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Hi guys! What’s crack’a lackin’? I have been having a blast over on Spirit Juice, my braaaand new newsletter that is all about the deets of the moon phases, manifestation tips, high vibe mantras, and spiritual thangs all around. I am learning as much as I am sharing (and more!) and feeling crazy good vibes about it in the best of ways. And in the spirit of SPIRIT JUICE (oh my… so much spirit, I can’t not) I have... READ MORE >
Hi beautifuls, and welcome to today’s Loving Lately! Firstly I wanted to thank you for all of the birthday wishes, you guys sure made me feel incredibly loved and it is so appreciated I can’t even tell you. This Libra chick (Aquarius rising, Cancer moon…!) feels more filled up than ever before. I had a meditation teacher tell me recently that birthdays are all about soaking in the love, each and every time someone says “happy birthday” and sends... READ MORE >
Happy Wednesday evening, my favorite humans. I think every year that I have had this blog I have written a special little something on my birthday to reflect on all the little tidbits that happened throughout the year, from the magic to the struggles, inspirations, and more. Tomorrow marks my 27th year around the Sun… and as I look back on 26, wow. Life changing moment upon life changing moment, to say the least. And challenges galore, because life... READ MORE >
Happy Saturday eve, babes. I’m throwing it back to basicallyyyy every Saturday evening of 2013, 2014, and 2015… and bringing you a straight up Saturday night heart-pour post. And a Bulletproof coffee recipe because it’s the top requested thing from me ever, ever. It’s the last night of September and I am feeling nostalgic, in tune, full of clarity, and inspired. One reason for all of the feelings is… I am bursting with adrenaline for something I’m LAUNCHING tomorrow... READ MORE >