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It’s an energy
a lifestyle
a rebirth
& a journey home
to yourself

An online nutrition & lifestyle course to assist you in your highest awakening.

Heal your body, uplevel your life, feel good from the inside out, and reconnect to your most radiant & healthy you. When we feel our best, we align ourselves with magic in every area of our lives.

Healing is ours. It is our birthright. We come into this world knowing how to feel amazing, but somewhere along the way that intuitive ability gets stripped from us. For many of us, departing from our soul’s true nature when it comes to food can negatively affect us in big ways. It’s time to return to our intuition, and that is what this program will guide you to do. To eat intuitively, to live light, and to spread the light!


After my own struggle healing from Lyme disease, being bedridden for years, and living at the complete bottom of the barrel, in 2018 I knew I needed a full life overhaul. The magic that came into my life during my healing and subsequent awakening was truly out of this world. From diet to meditation, the magic of plants to the divine nature of attaining spiritual fullness, to channeling from above and daily journaling, I got my life back. We all have this power and capability. None of us are meant to stay stagnant, unhappy, or sick.

What I am saying here is this. You have the power to heal yourself. You are your own healer. No one, and I mean no one, knows your body the way that you do. When we are born we are given a huge gift, an absolutely massive one: and that is the miracle of life. We do not come here without rhyme or reason. Not a single one of us was created in anything other than pure perfection in our Creator’s eyes. There is no one on this planet who has less of an ability to listen to their intuition or to be their own healer. We all come here with an equal ability to connect to our heart space, and to listen to what it has to tell us.

I channeled this lifestyle because my soul was at a true breaking point, and it was time. I can’t necessarily say that I created it, because as you can see it was channeled from fifth dimensional consciousness. But I am so proud of the intuitive dance I have been able to create between myself & the light beings, because without it I do not know where I would be today. Waking back up to my true nature has been so supported by this lifestyle, by this way of eating, and by the guidance of our team of light on the other side.

I can now say that I live light and spread light, and I am no longer bogged down by the heaviness, dis-ease and chronic illness that plagued my past. I was also plagued by a deep anxiety, depression and unworthiness that enveloped my mind from the moment I woke up until the moment I fell asleep when I lived disconnected from my soul’s true nature.

Developing this connection and living in alignment with this lifestyle has cracked me wide open, and the happiness that comes with living in LIGHT & walking in love is like no other. I have faith this lifestyle will resonate with you in whichever way that it needs to, because we are all uniquely different & will all find our perfect ability to thrive within the Celestial Lifestyle. It is for all of us.

The Celestial Diet & Lifestyle is broken down into 7 pillars, with accompanying meditations and journaling prompts for each day. It is also a full PDF with magical guidance, stories, photos, and insight into the lifestyle. It breaks it down as easily and simply as possible so that you can awaken, ascend, heal, and feel amazing. My education as a health coach, Plant Based Nutrition specialist and yoga teacher is infused throughout the program and I hope it will bring you everything you need and crave!

xx jordan

Pillars of the Celestial DietTM

  • 1. Intuition & Healing
  • 2. Detox
  • 3. Anti-Inflammatory & Cruelty-Free
  • 4. Awakening
  • 5. Movement
  • 6. Nature
  • 7. Frequency & Ascension


This 7 day nutrition & meditation program is an all encompassing guide for a mind, body, spirit transformation. Whether you suffer from chronic illness, inflamed skin, bloat and indigestion, sluggishness, unexplained weight gain, or you simply know there is a healthier version of you that you have yet to connect to, you’re in the right place.

Throughout this program I provide you with the guidance you need to detoxify, re-awaken to your soul’s nature, crowd out your previous diet with delicious plant-based foods, support your body with meditation and better habits, and shift your lifestyle for the long term. We are not here for a quick fix, we are here to truly heal. This program goes deep, & covers awakening on the deepest of cellular levels.

When you join us on this journey, you’ll also be joining an incredible community of likeminded humans who are going through it with you that provide the support and accountability you need to stick to it!

It is my hope and my wish that this 7 day program helps steer you on a lasting journey of health, abundance, vibrancy, energy, self-discovery, healing, and most importantly, a look inward to find more joy in your day to day life as well as on your plate. I can’t wait to see all of your yummy food creations & your channeled messages, hear your insights, and learn all about how this program makes its way into your life.


so much in just 7 days!

  • 1. A detailed 7-day meal plan comprised of whole foods, plant based, SOS-free (salt oil sugar free) meals along with exclusive, delectable recipes!
  • 3. A deep dive into the 7 pillars of the Celestial Diet ™ & Lifestyle, along with detail on each pillar, journaling prompts for each of the 7 days, and NINE EXCLUSIVE AUDIO MEDITATIONS for each day!
  • 4. An introduction into the concept of Spiritual Fullness (a.k.a how to fill up on love rather than fear or food), which helps guide you toward and intuitive relationship with the food on your plate.
  • 5. Guidance into channeling, awakening, ascending, shifting your frequency, the healing powers of nature and movement, and beyond.
  • 6. If you sign up for the live round, you will receive two bonus meditations as well as an audio introduction to the course. The regular program will have 7 meditations — this version has 9, plus the recorded introductory segment!
  • 7. Daily emails from me with inspiration, meals of the day, and motivation for the celestial day ahead!
  • 8. The official, printable Celestial Diet grocery list!

