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hello, my lovelies! you may have seen on my social media that i spent the weekend in portland & bend, oregon running a TRAIL RACE and exploring both adorable cities — and i have to say, i am in love. with all of it. trail running included, even though the race itself was HARDER than life… probably harder for me than the full LA Marathon, but i’ll get to that! there is so much i want to break down in... READ MORE >
hello my beautiful angels! this month has been a whirlwind. i can’t even believe it’s already mid-july. i’ve been gone for the last few months far more than i’ve been home, and while it’s been a fun adventure, excess travel always leaves me craving quiet, alone time at home with hudson + lots of downtime to write and slide back into my routine. the older i get, the more i find that routine serves me so well. it used to... READ MORE >
happy MONDAY, my amazing humans! where to even begin with this post? so much to share, on a subject i am so excited about i could burst. i will give you forewarning, it’s SPIRITUAL & OUT THERE, so let me take  you on a little journey into what i’ve been up to for the last several months… ALSO, i ended up recording this as a podcast episode, because after i wrote this blog post i felt that i could explain... READ MORE >
hi my angels! writing to you from the beautiful, magical, sun-soaked island of MAUI in hawaii! i am currently sitting on my balcony, cross-legged (duh), overlooking the ocean, listening to the rolling waves crash into the shore, and spying down on my cute parents, sister, and niece chillin’ by the pool while i chug kombucha and type out this post. ( fun fact: i have been told that i have an unusually loud typing-noise, and i think it’s because... READ MORE >