meditation, yoga, exercise, therapy, massage, journaling, etc. Find what works for YOU and you might be astounded with what you find most helpful. <3

Hi Jordan! What are your biggest pet peeves?!

OOOOH very good question because I have a ton of them -- LOL. I absolutely cannot stand the sound of people chewing. Cannot STAND it. I have what they call "misophonia..." the fear and hatred of certain sounds. For me it's people chewing with their mouth open, chewing loudly, chewing strangely... Ahhh I can't stand any of it. I also have a pet peeve about fake people and people who act differently around some people than they do around others (a.k.a social climbers). Also cannot stand excessive throat clearing, sniffing, etc. For me it's really a ton of sounds that bug the ISH out of me!!

You have the most beautiful smile! how do you keep your teeth so white? πŸ™‚

Aww thank you so much!! I don't do anything super special to keep them white but I brush and floss every day, use a tongue scraper (here is a link if you're interested-- I am obsessed-- http://rstyle.me/n/bzt5k6bejn7), and I also do oil pulling about twice a week!! (http://rstyle.me/n/bzt5nibejn7 -- some oil to use for pulling!). And mouthwash. I swear by it. I need to chew gum less too lol because that is the only thing I do that is not good for my teeth!!

For my email I chose findingtruebalanceandhappiness do you like it?

Yes, I do! As long as you like it -- I am happy for you. That is truly the only thing that matters when choosing a blog name.

Hi Jordan! The questions about Hudson below made me think- besides him, what's your favorite animal!? Also, do you have any other pets? I thought I remember seeing a cute puppy on your snapchat and instagram. I am thinking about getting a dog but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of responsibility yet. How do you balance your busy schedule with taking care of your animals?

Hey!! That is a great question-- besides cats I absolutely love puppies, and in an ideal world I'd have a monkey. πŸ˜‰ I have always been obsessed with monkeys. The golden retriever puppy is my close friend's dog, Holden! I kinda feel like I am his mama hehe. He will be in an upcoming insta of mine... keep an eye out for it! And as far as balancing my schedule with Huddy, having a cat has been perfect for me because I work from home so Hud gets a ton of love and attention most days. But I do have a wild and wacky life schedule, so I don't always get to be here with him. If I had a dog that I had to take out for walks all day -- I would struggle with balancing my sched. One day I want a dog but that will be when my life settles down more! <3

Hi Jordan I had a question! For my blog I thought of theses ideas! Let me know if you like them and if theses make sense! 1.findingtruebalanceandhappiness Or 2. Findingbalanceandtruehappiness Thanks!

Yep! They make sense, and I like them. πŸ™‚

She likes to sleep in her bed too! Totally unrelated, but I was also wondering besides the name TBB, do you have any nicknames that your friends/family call you?

Aww so cute! Yes, I have a lot of nicknames-- hardly anyone calls me by my full name! My family calls me Jojo and a lot of my close friends call me that as well. They also call me Jo & Joj. And my best friend who's name is also Jordan calls me Jor! Also someone very close to me calls me Hunter, my middle name. πŸ™‚ I love it all!!

Hi! I love reading your blog and I too have a cat (her name is Audrey)!! I was wondering, where's Hudson's favorite place to sleep?

Awww so cute!! Hudson sleeps in my arms almost every night-- it's SO adorable. He also likes to sleep in his little cat bed at the foot of my bed, and sometimes under the bed! Where does your kitty like to sleep? xx

Hey Jordan Need your opinion! What one do you like? 1. Balancedtrueandspiritual1 2 atruebalancedjourney1

The second one!

How should i go back to a non-vegan, healthy diet? I ate eggs for the first time (after 6 months) and my stomach was a bit upset.

Take it slow! So proud of you for listening to your body and making the changes that you felt were necessary. Try reintroducing one new thing per week-- eggs, fresh water fish, organic chicken, whatever you're comfortable with. Be patient with your body and if the digestion issues continue, consider taking a daily probiotic and some enzymes to help you build your stomach enzymes back up to break these foods down that are now sorta foreign to your bod! <3

What is your favorite color up in dis blog?

My favorite color up in dis blog is lime green. πŸ˜‰ (in dis bitch)

I am a 15 year old vegan and as I read your blog your story seems to fit to mine. I often forget the true reason I became vegan and I have lost 30 pounds in the process. I am now eating more and making vegan desserts and such but I still think about food all the time. Why is this happening?

Hi girl, I am sorry to hear that! I definitely can relate. I think your body is probably in need of more variety -- perhaps you aren't getting all of the nutrients you need. If you want to stay vegan for reasons that make you (and your body) happy, you might want to see a nutritionist to see what your nutritional deficiencies are. If you are open to incorporating more variety -- freshwater fish, eggs, etc -- it MAY be a good idea. Everyone's bodies are so different I can't say exactly what you may be deficient in, but likely your body needs more nourishment!!! Talk to a nutritionist or a functional medicine doctor to get some tests done and figure out what those are. <3

For the email for my blog I have picked abalancedandtruejourney do you like it?

Absolutely!! Love it!

Hi Jordan, I CRAVE your lifestyle. I'm jealous (but in a 'so happy for you' way- not in a mean way). I'm on a VERY tight budget being an international medical student so I can't afford retreats, a yoga membership, expensive honeys etc. Any tips on how to somehow achieve your wellness "splurges"?

Hi!! I totally understand. I feel lucky to have access to so much wellness-related stuff because of what I do for a living, where I live, etc. I think I will write a blog post for "wellness on a budget"!! I think that would be helpful to many people. A few quick tips... get outside! Going for a run, a pretty hike, or doing a HIIT class (maybe from a podcast) outdoors is totally free and available to anyone. Check out websites like udaya.com, myyogaworks.com, and yogaglo.com to download podcasts (I think they all have free weeks available) from some of the best yoga teachers in the world -- right at your fingertips! Also, farmer's markets are definitely my fave for shopping healthy on a budget. Same with Trader Joe's. Or pick a day with your friends to have your own "mini retreat" and do a yoga class on a gorgeous hiking path somewhere!! That can be just as fun and lovely. <3

This is just meant to be fun πŸ™‚ WHat are some facts we don't know about you?

I love this question!!! Hmmm, facts you may not know about me... Hudson is my FIRST animal ever, my parents never let me have animals growing up and I always, always wanted a kitten or a puppy. I did have fish growing up through. πŸ™‚ I am the youngest of four children, and I have 3 nieces and one nephew. My family is totally my life. I LOOOVE to write fiction, not just non-fiction bloggy kind of stuff. I am working on a novel right now that I write in my free time, and it's a blast. <3 keep these questions coming!! Love the random facts. <3

I'm writing a PhD dissertation, which I can only imagine being similar to your book-writing process (tons of time sitting, stress, deadlines, editing etc). Any ideas on how to stay healthy during this process, when I have a time crunch which motivates me to sit at my desk day-night & eat nasty snacks?

AHHH I totally get it. I can so relate. Well, first of all -- evert 20 mins getting up to do some light stretching and take a little walk around your apartment (or dorm, wherever you live!) is great for the nervous system, your body and for your stress levels -- especially cortisol. Also having a meditation practice (even if its just 5 minutes) first thing in the morning, and when you're done working for the day will work wonders on your relaxation levels and being able to wind down and be in a good, healthy headspace before and after studying. Also, have tons of healthy snacks at your disposal! Steamed veggies with hummus, fruit with nut butter, lots of yummy legumes / grains to have for lunch, etc. That will help you from reaching for the bad stuff!! And of course not being caffeine dependent -- that will keep you craving all the sugary sweet stuff. <3

This is going to seem like a very silly question to ask of a wellness blogger, but I've been a fan for so long, I sometimes forget we're not "friends in real life". I love my life. I feel like I'm at a good place. I want to share it with someone knew. I'm 25 & never had a boyfriend, have only gone on 4 dates (all this year & because of Tinder) &after each one, I've never heard from them again. I'm sweet, authentic, an introvert by nature (though I try not to be shy on these dates).... I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas of where to meet boys or not scare them away?

