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Hi guys! I am so excited to bring back the long awaited, much requested, personal passion project (because I love to read more than ANYTHING)… TBB Book Club! I can’t even remember the last time I did a book club post on the blog, although I used to do them quite frequently. I am thinking from here forward, once  a month I’ll share with you guys what I am reading, and anything else noteworthy that I’ve read and am... READ MORE >
( First of all, this post is sponsored by Earth Balance Buttery Spreads, as part of their #GoPlantMade initiative, so be sure to enter our GIVEAWAY on Instagram by following both of us, liking my photo announcing the giveaway, and tagging a friend who would love to #GoPlantMade! Each new comment with a tag is an additional entry! ) So guys, let’s talk about BULLETPROOF COFFEE. (With Earth Balance Buttery Spread in it because YUM and DAIRY-FREE and VEGAN and NON-GMO! Sorry... READ MORE >
If you’ve been following along on my podcast / social media these days, you know I’ve fully embraced my woo-woo, hippie, spiritual side over the last several months. I guess I should say… I’ve always been pretty out there on the woo-woo scale but these days I have found SO much comfort, enjoyment, and serious resonance from the “quantum” side of living, a.k.a the things we can’t necessarily see but make up everything we feel, experience and express in... READ MORE >
Want my biggest, baddest, juiciest, hugest tip for getting shit done and bringing your creative ideas to fruition? JUST START. Clear the space. Then you will undeniably allow the magic to seep in. I know. Simple, right? Boring even? Stay with me, I will walk you through my thought process. Because before you can just start, you actually have to clear space for the magic to happen. Let me explain… The more I dive into alternative healing modalities like meditation,... READ MORE >