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STORY TIME. one day very recently i woke up and i was sick of being controlled by food. and maybe you think i’m talking about three years ago when i transitioned away from veganism and took control of my eating disorder (orthorexia) by letting go of the labels and learning to eat intuitively and bountifully. or mayyyyybe you think i’m talking about my health journey post-veganism with the long road of dedication to balancing my hormones and trying to treat... READ MORE >
inspiration is such a funny thing. it can come in so many shapes and forms, and it can last for however long or however short it wants to. sometimes i feel like i am living in a bright, white, radiating halo bubble of inspiration that is just there and allows me to be in true inspirational flow and feels like it will never go away. in that state of mind, i feel ALIVE and clear and excited about every new... READ MORE >
hi guys! today it’s time for another loving lately! i love this style of post so much, for so many reasons. for one, because i am a list freak so writing lists in the form of blog posts makes me really happy. and for two, it reminds me of the early days of my blog when i would write a loving lately post EVERY week (or twice a week) and the whole schedule was all structured & shiz. kind... READ MORE >
Hello hello, my beautiful souls! I just wanted to pop in and say WHAT UP?!?! because I am so freakin’ over the moon about this week’s podcast guest & all that she has to offer us. Yes, my heart is legit bursting open right now. Let’s talk about someone who will seriously and truly set ALL of our souls on fire… say hello to miss GABBY BERNSTEIN. Yes, the Gabby Bernstein. I won’t say TOO MUCH because we have... READ MORE >