Hi!!! This is not a silly question at all!! LOVE that you are asking this, and love that we are friends on the Internet πŸ˜‰ it's so fun to have you reading. Honestly, just be YOURSELF and put yourself out there!! It's definitely not easy to totally be yourself with someone youve never met before, especially for those of us who are sort of shy, but that doesn't mean you can't be you and let that sweetness shine through. When you meet the right guy, you will most certainly hear back and he will make you feel as special and wanted as you deserve. Keep putting yourself out there! I am not a big fan of dating apps or meeting on the Internet, I think that meeting guys in REAL life is the way to go. Going to do things you like, like signing up for a yoga retreat or going dancing at a country bar or whatever it is that YOU like -- that way you can meet new people in authentic and fun ways. I think those are where real connections stem from. And have a wing woman with you, a friend who you can be totally yourself with and so comfortable! I hope this helps.. I'll keep adding ideas as I think of them!! XO

Hi Jordan, I just moved to the Big City to work with a mentor of mine in research and I don't know anyone. I've always lived in way small towns and had a close knit family and lots of friends so this is an adjustment. Any tips on surviving

Hi! Ahhh I totally understand. It's crazy going through a big move and also not knowing anyone -- I am actually writing a post non "how to find your tribe" in your city, that is going live this week! Keep an eye out for it. My main advice is to do things you love and that you're passionate about, and then you'll naturally meet likeminded people in the process. I.e. gyms, yoga studios, running groups, whatever you're into and you will start meeting people that way. And being okay with doing YOU and knowing that you're in this city to focus on your goals and try new things. Have the confidence to know how awesome you are and that what youre doing takes bravery -- the beginning is always the hardest, and it gets easier and easier. <3 xo

I don't have a question, exactly, but I wanted to applaud you for the way you deal with this Q&A forum. People have asked you extremely personal questions and you've responded with honesty & compassion and others have made negative comments, and you continue to respond with positivity & grace. It's a breathe of fresh air.

thank you so much!! that is an incredible thing to hear -- really means a lot to me. i try my best to be as positive and open as possible. sending love to awesome humans like you! <3

Hi Jordan For an email what option do you like? 1. Thetruebalanceofhappiness 2 thetruebalancetohappiness? Xo

Whichever rings true most to you!! Choosing a blog and email name is such a personal experience -- I think it has to feel best to you. I would match it to your blog name as closely as possible!

Thanks for your suggestions Jordan! Do you think I should name my youtube channel that as well? Balanced & True Yogi? xo

Yes, whichever you choose for your blog, keep for your YouTube channel as well!

Where are you doing the cleanse?

At a house in North Hollywood with my Ayurvedic practitioner !!! Happy to give more deets if you are interested!! <3

HI Jordan, Below I will be sharing a couple ideas for my blog. Hope you can choose what one is your favourite! 1. True Balanced Yogi 2. Balanced True Yogi 3. Being Balanced And True 4. Spiritual true balance 5. Brunette and balanced I am still trying to find one, i like. I hope you can help me out by picking one you like! Thank you xoxo

I like Balanced True Yogi -- Has a ring to it!! Or Balanced & True Yogi! Beautiful options!

What do you feel is the easiest animal protein to integrate back into the diet after being a vegan for 2 years. Like yourself, I too am beginning to have difficulty with low energy and don't feel like I can sustain the lifestyle much longer. I feel better when I increase my daily protein...

Yes, good for you for listening to your body!! You will likely feel a lot better once you start to integrate more variety. I found it easiest to start with farm fresh eggs, and wild salmon. They are easy on the digestive system and will give you the dose of b12 your body is probably craving!

hiii Jordan! I hope this post finds you well. What supplement do you take for your anxiety? I struggle as well and have been trying many different combinations but am still curious on what you take πŸ™‚ also, any tips for PMS?!

Hi! I don't currently take a supplement for anxiety, but I do take an herbal mixture from my Ayurvedic practitioner that is supposed to help with overall calm / peacefulness. The mixture consists of agrimony, centary, aspen, vine, pine and white chestnut!! Mixed with water and taken in a tincture 4 times a day. <3

which one is safe to take while pregnant?

Which what is safe to take while pregnant?!

Hi Jordan I need your help! I created a blog and named it balanced and true.. But I don't feel that it describes me. Do you know any ideas? I talk about finding your own happiness, balancing life and eating good foods and talking care of your well being. Any name ideas from that? Hope you can help me!!

Hi there! Have you gotten my previous responses to your question? Check back on the below that you've posted and you will see my responses!! (Also responded to you on Snapchat!!)

Why are you blaming veganism for your lack of research into the vegan lifestyle? You didn't have to limit yourself with salads!

Thx for the second comment in a row -- salads are delish but I never ate only salads. (lol...!)

Would you give veganism another chance? From watching past videos on what you ate as a vegan, you ate a lot of salads. By eating more of a variety of foods, you could've easily succeeded in this amazing plant based lifestyle! Also, how can you go from veganism to eating animals again? My body absolutely hated me when I accidentally drank a smoothie with yoghurt in it! What about the life of the animal who lost their life for your meal?

Trust me, I had a lot more than just salads. πŸ˜‰ Not sure if you can judge a person's overall diet or lifestyle based off of a few videos they made at that time in their life! Wishing you the best, and hope you find more peace and non-judgement! Focus on YOU -- it's the way to be!

Do you think balanced and true is relatable? For a blog name and a YouTube channel?

Absolutely!! Both of those words are very relatable. Maybe adding your name in there, like "Balanced and True ____" would make it even more relatable!

Hi Jordan I am trying to create a personal blog and have a YouTube channel with the same name. I talk about finding happiness, well being and true balance. Any personal names that come from that? Something that represents me? I am 20 and a brunette and Canadian. Let me know what ideas you got!

Ahhhh I would need more info!! Creating a blog name is SO personal I think it has to come directly from you. But the words you are throwing out there thus far are GREAT, and if you include your first name with a few of those words I think you are golden!

My blog has to do with lifestyle, wellness, happiness any name ideas from that for my blog? Also want to make it more personal. Let me know what you think!

Hi Jordan Trying to create a blog with a bold name. On my blog I talk about balance, happiness and wellness any ideas?

Ah, there are so many ideas and ways to go with this one!! It depends on whether you want the name focused on the contents of your blog, your own personal name, a play on words with both, or what! I would need a little more info about you to be able to give you my opinion on that one!! Send more my way!

Should I have the same name on my blog as my channel?

Yes, absolutely! Make things easy for people!

Hi Jordan I created a blog named aiming for balance And my YouTube channel is aiming for balance too do you like it?

Yes, I do! I think it's very relatable and catchy. πŸ™‚

Hi Jordan I am new to YouTube and want to call my self something that represents myself and my lifestyle. Could you help me out? I am interested in health and wellness and been a vegan for a few months now but not sure what my YouTube channel name should be or my blog name. Any suggestions?

Send me more info to go off of!

HI Jordan, I am creating a new email address and was thinking thetruespirtualbalancedblogger do you like that?

I think it's a little too long for email... People may get confused!

Hi Jordan I need some advice! I follow this girl on Instagram. I follow her blog too. Every time I go to add her on Instagram she blocks me and I am not sure why? Any advice??

Hi there!! Hmmm, really? Do you comment on her photos or contact her in any way, or just try to follow? Some people are super private when it comes to their social following -- but if she is a blogger then that doesn't make a lot of sense to me!

