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 Welcome to The Balanced Blonde Podcast, Soul on Fire! Here we discuss everything from the young entrepreneurial blogging life to wellness hacks, friendships in the blogging world, branding a business, nutrition tips, how to keep the passion alive, and balancing it all in the process. Jordan interviews her dear friends who also happen to be key names in the wellness industry on a wide variety of topics, so there is always something new to learn. The nature of the podcast is conversational, fun and like you’re talking with your best friend. As always, we want you to get to know Jordan better through the podcast and give you a glimpse into her life and those she surrounds herself with. It’s pretty much a blast, so relax, enjoy and subscribe!

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Ep. 75 ft. Ruby Warrington

Jordan chats with Ruby Warrington, best-selling author, incredible writer, Now-Age explorer, and all around soul on fire human. A few years back, Ruby left what she perceived to be her dream job at The Sunday Times to start her digital magazine on all things mystical & woo-woo, The Numinous. I know so many of us can relate to the journey of taking that scary LEAP into the unknown! Ruby is the author of an incredibly inspiring book that totally...

Ep. 74 ft. Biet Simkin

Jordan chats with the amazing spiritual teacher, coach and author Biet Simkin, Founder of Center of the Cyclone, teacher of The Fourth Way method of healing, planetary enneagrams, and so much more. Biet immerses audiences in meditations that fuse art, fashion, and a sexy rock ‘n’ roll edge into seamless, explosive experiences – she even scores her meditation experiences with beautiful original music!! She has an incredible (and crazy) story, which stretches from being raised by a shaman to...

Ep. 73 ft. Nicole Cogan (aka NOBREAD)

Jordan chats with her dear friend Nicole Cogan, Founder & CEO of NOBREAD, about everything from their rapidly changing lives to their vastly differing spiritual philosophies to attempting to move away from labels to how much Vanderpump Rules rules. She brings so much lightness and so many high vibes, so we know you’ll adore this episode! If you want even more Nicole, check out our last conversation in Episode 44, which is all about how she built the awesome...

Ep. 72 ft. Allie Michelle

You are in for a magical treat today because Jordan is chatting with the watery earth goddess Allie Michelle, a fellow podcaster and beautiful poet. Allie is a deeply spiritual being and exceptionally in tune with herself (she is a living, breathing, walking, talking Buddha), and we couldn’t possibly love her any more! We chat about the journey that brought Allie from LA to Hawaii, learning to be okay with & love herself, and her upcoming poetry book. Allie...

Ep. 71 – Real Talk SOLO Episode: Life Updates & Instagram Q+A!

Jordan is checking back in with another SOLO episode. These are always a lot of fun, and they are her favorite way to connect with all of YOU!! So focus on what you want to talk about, and together we can manifest just what you need to hear!   She also gives some updates on what she has been up to lately, how her crazy rash is doing, what you can expect on her blog in the coming months,...

Ep. 70 ft. Rachel Mansfield

Jordan chats with one of her best friends in the whole world, the yin to her yang, Rachel Mansfield!! She shares all ten of her inspiring intentions, what we see on the horizon, and how we can all manifest the year of their dreams.   We’d like to thank Four Sigmatic for sponsoring the show! Mushrooms are a big food health trend right now (#OnShrooms), probably because they’re packed full of adaptogens, superfoods, and other things that are super...

Ep. 69 ft. Trevor Hall & Debra Silverman

Jordan sits down and chats with Trevor Hall, who many of you may know as the folk and reggae artist who sings Green Mountain State, To Zion, Where’s the Love amd so many other favorites, and their mutual astrologer (and Trevor’s dear friend) Debra Silverman to discuss everything from Saturn Returns to reading birth charts to astrological trends to keep an eye out for in 2018.   They also talk about how astrology has influenced Trevor’s music, what their...

