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265. Krista Williams: Conscious Friendships, Law of One, 6th Dimension, Celestial Diet, & Deep Catchup


Jordan’s dear friend Krista Williams takes a moment away from her own incredible podcast, Almost 30, to slip into an esoteric groove to talk about all things consciousness and community with the Soul on Fire fam. We touch on it all, from sixth-dimensional consciousness and The Law of One, to her evolving relationship with alcohol, and finding food freedom during a transformative trip to Ibiza where she sampled the Celestial Lifestyle for herself (the results are insane!). Shape shifting beyond!

As a self-identified wanderer, Krista left her “old” life in Ohio and manifested a soul-aligned community in Los Angeles and beyond, with Almost 30. Now, she’s creating a book club and tarot deck while always unpacking the teachings from The Law of One, one of many spiritual texts that have profoundly affected her.

We talk ditching dieting to find what works for you, plant-based magic, living in the 6D, lessons from The Law of One, honeymoon manifestations, conscious friendship, deep awakening, the commitment to growing deeper everyday, and so much more. This is a good one, deep and juicy beyond.

If you’ve been calling in deeper connections in your life, then this conversation – filled with relatable advice, inspirational quotes, and teachings – is a reminder that you’re not alone on your journey.

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