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Ep. 60 ft. Jonathan Albrecht


It took almost a year of begging to get him to come back on the podcast, but today Jordan shares a conversation with the amazing Jonathan Albrecht, AKA the love of Jordan’s life (fun fact: Jonathan’s first episode was just ONE DAY before they started dating)!! Things have changed a lot in the last year and, as part of Jordan’s birthday present, Jonathan agreed to come on and talk about all of it. Plus, we explore some of Jonathan’s favorite wellness & life hacks!

We’d like to thank Four Sigmatic for sponsoring this episode! Jordan and Jonathan drink Four Sigmatic Coffee every single day, and they’re one of the most game-changing companies in the wellness world right now. They make the most delicious Mushroom Coffee you’ve ever had, packed with all of the amazing adaptogens and super foods your body craves. Balanced Blonde listeners can go to FourSigmatic.com/BLONDE to get 10% off of your order!!


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