Ep. 68 ft. Lauren Roxburgh

Jordan first met today’s incredible guest, Lauren “The Body Whisperer” Roxburgh, through wonderful serendipity a couple years ago, and over the past couple years they’ve become close friends. Lauren is a Fascia Specialist, Body Alignment Expert, and the author of Taller, Slimmer, Younger, which is all about the art of foam rolling, structural integration, and taking care of our fascia (if you don’t know what that is yet, don’t worry because you’re definitely not alone!)   If you’re interested...

Ep. 67 ft. Sheryl O’Loughlin

Jordan has a vulnerable and authentic conversation with Sheryl O’Loughlin, the CEO of REBBL (you guys know how much we love this company… HEALTHY FATS, galore!) and the author of Killing It!: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Head Without Losing Your Heart.   You’ve probably already heard Jordan raving about REBBL, the coconut milk-based elixir and protein drink company driven by a HUGE mission. In addition to working as the CEO REBBL, Sheryl also co-founded Plum Organics and...

Ep. 66 ft. Lacy Phillips

Jordan chats with the highly-recommended and incredible Lacy Phillips, a manifestation advisor, herbalist, and Founder of the aesthetically beautiful and soulfully awakening Free + Native. So many of you said that Lacy needed to come on the podcast, and you were right!! It was love at first sight! This episode is full of high-vibe inspiration and a heavy dose of manifestation.   The girls chat about everything from manifesting, to living a high vibe life, to hormones and the...

Ep. 65 ft. Wendy Kennedy – Higher Frequencies & Celestial Channeling

Jordan chats with the highly-recommended Wendy Kennedy, a celestial pleiadian channeler who raises the frequency and vibration here on this Earth. We’re super lucky to have her on the podcast, and everyone listening is going to get a taste of this lightning witch!! If you’re into high vibe people, being happy, and living a stress-free, pain-free life, then you’ll take away something beautiful from this episode!   We’d also like to thank Four Sigmatic for being amazing and supporting...

Ep. 64 ft. Ashley Neese

Jordan chats with her friend and breathwork inspiration Ashley Neese, a leading breathwork specialist and absolutely radiant soul. Ashley used to do a lot of all sorts of things in the wellness space (think teaching yoga, health coaching, leading meditations, and so on), but she started focusing on her core passion that set her soul on FIRE – a huge testament to the art of focusing inward in order to create big things. Being an expert on one subject...

Ep. 63 ft. Lorna Jane Clarkson

Jordan chats with THE Lorna Jane Clarkson, amazing Aussie fashion designer and entrepreneur who coined the term “activewear” and created (the appropriately-named) Lorna Jane activewear brand. You’ve probably seen it, oh we don’t know… everywhere!!! Lorna also wrote a meaningful and inspiring new book titled Love You, which is all about falling in love with yourself, being the boss of your own life, digging deep, and creating the best version of YOU.   This conversations is full of tips...

Ep. 62 ft. Kelsey Patel

In this episode Jordan chats with her dear friend & reiki master Kelsey Patel, who is back to share her contagious energy and spirited wisdom with all of us! Kelsey recently led Jordan through her Reiki 1 certification, which was a life changing experience in every way. Part of the Reiki 1 certification is a check-in with your Reiki master – they decided to check in on the podcast so that all of you can be a part of...

BONUS – Catching Up with Holistic Nutrition Guru KELLY LEVEQUE

You all know the amazing celeb Holistic Nutrition guru Kelly Leveque, otherwise known as Jordan’s dear friend and nextdoor neighbor… and she is BACK after publishing her book Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever earlier this summer. Kelly has basically blown up, and she is here to give us the details on what’s happening behind the scenes of her rapid and incredible growth.   We wanted to go far...

Ep. 61 ft. Jessica Olie

  You may know Jessica Olie from her amazing Instagram with gorgeous yoga poses, beautiful words, and her touching and beautiful spirit. Jess is the definition of what it means to be vulnerable and OPEN, and to share her heart with us. Over the past few years, Jordan has fallen in love with Jess through social media – you’ll understand why when you see her yoga flow posts, stunning poses, and her #goals worthy friendship with Morgan Haley of...