Hey Jordan! Your post on IIFYM made me want to ask you about how to make sure you're getting enough calories eating whole foods. I often struggle post-orthorexia with eating either too much or not enough. On days when I don't track what I eat, I sometimes eat as little as 1200 calories because I fill up on veggies, fruit, and healthy fats. I often turn to coconut milk ice cream and nut butter in order to get even close to the amount of calories that I need. You mentioned that you are eating a lot more carbs than you used to. I became orthorexic doing paleo, and while I do eat grains now, I still struggle with being afraid of carbs. I am sure that adding more carbs would not only increase my calorie intake but also my hunger. How do you make sure you are getting enough calories eating whole foods? How do you overcome "carbphobia?" Thank you!

Ahh, I feel you on this for sure!! This IIFYM thing has been so freeing for me because I have finalllyyyyy been eating more carbs and learning how to work them into my diet in a healthy normal way. There are lots of whole foods options for carbs -- sweet potato, quinoa, brown rice, gluten free oatmeal, fruit, etc. It's been tough for me to get enough carbs in but even adding them into every meal helps. The best way I've learned to get past the "carbphobia" is to eat carbs in abundance and realize that I have more energy, haven't gained a pound, and feel great!! Try it out and see if it works for you. <3

Hi Jordan! I love your blog, but seem to be a bit confused. After preaching so persistently about how important it is to not label yourself when it comes to food/dieting, i.e. vegan, plant-based, paleo, etc. You are now on a food journey related to IIFYM. To me, this does not seem like a recovery from an eating disorder, but just another route. With IIFYM you still have to log what you are eating and focus on how much of what you are consuming and after reading your most previous post I am still just confused how this is "food freedom."

Hi there! Good question. In the post where I mentioned IIFYM, I was very clear that this is ONE route I have found that has helped me. After 2+ years of re-learning how to listen to my body in my eating disorder recovery, I have very recently found a lot of freedom in the "Flexible Dieting" mentality of IIFYM. As I mentioned in the post, I have found the freedom through this diet to eat MORE than I was eating before, and feel more comfortable eating 5x times the amount of carbs I am used to eating! To me, that's food freedom right there. I think people should find whatever works for them and run with it. I would NOT recommend a diet where one has to count macros or log meals in the beginning stages of recovery, but I feel super strong & stable in my journey at this point so I am excited to try something new! For those of us who are passionate about wellness & fitness and want to feel our best, I think trying different lifestyles is just fine. Being sure not to get caught up in the label is the important part! For example, my nutritionist recommends trying something for weeks at a time as a "kickstart" (like IIFYM, Bulletproof, vegetarian, etc) and then after incorporating it into your life, letting it go so you can focus on listening to your body. But still gaining the benefits of learning about that lifestyle!! Make sense? I hope so!! Sending you love, thanks for your honest question!

Hi Jordan need some advice, I have a YouTube channel. I watch theses two girls on youtube. Ones name is Carah and one is Alex. I have had my issues with Carah she has been bullying me for 2 years and has been talking to other you tubers about me.. I think she told Alex something but she won't tell me? Alex won't answer either.. What should I do? I reached out to both but never heard a response.

Hi! Oh no -- I am so sorry that one of the girls you watch on YouTube has been bullying you! I definitely know how that feels... The cyber world can be very mean sometimes, because people seem to say anything while hiding behind their screens. If neither of them will get back to you and you've been trying to reach out, it's safe to say that these girls might not be friends you want to surround yourself with. Surround yourself with positive people who uplift you, support you and make you feel GOOD. People who don't talk behind your back and make you worry about their friendship!! I hope this helps -- stay strong girl. There are lots of good people out there who are far more deserving of your friendship. Xoxo

Hi Jordan, I am not sure where you are located, but I think you're in New York now? I would LOVE to meet you in person, hear your story, and learn from you. I follow you on Instagram (@misshotels) and am in recovery from an eating disorder, depression, etc. Anyhow, you have just inspired me along my journey and I even wrote about you in a paper on how you changed your entire image and lifestyle publicly and how courageous that is! I now am working for Chapman University in Orange, attending grad school for leadership development, and completing my yoga teaching certification this weekend! AHH! Anyhow, thank you for all you do, your strength, and honesty. It's contagious and the world needs more of it! Hope to connect soon and take care beautiful!

Hi there! Great to hear from you. I live in LA currently, but travel to NY all the time! What an honor that you wrote about me in one of your papers!! That is the coolest thing I have ever heard. And love that about Chapman -- one of my dear friends went there and I almost went there for grad school! So it is very dear to my heart. You will have to come to one of my events in LA soon, especially since you live in OC!!! <3 xoxo

I need some advice! So tonight I was at work and another co worker made a rude comment about another co worker and I smiled but I didn't mean it to smile.. It was more of a shocked kind of smile like omg? I am feeling guilty. I don't want that go worker and mines relationship to turn bad. Any advice?

Hi hi! Ah I totally get it -- I am very much a "smile when I feel uncomfortable" kind of person. If I were you I would just confront the issue head on! Tell the co worker who made the rude comment that you didn't mean to smile and that the person they were talking about is someone you really like / don't want to offend. Nothing wrong with doing that, and it will ease your guilt. That is what I would do. πŸ™‚ <3

Hey Jordan! When will your e-book be available? It says July 20th, which has obviously passed so just want to know when I should come back to order it!

Hey hey! Yes, oops, that deadline has passed! I have pushed it back to somewhere around the end of summer. I am hoping by late September it will be out. I am compiling a bunch of info for it right now and conducting Q&A's with other popular bloggers so that there is a ton of opinions and tips in there. So excited about it. I will keep you guys very posted about when it will be coming out!! Yay! XO

Hello Jordan! I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I've been following it for years now, there has been so much improvement on your blog! Who helped you design your blog? I've tried to start up a blog myself but I find WordPress so confusing. Any tips? Much love. xo

Thank you so much!! This means the world! I agree -- my blog has come a longggg way in terms of aesthetic, consistency, etc. over the years. Most recently, a FAB designer named Anelise Salvo (http://www.anelisesalvodesignco.com), designed my blog and she has done a PHENOMENAL job. She really brought my vision to life. I'd highly recommend hiring a graphic designer & investing in their services if you're looking for a super pretty, user-friendly format! I am a creative brained person, and figuring out the backend of my site on my own was definitely hard for me. I am also working on an eBook about the business of blogging that will be available by the end of the summer... It will be available on my SHOP page. Can't wait to share with you guys! XO

Hi Jordan Need some advice A friend and I usually talk ever couple of weeks, I sent her a message but she hasn't responded? I noticed she has been liking some other pictures in Instagram but has responded to me.. Do you think she's mad, do you think I should reach out again?

Hey there! Hmm, did you and your friend have any sort of argument before she stopped responding to you? And also, do you know each other in person or just online? I am always a proponent of being super honest & confronting an issue head on. Asking your friend, "Hey, are we okay? I feel like you might be annoyed with me." is a good place to start. πŸ™‚ Let me know how it goes... I hope it's all fine!

Hey Jordan! Love love love your blog, insta, snapchat, EVERYTHING! I have been so inspired by you and your journey. I was wondering how it all started? Also, what did you make you blog through? It is amazing!

Hi! Thank you so much! That means the WORLD. It alllll started when I began my Instagram account (@theblondevegan at the time) when I was sitting in the airport for a super long layover. I had been following other vegan blogs for a long time, and got so inspired I decided it was time to start my own. Then I started a blog through WordPress, and the rest was history! Lots and lots of time, effort, passion love, and major decision making (like leaving grad school to pursue my blog full time) came into play -- and here I am now. I am working on an eBook right now that will give all deets about how I started my blog, and my suggestions and tips for starting your own! Thanks so much for the support-- so glad to have you following along! MUAH.

