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Ep. 105 ft. Rachel Mansfield


Jordan chats with one of her BEST friends, Rachel Mansfield, about being a regular guest on the podcast (this is the 6th time!) and all about her pregnancy journey – from balancing her hormones to fertility treatments, getting pregnant, and the gender reveal.


Rachel and Jordan also chat all about Rachel’s upcoming cookbook + how the preparation for that has been with her pregnancy news! Plus, a special guest joins in (hint: it’s Jordan’s soon-to-be hubby)! Naturally, things get a little woo-woo – Jordan + Rachel revisit Rachel’s natal chart and human design, which show that she’s a manifesting generator, a Libra Moon, Gemini Sun, and a Cancer Rising, which is actually SUPER similar to Jordan’s signs. No wonder they are such great friends!


Do you have trouble finding affordable, on-trend, and CUTE workout clothes? Look no further – Fabletics is an amazing company that Jordan just loves because they offer so many great activewear options at an absolutely exceptional price! Plus, their mantra, “Live your passion every day,” is so in line with Soul on Fire. Head on over to fabletics.com/BLONDE to take a fun quiz to determine your very own personalized style, and get 2 pairs of leggings for $24.


Have you tried Thrive Market yet? If you like to eat high vibe, plant-based, organic goodness from the Earth, then this is going to save you a lot of money because their prices are 25-50% below retail price. Plus, you can get an additional 25% off your first order and a 30-day trial by going to ThriveMarket.com/BLONDE!


Jordan wants to tell you about a coffee alternative that she is absolutely loving right now: Rasa Koffee! It’s the first coffee alternative to offer functional health benefits, adaptogenic herbs, and calm energy – with absolutely no caffeine. Basically, it’s like coffee… but better! Plus, you can still mix this with the same Four Sigmatic or Bulletproof mixes you’ve been adding to regular coffee for a double dose of goodness. And you can use the code BLONDE10 at RasaKoffee.com for 10% off your first order!



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