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Hi my beauties! I just wanted to check in for a quick post before I go offline for the next five days for my Ayurvedic PANCHAKARMA at Surya Spa in the Palisades. The Panchakarma treatment is something I discovered a couple of years ago and have done yearly ever since… it will always be my annual retreat from the world, and one day I hope to do it seasonally as it’s traditionally done in Indian culture. Maybe this will... READ MORE >
Hello, hello my loves! You have probably noticed that I have been all about the elixir life lately… you know, yummy drinks loaded with adaptogens, medicinal shrooms, herbs, matcha, stevia, you name it. Why is this, you ask? Because I have recently gone off of COFFEE & also have become obsessed with herbs to naturally heal my skin + fibroid issues. I wrote a bit about why I went off of coffee in this post if you’re interested (or... READ MORE >
Hi, my loves! Ever since my “WHY MATCHA?” blog post a few weeks ago I’ve been feeling like starting a series called “WHY ___?” that talks about all of the health & wellness crazes that I am into + breaks them down into bite sized info for you guys to walk away with. (I also have “What’s the Deal with Collagen?” from last year which fits into the series too! That seems like a favorite & a post that... READ MORE >
Hi my beauties! I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far. It’s currently a rainy (#torrentialdownpour) Tuesday in LA but every fiber of my being keeps on thinking it’s already Thursday or Friday… I wonder why that is?! Even Sunday this week felt more like a Wednesday to me so maybe that’s why. Anyone else feeling that way today?! I am also working extra hard this week and maximizing every hour in the day to get blog... READ MORE >