Do you have any tips on keeping your hair healthy and long?

Yes!!! I am all about my Oribe purple shampoo for bright blondes, and afterward I use a L'oreal deep conditioning mask every time I wash my hair. I've also started washing my hair less -- about 2 or 3x a week which keeps it nice and healthy and thick instead of overfished and dry and dingy!! Also, lots of healthy fats in my diet: coconut, avocado, nuts, seeds!!! And I barely ever use heat on it... I often air dry, and barely ever curl or straighten!

Hey Jordan! I am 16 and currently recovering from orthorexia, and I really appreciate all the help and openness that you offer. You are such an inspiration and prove that one can be healthy without an eating disorder, which is what I am trying to achieve. I admire your balance in life, in exercise, spending time with family, and allowing yourself to indulge in moderation. Do you have any advice as to how I can recover yet still have a healthy lifestyle please? Thank you so much for your time! Sincerely, Matigan

Thank you so much, Matigan! That means the world to me. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle was really important to me throughout my recovery, and still is. I think what helped the most was dropping the strict "off limits" ideas of unhealthy foods -- and allowing them in moderation. I eat a diet now that is probably 85% clean, pure, whole foods from the earth, and 15% everything else. It allows me to feel my best but also live my life and not isolate myself because of an "obsession" with health. Also, find exercise you love that makes you happy -- that's a great way to stay healthy during recovery as long as you are exercising a healthy amount and it doesn't become obsessive. I hope this helps love and I am always here! My book (available on the SHOP page of my site) has tons of advice and details on my personal journey as well. Xoxo

Hello Jordan! I am suffering from orthorexia. I did not want to admit it but I am. I feel so anxious all the time and I just wish it would all end. I have faith so step by step I know it will get better. πŸ™‚

Hi there! Aw, I am so sorry to hear that -- I know how hard it can be. I am so glad to hear that you have faith and hope that it will get better, because it WILL. It is a step by step journey, and you have to be ready and willing to get help. If you are ready and willing to do the work, then you will certainly see progress and start the incredible journey of self-discovery toward full recovery. You've got this. If you have any specific questions I am here!! Xoxo

For all of eighth and freshman year I was terribly orthorexic and anorexic, and it's taken a year to eat normally again. I lost my period in middle school and it hasn't come back yet, I am almost 17. But now I have swung from one extreme to the other and am eating constantly, everything that I once was terrified of. In a bad way. I feel terrible and I am scared for my health, paranoid that I am gaining weight. Everything triggers me but I can't stop it. I will lay in bed all day. I need help but it isn't like my parents can monitor my eating all day or get rid of all the food I shouldn't have in the house. I am not happy, even though I am not anorexic or orthorexic, and instead just have eating disordered behavior.

Aww I totally understand that. After living in one extreme, it is really easy to swing back toward that other extreme. It's so hard, after you've restricted yourself from certain foods for a really long time -- your body inherently wants to let go of that restriction and have whatever it wants. It's a deep internal process that has a lot more to do with our biology and genetics then the "control" we feel like we have or want to have over what we eat. I would suggest getting a nutritionist and/or an eating disorder therapist to help you through this tough time and teach you about your body chemistry -- it will help a LOT and I think it will help get you back on track. They will teach you how to eat balanced meals of protein, carbs, veggies and fat so that your blood sugar stabilizes. You've got this!! You will come out on the other side feeling amazing, no doubt. <3

Hey Jordan, what are your thoughts on grains? I get so confused with all this conflicting health advice, and I often find it stressful trying to figure out how to eat. It's so confusing!

Hi! I know, it can be so confusing with all of the conflicting info and opinions out there. I personally don't love the way that most grains make me feel, so I stick to gluten-free grains. I eat quinoa and rice and gluten-free oats, and I love having those grains in my diet. They help keep me full and give me energy, and they have a ton of health benefits. Completely restricting myself from grains wasn't necessary, especially because I was always hungrier that way -- but gluten doesn't work well with my system! I find that if the grain is not genetically modified or it's not used to make a refined flour (like most breads, pastas, etc) then I feel good eating it! I stay away from refined flours and refined sugars -- that's where the bad stuff hangs out. Hope this helps! Check out the book 'Wheat Belly' if you haven't heard of it! It's really informative and a great read. Xo

Hi Jordan, Hope you are doing well! I have a question and need some advice! Hope you can help me! I am 20 years old. I am sensitive to certain situations, meaning I care about people and want to make sure everything is ok! A few weeks ago I was at the mall and saw this boy crying.. His dad didn't even say anything to him. It made me sad to see that. I was wondering why the dad wouldn't respond to him and if he cares that his son was crying.. I don't know these people at all and I am thinking about this so much and don't know why! I don't even know theses people! What is your advice? Do you ever have this problem of letting go of things you can't control? I know that the issue is probably resolved and the boy is probably happy again! Also a couple of weeks ago at work I saw a dad and his son come into work and they looked like the same people.. Do you think that was them? Anyway. Hope you can help! Thank you!

Hi there! Did you see my responses to your question below? Check them out! I can totally understand that super sensitive feeling. My thoughts are below on the question you left last time!

How did you start branding yourself? I have this total motivation to enter the Lifestyle industry and you're definitely a role model there! Any tips on how to create a living in the wellness world while cultivating the ultimate lifestyle?

Hi hi! That is a great question. I am working on an ebook right now all about branding and the art of blogging. Check out the preorder link under my "shop" tab on the site. I think/hope it will help with all sorts of questions about starting a blog, building a brand, etc! My main advice is follow your passion. If you're passionate about what you're starting, you WILL be successful. Start a blog about something you could talk about every single day. Because that's what likely will end up happening πŸ˜‰ hope this helps!! Xoxo

Hi!! I wanted to start off by saying I love your blog and have been following you for many years. I am from New Jersey and spend a lot of time in NYC, but love California so I understand your love for the two places. I am 19 and currently vacationing in Malibu and Venice beach with my mom for a week and I see from your imstagrams that you spend a lot of time at these places. We both love fitness, health, and the beach and are looking for some cool places to check out. I was wondering if you had any eating/ hiking/ working out/ beaches/ or really anything recommendations or favorite places in these areas. Thanks so much, Julia

Hi Julia!! So fun that you are here in Malibu & Venice for the week!! Sorry that I am seeing this a few days late -- but you MUST check out Sunlife in Malibu, it's my fave smoothie, juice and acai bar on earth! In Venice there are tons of options. Try Kreation, Plant Food & Wine, YAS (Yoga & spin studio), Yogaworks on Main Street for yoga, Lemonade on Abbot Kinney, Wabi Sabi if you like sushi, and Cafe Gratitude for SURE for yummy plant-based food! You guys will have the best time!! Xo

why not call your book "breaking ortherexia" instead of "breaking vegan"?

Because I didn't break orthorexia, I broke veganism! πŸ˜‰ I recovered from orthorexia. Big difference! Veganism was my label.

I created a blog and named it the true balanced journey do you like that?

I love it! I think that is a beautiful name!!

Hi Jordan I need advice So I had a hockey game yesterday night and both of my sisters age 22 and 24 came to watch and I didn't play that well but my team still won! But sadly my 24 year old sister lost her patience with me after my game and screamed at me and smacked me😒 Today we had a family dinner and she didn't talk to me at all what should I do?