Ep. 60 ft. Jonathan Albrecht

It took almost a year of begging to get him to come back on the podcast, but today Jordan shares a conversation with the amazing Jonathan Albrecht, AKA the love of Jordan’s life (fun fact: Jonathan’s first episode was just ONE DAY before they started dating)!! Things have changed a lot in the last year and, as part of Jordan’s birthday present, Jonathan agreed to come on and talk about all of it. Plus, we explore some of Jonathan’s...

Ep. 59 ft. Suzanne Hall

Jordan chats with her close friend and mega-wellness-branding inspiration: Suzanne Hall, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Chalkboard Mag (we know you know it!), the online magazine devoted to the art of living well and partnered with the ever-fab Pressed Juicery.   Suzanne is not only an inspiring wellness leader but also an incredibly down to earth human (rare to find in LA), and we’re sure you’ll be idolizing her after you learn how she turned her passion for living...

Ep. 58 ft. Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle

Jordan chats with two high vibe people who are basically goddesses in the world of wellness:  Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle, Founders of Sakara Life. They are taking over the world of ready-to-eat meal delivery with their delicious, veggie-based options, and they’ve recently launched the Clean Boutique. This episode is full of good vibes & good food, and I hope you enjoy it!!   Danielle & Whitney are kind enough to offer a 10% discount for anything from Sakara’s...

Real Talk SOLO Episode: How I Started Blogging & Turned a Passion into a Career

Jordan’s entrepreneurial journey has allowed her to discover and do what she loves most: blogging for a living and connecting with all of you beautiful people!! She believes that everybody has the capability to start their own brand, make something out of it, and do what they love… but first it’s important to understand the how the why, and the what. We hope this story helps unlock your blockages and further allows you to realize your unlimited potential :...

Ep. 57 ft. Shaman Durek

Jordan kicks off the show with an appearance by two VERY special guests: her mom and dad!! They chat about Jordan’s spiritual journey a little bit before we get to the real interview with Shaman Durek. He offered the opening words at mindbodygreen’s revitalize event in September 2017 and simply blew Jordan away. He brings so much love, light, and knowing to our world, and his story is beyond inspirational.   Be warned: you might get emotional!! Shaman Durek...

Real Talk SOLO Episode: SPIRIT JUICE & Your Questions

Jordan is SOLO to answer more of your questions!! If you ever have a quick question to ask Jordan, don’t be shy! Head over to TheBalancedBlonde.com/QA. Jordan also has a very exciting and special story to share with all of you: how SPIRIT JUICE came to her in a vision while practicing kundalini (if you’re near Hollywood, Tej’s class at Nine Treasures Yoga is unbelievable!!).   So what’s SPIRIT JUICE? This newsletter will bring you Jordan’s thoughts on all...

Ep. 56 ft. Hudson Younger via Miranda Alcott

  Jordan is SO excited to bring you this conversation with someone whom long-time listeners will be very familiar with… Hudson Riley Younger! Hudson is the (feline) love of Jordan’s life, and he is communicating with us via the amazingly talented Miranda Alcott, who is an animal communicator, Animal Medical Intuitive, crisis response counselor, spiritual psychologist, and so much more. Hudson shares his take on Jordan’s relationship with Jonathan, how he’s feeling in his life lately, all about being...

Ep. 55 ft. Sheena Mannina

The universe lined up just right so that Jordan could sit down and chat with Sheena Mannina, who is doing SO MANY amazing things to light her soul on fire! She hosts the always-fresh Raw Talk With Sheena Podcast, owns a juice bar called Raw Republic (the first cold-pressed juice bar in Louisiana!), and created the Basic Witch Healing Course (which Jordan LOVES!!). She’s able to blend spirituality with being a “basic,” normal, down-to-earth person, and it makes all...

