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I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the idea of inspiration. I have been over the moon inspired lately by & with a lot of things… Including but not limited to finally writing the book proposal for a book idea I’ve had in my head for 2+ years, writing my YOGA EBOOK that will be out in about a week + a half (#OMG), yoga as always, especially teaching yoga, and tons of ideas for growing the TBB brand now... READ MORE >
HI GUYS! I know, I know. I’m blogging a little less often right now. I am so enthralled with podcasting & working on my upcoming ebook (and my upcoming actual book) & planning EVENTS (who is coming to my NYC workshop?! What about the GOOD Fest in Philly?! Also stay tuned for very special event while I am in NYC with my bloggy BFF Rachel Mansfield — EEK). Upcoming guests on TBB podcast are gonna rock your world. The “That’s So... READ MORE >
The LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BOD diet!!! Have you heard of it? It’s the latest trend. Or at least it is in my life. 😉 I know there can be a lot of confusion floating around out there about how to eat, what to eat, how to exercise, how often to rest, the health benefits of everything from bulletproof coffee to healthy fats to HIIT to paleo to living gluten-free — and ultimately, at the root of it all,... READ MORE >
HI BABES! There is so much good stuff happening in the wellness world of TBB right now I want to dive right in and share it… even though I am so tempted to write a long-ass intro saying HIIII and telling you what I’ve been up to. We’ll save that for another day this week. I have a lot of writing time this week so that should definitely be able to happen. For now, let’s just say: YOGA EBOOK... READ MORE >