Awww I am so sorry to hear that!! Family issues can be so tough because they are the people you love the most yet sometimes the people that can be hardest to get along with because of family complications/being too similar/etc. My advice is to talk to your sister and let her know how much it hurts you when she loses her patience and gets upset with you. Ask her to express herself in a more gentle way, and tell her that you'll work on doing the same. I've done that with a few people in my family before and it works wonders!! If nothing else, being open, honest and true about how you're feeling always helps. <3 <3 xo

Hi Jordan I am trying to come out with an email any ideas? I am brunette and a vegan what should it be called

Hi! With an email or with a blog? Hmmm so many options! Give me some more details about what you're interested in and I will shoot out ideas!

How can you justify condoning the support of factory farming? You have such a large audience. You could be a positive influence in ending animal suffering and death. Do the lives of animals matter to you?

I think you're confused about my message! Read my book Breaking Vegan to learn more, or scroll back through the blog! Xo

Hi Jordan! I just recently found your blog and fell in LOVE. I can relate to so much and I feel like this was just the blog I was needing to find and the Universe sent it my way in the most perfect time πŸ™‚ I have anxiety as well and I was wondering what herb & oil supplement you take for it? Also, do you have any recommendations for hormone balancing when you're PMSing? Thank ya! -Ali

YAYYYY this makes my life!! I take a few herbal and oil supplements. The herbs are an intricate mix and I am actually not sure exactly which herbs are all in there (I will check -- email me jordan@truthbalancevirtue.com and I'll send you exact deets!), and for oils I LOVE Clary Sage, Frankincense, Lavender and Eucalyptus. All so soothing and helpful for reducing anxiety!! XO

Hey! I would like to share something has been bothering me for a while. I found a blog post of yours to be quite relevant to that matter. I'm vegan and I am feeling really stressed just by the thought of going back to normal diet ( including animal products ). I don't know how to tell my family about what I want because once I transitioned to veganism I was so crazy passionate and now going back to omnivore diet would make me look silly in their eyes. I miss going out to pizza restaurants and eating pizza with cheese, such a silly example but I'm really missing it. What should I do? I absolutely love your blog and if you happen to have a minute to reply, I would really appreciate it. Wish you a gorgeous day! πŸ™‚

Hi there! Of course I have a moment to reply -- this question is so relevant and so dear to my heart. First of all, know that you aren't alone. So many people dive into the vegan lifestyle with so much passion and with it feeling so RIGHT, only to start feeling like it's a bit less right for them as time goes on. That is VERY normal. Our bodies change and evolve, just like our personalities and everything else about us! It's important to listen to our gut and that little voice inside of us that yearns for more variety and to have less rules and labels around food. My biggest piece of advice is to ditch the labels (if you're comfortable doing that) have have the pizza!! Let up every once in a while, but stick to a mainly plant-based diet if that's what makes you feel good. If you want to read more about my experience, you can check out my book (Breaking Vegan, the link is here: http://rstyle.me/n/4gxt9bejn7), and I have written a lot of blog posts on the subject! Hope that helps. <3 Sending love!! You've got this! Xo

Hey Jordan! I've tried starting multiple blogs, but I can never keep up with it. I also tend to struggle with coming up with great new ideas for content. Do you have any advice for struggling new bloggers like myself?

Hi there! I totally understand -- before I had this blog, I had a travel blog called "Meanwhile in Florence," from when I studied abroad in Italy. I found the upkeep more stressful than anything else! I updated it about once every 3 weeks, and I felt pressure to record every single thing that I did so that I'd always remember! So my MAIN advice is -- pick a subject to blog about that you are endlessly passionate about! I never run out of ideas or excitement when it comes to wellness, fitness and overall healthy lifestyle -- so it's been natural to keep creating content for this blog over the years! Sit down and think about what lights you up. What could you talk about for DAYS & days & days on end? That is your blog topic. <3 Hope that helps! Xo

Hey Jordan, I love reading your blog! I am recovering from orthorexia and have really struggled with body image. I went from hardcore restriction to eating WAY too much junk that I was afraid of to get over my fears, and now I'm back to a generally healthy diet full of whole foods. I have only gained about 5lbs throughout all of these changes (which the nutritionist told me would likely happen as my body readjusted to taking in a normal amount of calories), but that 5lbs has been enough to make my clothes tight. My body composition has changed a lot. I think you are absolutely beautiful and you inspire me with your fitness routine. I was wondering if you struggled with anything similar while you worked to recover from orthorexia? If so, how did you overcome the negative body image that came along with changes in your body? Thank you!!!

Ahhh, I totally, totally understand. Yes, I definitely struggled with the same thing when I was recovering from orthorexia. Except, a bit diff than you, I gained about 20 pounds -- VERY quickly. Not fun. But I also knew that I was recovering mentally, and that was what was most important to me. I knew I had to do the mental work and allow myself to indulge, eat anything I wanted, be less rigid, and enjoy LIFE. I did that, and I really was able to let go of my compulsions with food. Then I got back to a point where I really wanted to find that balance -- to be healthy and fit which is a HUGE passion of mine, but also not take it too far. I am happy to say I think I have finally struck a balance and am now somewhere nice and healthy in between. And IN the process, I let go of trying to achieve a certain body type. I learned that how I FEEL is most important to me. I have a rough idea of the "healthy weight" that I should be where I am my healthiest, happiest, and most confident, and it has taken me a long time to let go of "wanting more" a.k.a wanting to be tinier and tinier once I reach that healthy weight. I hope that this answer helps. I have found so much peace of mind with focusing on how I feel versus how I look. Sending you so much love, and I am SO proud of you for embarking on this awesome recovery journey of self-reflection and realization. MUAH!

Hey Jordan! How do you define yourself if you're not a vegan? Does the label plant based suit?

Hi! Well, I would say that I eat predominantly plant-based but I also eat freshwater fish, sometimes eggs and on the rare occasion poultry and red meat. I don't have any "off limits" foods anymore. I do have foods I avoid due to stomach problems and knowing my body & what makes me feel best -- but I find so much freedom and liberation from CHOOSING to eat well rather than "restricting" from certain foods. I hope this answer helps! Also, if you are looking to go plant-based, I highly recommend sticking with the label "plant-based" versus vegan... It will give you more leeway to listen to your body, which is of the utmost importance in my opinion!! XO

Hey Jordan! Just wondering: where did you go to college? Also, are you familiar with your Myers Briggs type?

Hi there! I went to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. I loved it! And my Myers Briggs type (as far as I think at least) is ENFP -- all about that energy, creativity, imagination, spontaneity and optimism. What is yours?!

When you were vegan, did you eat tofu/soy on semi-regular basis?

Hi! Yes, when I was vegan I would eat tempeh about 2-3 times per week. I limited my tofu intake due to a high amount of estrogen in my system as it is, but I definitely did eat it occasionally!

Hi. I'm the one who asked the question about the blurry photos. Just to follow up, I wanted to let you know that when I scroll through the blog (before clicking Read More for a particular post), that the pictures are clear. And when I click on a post to read in full, the first picture is always clear, but all the photos that follow it are not. Just wanted to give you more info, but maybe it is just my computer (I'm browsing on a work computer). Another question. I have tried eliminating meat/dairy (currently am doing so actually), and like the experience you had, I'm not sure it is working for my body. It took me a long time to go this route so I am trying to not give up quite yet. My question is, when you were vegan, did you eat tofu/soy? I'm wondering if the issues I'm experiencing are actually having to do with the effects of soy.

Ok! I will let my programmer know. Thanks so much for that info. The issues you're experiencing definitely might be related to soy -- it's one of the top foods that people tend to be allergic to. I would suggest cutting it out, and upping your legume/nut/veggie intake for extra protein and fiber! Also, just remember that everyone's bodies are incredibly different, and if you need a bit of meat in your diet in order to feel your best then that's definitely worth noting. Keep experimenting and see what works for you!! Xo

Hi Jordan, Going back a few questions. In your opinion do you think the dad hugs the son before bed? And dares and loves him? Do you think he is and only child? It was just him and his dad.. Do you think so? Do you think I will ever see them again?