Ep. 54 ft. Mark Sisson

Jordan chats with the Godfather of Primal Living, Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple, which has been a blog about primal paleo living since 2006! (Wow!!) Mark is also an entrepreneur galore: he owns the Primal Kitchen restaurant franchise, sells the Primal Kitchen line of cooking and food products, created his own health coaching program, and wrote a number of bestselling books – including a new book coming out in October 2017 called The Keto Reset Diet! He’s on...

Ep. 53 ft. Britney Vest & Tamara Muth-King

  Jordan chats with two incredible women in her life, Britney Vest & Tamara Muth-King! Britney is a fitness influencer and yoga teacher who shares her transformational weight loss journey on her blog and on Instagram as FittyBritttty. Tamara is one of Jordan’s amazingly talented photographers and the host of The Bohemian Rose Podcast, which chronicles her journey of self-discovery, healing, and reinvention as a 50+ year old woman. The women share stories about struggling with body image (and...

Ep 52 – BONUS ft. Nicola Berman

Jordan chats with one of her life idols: the mind-blowing energy alchemist Nicola Berman!! Jordan met with Nicola in Ojai back in June, and that experience catalyzed Jordan’s new spiritual journey. She has taught Jordan SO MUCH about the shamanic path, following your heart, leading with tuition, and basically living the happiest and most divinely-guided life possible. We hope you enjoy this really different, out there, extra long, juicy, and incredible episode!   We all have a lot to...

Ep. 51 ft. Courtney Swan

  Jordan chats this week with her fantastic friend, fellow blogger, holistic nutritionist, and sparkling human being that is Courtney Swan! She’s passionate and knowledgeable about the real food movement, natural foods, natural beauty products, and all the things we should (and should not) be putting into our bodies. Courtney also might have the most interesting gig as a nutritionist: touring full-time with the Swedish pop star Tove Lo!! She shares some great tips for healthy living, eating more...

Ep. 50 ft. Colleen McCann

Jordan chats with the fabulously fun and inspirational Colleen McCann, a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Founder of Style Rituals. Not only is she GOOP’s resident shaman (yes, that means Gwyneth Paltrow and crew!) but she also takes clients all over the globe and shares her knowledge far and wide. After an INCREDIBLE spiritual awakening, she decided to blend her passions and use fashion as a platform to infuse mysticism. The girls spent an amazing day together...

Ep. 49 ft. Energy Muse

Jordan chats with Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, co-founders of Energy Muse, a conscious lifestyle brand that provides tools for empowerment, inspiration, and hope. They’re also one of the best places to buy crystals (and jewelry)! The girls explore how we can use the energy of the Earth as tools (and why you’ll be disappointed if you expect crystals are going to change your life by themselves). They also discuss feng shui, their lifelong friendship, business tips and growth...

Ep. 48 – Real Talk SOLO Episode: Spirituality Q&A

Jordan is SOLO to answer some questions that you asked her on Instagram. You all asked about what’s happening on Jordan’s spiritual journey, how to get started on your own, how to use crystals, letting go of judgement, and a LOT more! If you ever have a quick question to ask Jordan, don’t be shy! Head over to TheBalancedBlonde.com/QA to ask. Resources: Listen to some of Jordan’s favorite podcasts: Mind Body Musings by Maddy Moon The Lively Show by...

Ep. 47 ft. Mary Shenouda

Jordan chats with Mary “The Paleo Chef” Shenouda, the amazing private chef, passionate paleo advocate, and creator of the insanely delicious Phat Fudge. Similar to Jordan, Mary struggled with her health for years before being diagnosed with Celiac disease, and since then she’s turned her health around and started spreading the word about eating clean, playing often, and crushing life! She has a VERY inspiring story and a badass attitude that are sure to set your soul on fire!...

