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Hi guys! I am finally ready to share more details about the eczema and hives situation I have been dealing with for the last two months. I have never been the kind of blogger to act like I know everything about a subject that is new to me. And about six months ago when I first started getting severe eczema under my arms, on my stomach and all over my neck/scalp… I had a lot to learn, and a... READ MORE >
Happy Wednesday my loves, and yay for a new podcast episode today with my amazing acupuncturist & Doctor of Oriental Medicine… Kara MoraMarco! You can listen here, or on the podcast section of the blog. We are giving away one free LOVE CUPPING session with Kara (!!!) for those who subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, leave a rating and a review, AND follow HER on Instagram! (P.S. if you’ve never rated & reviewed a podcast, all you have... READ MORE >
Hi guys! It’s finally time to share in depth about my latest 7-day Panchakarma! I know I have written a few mini recaps like my reflections during the PK, my water fasting details, and my kitchari recipes (#yum), but now I am ready to share with you my full shebang of an experience. I took my time before sitting down to write this recap because I really wanted to let the full experience, and the aftermath, sink in. I... READ MORE >
Hi my beauties! I hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Between my water fast earlier this week, beginning my liver cleanse at Surya Spa yesterday (another Ayurvedic healing treatment I can’t wait to share with you guys), and gearing up for a relaxing weekend before heading to Ojai with my love for Valentine’s Day… I am feeling like my self-care this week is on POINT. Also, have you caught my podcast episode with Biet Simkin from yesterday? She... READ MORE >