Hi! I can imagine that the dad loves the child very much. Since I wasn't there, I am not sure what other type of advice to provide! If it's really bothering you, I think talking it out with a friend or family member might be helpful. Xo

I want to read your blog, but why are the pictures in your posts all blurry?!?! I've tried several times coming back to your page but the blurry photos make my head spin. Is it my computer? Am I the only one who is seeing blurry photos?

Hi dear! Oh no -- I am so sorry that the photos are blurry on your end! They are completely clear on my end, and with the several other computers I've checked out my blog from lately. Try reading on your mobile device? The site is mobile friendly!! In the meantime, I will chat with my programmer and look into the issue!! Xo

Thank you for answering my question! One last thing, do you think that the dad resolved the issue with his son in the car or at home? You don't think the dad would hold grudges? Xo

Of course! Yes, I think that the dad resolved the issue. I like the think the best of people, and especially if it's hindering you from focusing/feeling content then I would say give him the benefit of the doubt! I am sure all is good now. Xo

Hey Jordan! I remember way back in the day, you mentioned about getting your health coaching certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Did you ever get it? & if you did what were your thoughts on the program? I am thinking about signing up for it! Thanks so much!

Hi! Yes, I did get my health coaching certification through IIN! I thought the program was great, if you are looking to become a health coach. I wanted the background knowledge so that I would feel more comfortable giving nutrition advice, tips and tricks on my blog. As usual, I always want MORE, more, more of everything -- so the program left me wanting MORE. but that is not a bad thing. you will definitely still learn!! Shoot me an email if you'd like my affiliate signup link for IIN! xo

Hi Jordan, I had a quick question for you. I need your help! I would like your advice, I am having a hard time moving on from the past and other situations. I was at the mall this past weekend and a boy age 7 or 8 was throwing a tantrum crying and screaming really loud or maybe just crying, but his dad wasn't saying anything to him.. I wonder now if the dad loves the boy? Do you think the dad forgave the boy? Do you think the issue is resolved? I don't know theses people at all. I am having a hard time moving on from it tho. I have goals I want to accheive but can't seem too stop thinking about it. Can you help me. Love your blog! ❀️

Hi there! Ahh, I feel you. I feel things HARD as well when I see other people upset/suffering, whether I know them or not. My best advice in this situation is to put yourself in the dad's shoes and think that maybe he was just having a bad day. Maybe his son had pushed him to his edge. I am sure that he loves him, and there was probably more to the story. Also, channel your feelings about it in a positive way-- you feel sad and unsettled about it, so you will make sure that YOU as a parent never act that way. And bring light + love to everyone you encounter, because you can control that!! Sometimes we must let go of the things we cannot control. XO

Hi Jordan, I need some advice. Their is this guy who i really don't know at all. He is pretty rude and makes assumptions about me. Just recently he has requested to add me on social media. What should I do? Why would he be open now when before he was rude?

Hi! Hmmm, I don't like hearing that he is rude and has made assumptions about you when he doesn't know you! Now that he's requested you on social media, the ball is in your court. If you don't want him following you / being a part of your life, then no need to accept him at all. Or, if you want to be open because perhaps he is acting out of insecurity and is actually a nice person, then accept him and see if he proves you wrong!! I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt just in case... And then if they prove themselves to be rude, no need to have them in your life. πŸ™‚ Hope this helps! Xo

Hi Jordan, My name is Nicole. I love your blog! I had a question and I need some of your advice please and thank you! A few days ago I was at the mall. I was at Starbucks ordering a drink. Waiting in line. A dad and his son come and his son ( age 7 or 6) was screaming, crying. The dad was not saying anything thing did not even ask if his son was ok. I am wanting to understand, 1. Why did the dad not say anything when his son was crying? 2. Do you think the dad cared? I always have a hard time letting go situations but this one for some reason more.. I have a passion for children and plan to become an ea. Let me know your thoughts.

Hi Jordan! I first want to say that I love your blog and everything that you stand for because you remind me so much of myself. Second, I wanted to introduce you to two brands that I feel like you would really enjoy and I think you should check out! The first is called Healing Home Foods and they have incredible, raw, vegan, gluten-free snacks. My personal favorite is the Raw Pizza Crackers! It tastes exactly like pizza and a chip combined! The other brand is a brand of Alcohol brand called Truly which is a spiked and sparkling drink that only has 100 calories per bottle and 2 carbs!!! Also it tastes incredible (just like seltzer,) and is so easy on the stomach! Both brand reminded me so much of you so I wanted to see if you had heard of them before! Love you xoxo

Thanks girl!! They sound delicious!!! I would probably love both. Truly sounds PERFECT for this weekend -- since I should probably bring my own alcohol to the 4th of July party I'm going to, since I am the pickiest. Thanks for sharing!! X

Hi Jordan! I've been vegan for about 8 months now, and I've been HCLF and doing my best to ignore gluten. However about a month of so into it, I started to have terrible digestion. As tmi as this is, I would have very loose uncomfortable stools and I could never figure out why. Recently I've slowly been adding small amounts of cheese or some greek yogurt into my life and on those days, my digestion has been so much better. Do you think this is a sign I should move to a more "normal" or a vegetarian diet? Xoxo Meg

Hi beautiful!! Ahh, yes I feel you. From my personal experience, it sounds like your tummy would probably be better off on a diet with more variety. It can be hard for us to digest so much roughage, and especially if you're responding well to more variety already then I'd be willing to bet you'd feel good adding more. But, you also might want to consult a doctor or nutritionist when making your decision. I just want you to feel your best so you can be your happiest, healthiest self!! Hope this helps. <3 xo

Hi Jordan, Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Some one that I know, but not very well just experienced a loss. We didn't get invited to the service, since I heard about it I have been having spells of guilt. I keep checking social media to make sure I didn't say anything wrong or anything like that, I know I didn't but I feel bad, and I am not sure why? I need your help. I also waved at them earlier in the week but they didn't say hi back, maybe there minds where in different places. Anyway what should I do? Love your blog and appreciate your time! ❀️

Hi love! I'm sure it's nothing personal- it sounds like their minds are probably in a different place, and it sounds like they're going through a lot. Often those services are more of open invitations to everyone and/or very small and intimate. I'm sure that's all it was. Maybe after some time passes you should reach out and give your condolences and let them know you are there for them. I'm sure they will appreciate it, and it will also make you feel better about it! Sending love and sharing honest thoughts/good vibes in those situations goes a long way. <3 xo

This may be a bit personal, but I've been meaning to ask FOREVER. My story is a bit similar to yours in that I've ALWAYS battled stomach issues- have seen more specialists than I can count, been in more hospitals etc- and the results are usually "oh you have stomach acid", "oh it's just IBS"..... At the root of this is digestion issues and I really want to combat it and FINALLY feel good. HOWEVER, my concern with cleanses or restriction etc is that like you, I battled an eating disorder. After a very short stint of severe restricting, I developed Binge Eating Disorder. Thus, any short of 'juice, soup, whatever- cleanse' you'd normally tell me to try (or anyone else) can really harm me (I tried; but I mean, I'm talking, sobbing and eating until I throw up and eating as I throw up- pulling food from the garbage- style binge) and thus, I don't want that. Any tips?