Ep. 46 ft. Anjali Deva

  Jordan chats with her go-to Ayurvedic practitioner, Anjali Deva. Anjali was the practictioner who Jordan did her Panchakarma with in 2016. In this episode, Anjali explores the origins of Ayurvedic medicine, discusses how she got into the practice, chats about her own experiences in India and at silent retreats, and much more. Panchakarma was an experience that transformed Jordan’s life and set her soul on FIRE, and she’s so excited to share it with all of you! We’re...

Ep. 45 ft. Elissa Goodman

Jordan finally chats with the radiant Elissa Goodman about how decades of struggling with her immune system and a cancer diagnosis started her on a journey to learn more about holistic wellness. Now, Elissa is a powerful cancer survivor, holistic nutritionist, lifestyle cleanse expert, and feels healthier than she ever has before! The girls also share how they approach living a balanced life that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit. (Yes, Elissa’s spiritual practice is totally on point.)  ...

Ep. 44 ft. Nicole Cogan

Jordan chats with her dear friend and incredible gluten-free and lifestyle blogger Nicole Cogan, Founder and CEO of NOBREAD, your guide to all things gluten-free. Nicole is the epitome of down to earth, and as always Jordan loves having a dear friend on the show to share real life, in the moment conversations. Nicole is a business genius, and she also has a TON to teach about balancing her booming social life with her need to be healthy. We...

Ep. 43 ft. Kelsey Patel

Jordan chats with reiki master and total badass human Kelsey Patel after some reiki, crystals, and essential oils… it basically doubles as a therapy sesh, and Kelsey’s intuitive senses kick in big time here. Kelsey shares how she found herself on this healing path, what exactly reiki is, and how she made it her career. She even performs reiki on YOU, the listener, through this podcast!! Oh, and Jordan decides she is going to become a reiki practitioner in...

Ep. 42 ft. MaryAnn DiMarco

Today’s episode is so exciting!! Jordan chats with MaryAnn DiMarco, a psychic medium and the author of Believe, Act, Ask: Divine Steps to Raise Your Intuition, Create Change, And Discover Happiness. Even if you’re a skeptic, this is sure to be an eye-opening episode. MaryAnn performs an incredible reading for Jordan that goes REALLY deep… it’s a beautiful, vulnerable, healing experience and we’re excited to share it with all of you!   We’re doing a new giveaway! One winner...

Ep. 41 – Real Talk SOLO Episode: My Spiritual Journey

Jordan chats SOLO about her spiritual journey, starting with yoga, some big spiritual catalysts she’s experienced in the last year, and ending with the seven-week celestial journey that she’s currently embarking on (including the energy alchemy session she just completed in Ojai). Relax, open up, and join her on the journey!!   Resources: Listen to the episode of From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl that inspired Jordan: “Venting: The Art of Working Through Struggles and Returning to Gratitude”...

Ep. 40 ft. Emma Mildon

Today Jordan and Emma Mildon, Spiritual Author & Modern Mystic, make new age spirituality (crystals, spirit animals, meditation, auras, and intuition) more approachable. The girls reflect on their weird and wonderfully spiritual sides before doing something a little different… a mini numerology & name reading!! It’s really insightful and a ton of fun, and we’ll be doing more segments like this with future guests!   Congrats to Kate for winning our HUM Nutrition giveaway last month!! If you haven’t...

Ep. 39 ft. Ryan Devlin

Jordan chats with Ryan Devlin, an accomplished actor and Co-Founder of This Bar Saves Lives, about wanting to give back, transitioning from actor to entrepreneur, founding a mission-driven company, how granola bars save lives, how Starbucks helped create the dark chocolate peanut butter with sea salt flavor, hiring a new CEO, daily routines, concentrating on the ONE thing, how meditation can make you a better version of yourself, rock climbing, and the exciting journey of fatherhood.   Most deodorants...

Ep. 38 – Real Talk SOLO Episode: My Blogging Journey

Jordan chats SOLO on this episode all about how she became a full-time blogger. It starts with her time in college and her decision to make a plant-based blog on a whim (funny story there). She also goes into diving into veganism, becoming The Blonde Vegan, making the decision to drop out of grad school and simultaneously transition away from veganism, CHANGING brands from The Blonde Vegan to The Balanced Blonde, learning how to avoid burnout, learning how to...