What They’re Saying

happy community

“Jordan’s course has been radically life altering through the concepts she introduces in the modules. The meditations have taken me places I have truly never had access to before and I feel so spiritually in touch with my soul after doing this work. This course has been a catalyst for healing my chronic migraines and giving my body what it needs. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves and their potential on a much deeper level.”

- Grace

“Jordan’s course is so powerful that from the moment I signed up, I needed not even listen to the modules fully to see & feel my life shift before me — this experience is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I’m now an open channel for light beings, have more confidence in my business, and even beyond confidence — more revenue and systems in place to support my business growth! As a soul-led business owner, this is nothing short of amazing, and yet, what else could I have expected from this Reflector angel?”

- Alexandra

“Your course came at the perfect time. I cannot thank you enough for your time & energy in creating it! We are all at very different places in our journey and creating something to accommodate all of us is pure magic. I have experienced so many synchronicities along the way as a gentle reminders saying “YES, You are guided. You are supported.”

I’ve never truly felt like I belonged in my body until now. I’ve suffered with so much chronic pain and anxiety. This course has helped me feel like ME. Like I am home. I am ok and I am everlasting LOVE.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jordan

You are an Angel! Sending you so much love, light and healing as you rest and prepare for your wedding.”

- Erin


How similar is this to the 22 Day Detox or to Waking Back Up to Your Own Soul?

It is very different from both of these programs but contains a few elements from both of them. Similar to WBUTYOS, it is an awakening guide that will help you tap into your truest, most divine nature. It contains new elements and new things I have learned about channeling, awakening, ascension and frequency since I created WBUTYOS in early 2019! And similar to the 22 Day Detox, it is a nutrition guide full of SOS-free recipes.

None of the recipes overlap except for my TBB nacho cheese because, well, let’s face it — it’s my favorite recipe on the planet! Otherwise everything is new, including all of the photos & brand new information! If either of those programs resonated with you, you will love this one. 🙂

The meditations are all brand new & completely magical! So if you did the 22 Day Detox, you are in for a big treat because this course is very much audio, journaling based, and written.

Are any of your other courses or programs a prerequisite to this program?

No, you can absolutely dive into this one first if you haven’t done the others! If you have done the others then this one is perfect for you — WBUTYOS gives a big taste into my awakening philosophies, the detox gives a taste into my food philosophies — and this Celestial Life takes it way deeper, and ties in food and the divine connections between food & spirituality!

What if I am not vegan and don’t intend to remain vegan after the program?

This program is fully plant-based, but it is up to you how deep you want to go with it. There are also lots of areas for modification if the plant-based life just isn’t for you. If that is the case, you can still absolutely live the celestial life & make it your own! My hope is that the program and the recipes will inspire you to add more plants into your life, and also share the plant-based love with people in your life! At the end of the day, my motto is always, DO YOU! Take what you can from this program, and leave the rest!

I am busy & don’t have a lot of free time! Is this program for me?

A. The program is a lot more simple than you may think — it’s probably easier than eating what you are normally used to! Especially with the meal plan all laid out for you!
B. Take it at your own pace, you can get started now and dive in whenever the time is right for you. At any rate, I encourage you to fully commit, because when we keep a promise to ourselves, that is when our lives can truly shift.  There are no shortcuts to the path of true healing, and I promise this is a fun way to get there!
“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” – Amelia Earhart.

I have a history of disordered eating and I don’t know if this program is for me. Will this be triggering or would you not recommend this to me?

My hope is that the meditations, journaling prompts, and information in the program will help you find a level of spiritual fullness that will help you find balance and peace with your relationship with food. That is so extremely important to me. The program itself has a lot of open space to make it your OWN, and although it is based on the SOS-free plant-based lifestyle, it is very modifiable. That said, if you are struggling with an eating disorder currently or feel triggered by specific meal plan recommendations, it is not the best time to do this program. As always, I recommend listening to your heart & asking yourself if this is right for you. I believe you will always know. You can also consult your doctor and ask them if a plant-based diet is best for you right now, and keep in mind the program is only 7 days!

I have food allergies, will the recipes work for me?

Yes! This ebook is designed for those of us with food allergies. All of the recipes are gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, oil-free, and salt-free. Nearly all of them are nightshade-free or can be made nightshade-free, and most are grain-free and if they are not then they have a grain-free option! For those with nut allergies, I try to come up with alternates for you too… but some recipes do have nuts, so I encourage you to play around with them if that is you! Get creative in the kitchen and have fun with it!

What kitchen gadgets will I need for this program?

Nothing is required, but your life will be easier and you will be able to dive more fully into the program if you have a high-speed blender for soups, smoothies, dessert recipes, dressings, and more. Additional bonuses are a juicer (for the juices) and a food processor (for dressings, soups and desserts — but you can also use a blender). Otherwise, all you need is a good old fashioned stove and oven for roasting veggies!

YOU are all light and all love.
Love from my heart in this
dimension and beyond

– Jordan Hunter Younger Albrecht &
the fifth dimensional light beings

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