Hi love! Ahhh, I can relate. Extreme personalities to the max. Since you know restriction doesn't work for you, definitely steer clear of restrictive diets! You definitely don't need to do something like that in order to feel good and/or help your sensitive stomach. The extremes can be rough, and a lot of people don't respond well to them. You probably do have a super sensitive stomach, high acid, IBS, or at least something is off balance. Have you ever considered trying something holistically healing like Ayurveda (I have a few posts about it- search it on the blog!) or acupuncture? You might find that it helps a LOT. They treat through herbs, and there is no food restriction involved. That could help you get back to more balance in a healthy way. Also, just remember it's a process that will take a while, so don't try to get ahead of yourself!! You'll feel better if you take it nice and slow. Try to eliminate a few foods from your diet and then add them back in to see what sets you off. Not in a restrictive way, but in a loving way. You want to feel your best, so you deserve to try it! Xo

Hi Jordan, I wanted to ask if you ever eat something 'bad'. I know you write about how good 'good-food' makes you feel and so you don't eat bad things that make you feel bad, but come-on, do you seriously never eat mcdonalds or greasy pizza

Great question!! I definitely do eat "bad" foods every so often- I am human, and I especially love dessert. πŸ™‚ I actually don't try to think of foods as good or bad... That leads to obsessiveness in my mind, haha. I eat well the majority of the time so that I can indulge when I want to! Sometimes that means dessert, sometimes that means a vodka soda with lime. I don't eat greasy foods or fast foods because they really do bother my stomach and it's never wort it to me, but when I'm craving something like that I try to find the healthier version. Like gluten-free pizza, lettuce-wrapped burgers, etc. I am a huge fan of those. It's all about the balance!!

Just wanted to say I LOVE your mantra post

Thank you so much!! It was such a fun one to write. So glad you like it. <3 xo

Hi Jordan, I noticed you don't eat a lot of meat, but when you do, how do you cook it? Looking for more 'meat' recipes on blogs these days- it seems like everyone is a vegan (and my body just does better with some chicken)

Hi! Well, I am definitely not vegan anymore-- and you're right, it can be hard to find recipes for meat on health blogs! I will play around with some recipes and share them with you guys. When I cook for myself it's usually plant-based, but I do eat organic chicken and beef every once in a while. And I love fish. My friend was just telling me about a cilantro lime chicken recipe... Maybe I will test it out and share with you guys! XO

Hi Jordan, not that you have ANY reason too and I apologize if this question is triggering, but how do you handle "fat" days?

Haha! Well firstly, I don't refer to them as "fat" days, but I definitely do have days where I feel off. I usually handle them by drinking lots of water, starting the day with a peppermint tea and some Ayurvedic herbs, exercise and eat well that day. When I am feeling thrown off for any reason, having a day of being really good to my body always seems to help. It reminds me that I am in control of how I feel. On that note... massages are great too! Any type of self-care tends to help. Xo

Hi Jordan! What supplements and vitamins do you take regularly, or would recommend? Any specific for energy or detoxing the body, such a triphala? XO

Hi!! I take the herbs avipattikar and ashwaganda every day for digestion and absorption. Ashwaganda is a great adaptogen that helps to calm the nervous system and has so many health benefits. I also take a daily probiotic, a daily mixture of herbs & oils to help my anxiety levels, and also a b-12 supplement, magnesium (every other day), and a hydrochloric acid pill for digestion!! As far as specific for detox -- I love detox teas (Dandelion tea is amazing), and I find that avipattikar is a great detox for my body, and so is aloe water!! XO

Hi Jordan, Any suggestions for super easy or go-to snacks or meals to buy or QUICKLY Prep? My biggest obstacle to staying healthy is I get overwhelmed by recipes with many ingredients or after a busy day I reach for something quick (or already made) and often times not so heathy. Sadly, I can relate to the saying "I go to the kitchen looking for food and I'll I see are a bunch of ingredients".

Hi! I am totally with you -- the simpler, the better with recipes! My favorite quick-prep meal is a simple bowl with quinoa, black beans and steamed or sauteed veggies (broccoli and cauliflower are some favs). I just steam the quinoa and black beans on a Sunday, put them into separate tupperware, and then saute some veggies in coconut oil or ghee, and top it all with a yummy tahini sauce or a sun-dried tomato hummus from the Farmer's Market, and voila! Easy and healthy weeknight dinner! On-the-go snacks... roasted nuts, toasted coconut chips, Greek yogurt or coconut yogurt, banana with almond butter, veggies with hummus! Hope this helps! XO

Hi Jordan, Thank you for always answering my questions. I love your blog, and your youtube channel! xoxo - Nicole

Hi beauty! Always!! Love answering your q's. Keep them coming!! Oh, and I am filming a bunch of YouTube videos today yayyy can't wait to share with you guys! Xo

Hi Jordan, Did you hear about that sad story about the little boy attacked by a gator? What are your thoughts and how do you move forward from hearing sad stories.

Hi there! I did hear about that story, and I was devastated by it. πŸ™ I feel terribly for the little boy and his family, and the heartache his poor loved ones must be going through. There is a lot of unexplainable, unfair tragedy in our world that happens to the MOST undeserving people -- almost to the point where nothing feels "safe" anymore. I think the best thing we can do for those we have lost in tragic ways is to live our lives unapologetically, without fear, and pay tribute to them by following our passions and using our lives to do what we love. Also, it reminds us how precious life is: how important it is to give back, to spread kindness to those around us, and to remind our loved ones how much we love them. <3

I don't mean this in a negative or 'picking on you' way whatsoever,... but in light of your recent daily fitness post, I'd hate for someone to think they need to or should workout 3 times a day. Do you think you're over-excercising? And on days when you want to and have the time to wokout 3 times a day, what do you do to compensate (i.e: eat more, prevent sore muscles etc)

Hi! Don't worry, I don't take that negatively at all. I almost never work out 3 times a day -- and in my daily fitness routine post I talk about going to OrangeTheory for HIIT in the mornings, doing light stretching/yoga at home, and maybe going on a walk with friends. That would be the extent of it! Also, if I ever do work out several times a day, I wouldn't tell someone else to do the same. I just so happen to have a job in the fitness industry, so trying classes and meeting friends for workouts is part of my job! Also, I definitely eat more when I workout more. On days that I do OrangeTheory in the mornings I almost always have a protein shake somewhere between breakfast and lunch! And I do a lot of cryotherapy, massages, etc to prevent sore muscles! Hope this helps.. sorry if my initial fitness routine post was confusing!

Hi Jordan, I love your blog and have read your book.. AMAZING!!! I am new to being a vegan and i love it. My question is what website did you use to create your blog? xoxo

Thank you so much! I am so glad to hear it. I used Wordpess to create my blog, BlueHost as my hosting site, and just recently got a redesign done by the fabulous Anelise Salvo!! If you're thinking about creating a blog, you should totally go for it! It's such a fun outlet to have. <3 xo

Do you have any recommendations for online yoga classes? I *love* the studio I go to, but I haven't found any online that I really love for those mornings that I don't want to leave my apartment. I'm just starting to get back into yoga (partially inspired by you!) after a really long break, so I'm looking for beginner-intermediate level.

Absolutely!! Check out YogaGlo.com, and also Udaya.com. Those sites are great with some of my fave teachers! On YogaGlo check out Kathryn Budig, Annie Carpenter, Elena Brower, Dice (they're all good!). And on Udaya check out Calvin Corzine!! Xo

How do you deal with negativity? Love your blog!! xoxo

Hi! Great question. The main way I deal with negativity is by remembering that when someone says something mean to me on the Internet (or in person) or is negative about me in general... I know it has a lot more to do with them than it does with me. Others' negativity is a direct reflection of their own unhappiness/insecurity. It's unfortunate, but true! That has helped me a lot, and also just by strengthening my own relationship with myself and knowing that I make my choices for a reason. That way when others question my choices at least I know I am happy with them -- and that is what matters most!