Ep. 37 ft. Brandin Cohen

Jordan chats with her best friend Brandin Cohen, who is also the CEO & Co-Founder of the healthy hydration and supplement company Liquid I.V. They talk friendship and authenticity in the wellness space, Liquid I.V.’s hydration science, Brandin’s new experiences with meditation, dealing with insomnia, a second best friend Q&A (a followup to their viral BFF Q&A on YouTube!), stereotypes about CEOs, the power of routine, and so much more. It is an authentic conversation that will leave you...

Ep. 36 ft. Gabby Bernstein

Jordan chats with the highly vibrational and hugely inspirational Gabby Bernstein!! She is author of the New York Times #1 Bestselling book The Universe Has Your Back, which was an incredibly important spiritual catalyst in Jordan’s wellness journey. The girls discuss Gabby’s spiritual awakening, her Spirit Junkie Master Class (with a CODE on Jordan’s site!) untethered spirituality, chasing the things in life that light you up, daily routines, wellness hacks, lifelong learning, and tapping into your intuition by moving...

Ep. 35 ft. Morgan Haley

Jordan chats with Morgan Haley, AKA The Southern Yogi, about the incredibly transparent, beautiful, and authentic stories she shares online. Jordan has been a fan of Morgan for a long time and they discuss everything from finding each other on Instagram to diving into the world of teaching yoga. They also chat about AcroYoga (Morgan is a pro), how yoga helped Morgan heal from divorce, what it’s like to always “be on” online, the healing power of therapy, finding...

Ep. 34 ft. Jason & Colleen Wachob

Jordan chats with Jason & Colleen Wachob, the power duo behind mindbodygreen, one of the world’s leading wellness brands with over 10M unique monthly visitors. They discuss all things company culture (MBG’s is the BEST), using social media in a fun and inspirational way, founding a mission-driven company, what it was like to watch their passion project grow, balancing a business & a (brand new!) baby, financial wellness, working with your spouse, Jason’s amazing book WELLTH: How to Build...

Ep. 33 ft. Erika Welsh

Jordan chats with the lovely Erika Welsh, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Wild Friends Foods, about dropping out of college to start a business (based on PEANUT BUTTER!) with your best friend, having the courage to pursue what sets your soul on fire, struggling with health issues, the healing power of REAL foods, funny stories from the early days of running a small business, how rad Portland is, the FIRST wellness blogger they ever worked with, what it...

Ep. 32 – Real Talk SOLO Episode

Jordan chats SOLO on this episode for the first time and dives deep sharing her personal experience with trauma, her views on the subject, and how she healed herself through self-care, yoga, wellness and more. Jordan shares details about her high school love’s drug addiction and suicide attempts and how they left Jordan with anxiety, PTSD, and overall helplessness. In the last decade she has learned so many coping mechanisms that she shares in this episode.     Resources:...

Ep. 31 ft. Ashley Streff

Jordan chats with Ashley Streff, her beautiful photographer and dear friend! The girls discuss learning that their dream jobs weren’t actually their destiny, taking in signs from the universe, struggling with digestive health, what it’s like as a photographer to work with bloggers & other creatives, the power of the intuition and karma, connecting with cats (hello, Hudson!), building a consistent brand platform, enlisting support, and always seeking new knowledge.   We have a giveaway!!! If you want to...

Ep. 30 ft. Marissa Lace

Jordan chats with the balanced, blonde, and loveable Marissa Lace. She’s an amazing YouTuber (she’s been at it for five whole years… wow!!!) and owner of the LightLoveandLace crystal shop. The girls talk about building a dedicated social media following over time, creating organic & authentic videos, eating with love, the #yearofyou, empowering yourself through physical activity, being introduced to crystals & meditation, their favorite crystals, what Reiki is & how it’s practiced, pursuing a passionate and inspired life,...