Hi Jordan, My name is Sofia, I am the co-founder of Cielo House Eating Disorder Treatment clinics in the Bay Area. I stumbled upon your blog and would like to invite you to share your story of recovery as a Recovery Rockstar in our blog. You can see some examples here https://www.cielohouse.com/recoveryrockstars/ If you are interested it would be an honor to feature you. Please contact me directly if you would like to share your story. Additionally, I would like to explore working together, sponsoring maybe some of your instagram posts? Maybe inspiring quotes or something like that. Let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks Jordan πŸ™‚ sofia@cielohouse.com (650) 455-5933

Hi girl! Amazing hearing from you. Shoot me an email, I'd like to discuss working together! jordan@truthbalancevirtue.com <3 xo

BEEN YOUR BIGGEST FAN SINCE THE START! Andhave read your book (and old posts) more times to count!!!! MY question is, I am at the point in my life where I'm broke- like broke-broke-broke, pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque, grad student life broke. BUT I want to live to way you do- I want to buy good healthy foods, be active, and practice self care... and it just seems like it's out of reach because of my finances. Any ideas/suggestions?

Aww YAY! That is so good to hear. I definitely do have suggestions! For one, make health your #1 priority. You want to FEEL good so that you can go out into the world and be your best self. Instead of buying some drinks out at the bar with friends, stay in for a weekend and save that $ to buy organic produce or go to a few yoga classes. Also, meal prepping is huge. I save SO much money by prepping my meals (when I am good about it) ahead of time. If you go food shopping on a Sunday, prep your meals for the full week with affordable ingredients like black beans, quinoa/brown rice, broccoli, cauliflower, homemade dips, etc. You can reuse and mix and match ingredients all week -- and have innovative meals without breaking the bank and buying MORE ingredients. Also, work out at home!! You can do home practice yoga, 20 min home workouts with no equipment (some of my faves are from Tmacfitness.com), and for self care -- give yourself an oil massage with olive oil or coconut oil!! Works wonders, and totally affordable. <3 <3

What are some things you'd never touch/eat with a 10 foot poll?

great Q!! I would never touch... fast food / overly greasy food, genetically modified food, American cheese, refined sugar (for the most part), red onions (hate them!!), bell peppers (intolerant to them), and pretty much anything from a major chain restaurant that I don't trust. πŸ™‚

This may be a bit much, but I wanted to ask because I LOVE your positive, resilient attitude and the fact that you surround yourself only with uplifting people. I am living in a negative environment and am saving up to leave, but to do so will take about a year (broke international grad student). Any tips on how to make the most of this space?

Hi! This is a great question. Living in a negative environment is the worst... I've totally been there, and it can be pretty soul sucking. I would say first and foremost make sure you have your own thing going on and places where you can go that serve as your refuge. A great yoga studio or gym is always a good start -- somewhere where you can start to feel at home and like its "yours" away from your living space. Even a great coffee shop, park, or neighborhood to stroll around can work wonders. When you start to feel that negative energy creeping in, then have your go-tos where you know you'll feel better. Also meditation, gentle stretching, lighting candles, keeping a journal, taking really good care of yourself -- those all help immensely when you're trying to keep your positive mojo up!! I hope this helps <3 xoxo

How did you let go of the guilt of eating meat? I fully support veganism, but for me personally, my body does better on higher protein, which I can't seem to get on a vegan diet (unless I turn to protein shakes all day).... I've tried.

I know, it can be so hard. I have gone up and down with the guilt, but ultimately my top priority is feeling my best and fueling my body as best as possible so that I can be my "best" possible self. I would suggest starting slowly... Eating fish and eggs before you incorporate other types of animal protein. Making sure what you're getting is from a local, sustainable farm helps -- and never supporting factory farms or mass chains that use animal protein. That is a good place to start!

Hi Jordan, I suffer from Binge Eating disorder, which I realize comes from that "all or nothing" mentality, you too suffered from (but in a different way). Any tips?

Ohhh man I have been there. That all or nothing mentality can be so difficult. My tips are to try to incorporate a diligent and enjoyable self-care routine into your life. Meditation, having a grounding morning routine, yoga, gentle stretching, exercise, skin brushing, tongue scraping, massages (even if you massage yourself with oil before you take a shower -- it's so therapeutic), and keeping your goals in priorities in mind so that you know you are taking care of yourself in so many areas. I find that it really helps me also gravitate being kinder toward myself with food choices when I am taking care of myself in so many other ways. Also, rigorous exercise helps me because it reminds me to make good choices with food so I am properly fueled and have the energy to do things I love. I hope this helps -- always here if you have further questions. Xo

I'm planning to go plant-based! Any advice?

This is a wonderful question! First of all -- do your research so that you know which foods to eat to get adequate nutrients -- protein, b12, calcium & iron are usually what can be the biggest challenge for newly plant-based people! You can get creative with veggies, grains, legumes, nuts and fruit and you might even find a new passion for cooking when you go plant-based... I know I did! Also feel free to check out the two cleanse programs I sell on the site that are good transitioning guides for people who are first switching their diet! Xo

Jordan! I'm struggling with hypothalamic amenorrhea. While I'm currently seeing a nutritionist, I also feel stumped. What worked for you? Any tips to regain your cycle?

Hi babe! Ah, I am so sorry to hear that. Definitely been there and know how it feels -- for me, what helped was lots of b12 (from freshwater fish mainly), healthy fats (lots of ghee, coconut, avocado) and overall having more variety in my diet. Also, bone broth has worked wonders for me. What has your nutritionist said? Those are my personal recs but I think you should further consult some doctors + healers for personalized advice!! <3


Abbbbsolutely "7Seconds" leave in detangler by Unite. It's my lifeline -- helps with brushing right after the shower, and also keeps my hair shiny & protects it from the heat when I blow dry!! Link here: http://rstyle.me/n/bsb6pzbejn7

How do you feel towards vegans and veganism now?

That is such a great question. I am not personally a fan of labeling my diet at this point in time, but I do eat a mainly plant-based diet right now supplemented by some freshwater fish and occasionally eggs and poultry! I like the freedom of living label-free so that I can listen to my body... But I also love how I feel when I am eating an abundance of veggies, gluten-free grains and legumes!

who does your hair in LA? it’s so blonde! and shiny!

I go to Kelcey Barrad at NineZeroOne salon on Melrose. Fun fact is that she is my god sista and we grew up together in Sactown!! She also happens to be one of the best blonde colorists I know. And thank you. πŸ™‚

what kind of blender do you use to make all your smoothies and juices?

I have always been a VitaMix girl all the way (link to my fave one HERE), but lately I have also been ALL about my KitchenAid blender/food processor! I like to use something heavy duty to get the job done.

What kind of cat food do you give Huddy? He is so cute in all of your snaps and instas!! I’m sure you give him such healthy food…

Huddy loves Soulistic cat food, and especially the kind that has gravy in it. It's natural and features whole cuts of meat like free range white chicken breast and wild caught sustainable fish -- rather than the chopped up gross stuff. It's grain-free, and contains no soy, glutens, fillers, added artificial flavors, or preservatives. I have also tried to turn him onto The Honest Kitchen's kitty bone broth... But he is a picky one! I'm getting there.

favorite meal?

Most definitely the "I Am Whole" bowl from Cafe Gratitude. It's their macrobiotic bowl. Adzuki beans, mashed sweet potato, quinoa, tamari almonds, steamed kale, sprouts, and lots of veggies! That's my fave meal in a nutshell. Topped off with a gluten-free, refined sugar free chocolatey brownie or cookie for dessert.

Go-to beauty product?

BareMinerals bronzer. Probably the only thing I wear. And Oxygentix foundation (in the color "Pearl") if I feel like having some extra coverage!