Ep. 29 ft. Rachel Mansfield – Live @ Pure Yoga in NYC

Jordan chats with her blogging BFF Rachel Mansfield LIVE from Pure Yoga West in New York City. It’s our first live podcast recording, but absolutely not the last!! We had amazing Q&A’s from our audience and got to share all sorts of tidbits and tips that we don’t often think to talk about without a live audience. Thank you Perfect Bar and REBBL for helping make it an awesome night! We discuss Rachel’s long (and sometimes difficult) journey towards...

Ep. 28 ft. High Vibe Livin

Jordan chats with Britt & Tara from High Vibe Livin about her incredible experience practicing Kundalini Yoga with them. They’re the spiritual, high vibe type of people that can light your soul on fire!!! The girls discuss discovering Kundalini, Yogi Bhajan, choosing who to share your energy with, spiritual experiences, awareness, The Ambrosial Hours, and how you can incorporate Kundalini in your life.   Resources: Check out behind the scenes footage from this episode in Jordan’s latest YouTube Vlog!...

Ep. 27 ft. Geri Hirsch

Jordan chats with lifestyle blogger and wellness experimenter extraordinare Geri Hirsch. Geri launched her blog, Because I’m Addicted, way back in 2005 which makes her a total O.G.!!! Her focus has shifted quite a bit over the years from fashion to wellness and back, and she JUST recently started blogging full-time. They talk about blogging for over a decade, how the industry has changed, the beauty of Ayurveda, transitioning from fashion blogging to something more meaningful, how our stories...

Ep. 26 ft. Luke Storey

Jordan chats with Luke Storey, The Ultimate Life Stylist, about his unique (and sometimes extreme!) quest for the ultimate wellness, performance, and total life fulfillment practices. Luke is a former celebrity stylist, public speaker, entrepreneur, advocate of all things mind, body, spirit and host of The Life Stylist Podcast. They discuss Luke’s lifelong relationship with wellness, how he hit rock bottom, how spirituality helped get his mind right, wellness trends, a balanced approach to detoxing, the Bulletproof Diet, morning...

Ep. 25 ft. Danika Brysha

Jordan chats with Danika Brysha, the Founder & CEO of Model Meals, a curve model, and a wonderful friend. The girls discuss unblocking their lives (and living that soul on fire life!), their evolving relationship with food, the story of Model Meals, feeling like a fraud, creating your own self-care checklist, how food can change the world, knowing your worth, and how Danika helps others find their passion & create a living around it. Danika was awesome enough to...

Ep. 24 ft. Lee From America

Jordan chats with wellness blogger, food photographer, recipe developer, workshop leader, natural food lover, and the epically down-to-earth human that is Lee Tilghman. She’s only been in LA for two years, and already she is a vital part of the local wellness scene. They talk about turning your passions into a career, being an extroverted introvert (see a theme here?), how they found balance with workouts, the health benefits of strength training, over exercising (and how to avoid it),...

Ep. 23 ft. Mary Beth LaRue

Jordan chats with Mary Beth LaRue, a yoga teacher, coach, writer, kindred spirit, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss. The girls have been admiring each other from afar and on social media for a long time, and then they ran into each other at Erewhon (health food heaven)! They discuss cartoons, alcohol, labels, being an introvert, loving your fear, teaching, listening to your body, Silver Lake vs. Venice Beach, mushroom coffee, meeting your soulmate, and how you can rock...

Ep. 22 ft. Jessica Murnane

Jordan chats with creator of One Part Plant & author of new plant-based cookbook by the same name, Jessica Murnane. Jordan and Jess connected through their agent Sarah Passick years ago by being Sarah’s first ever clients (!!), and have had a love affair from afar ever since. The ladies chat about everything from their mutual issues with misophonia (the hatred of sound), to Jessica’s long-awaited cookbook deal, the podcast life, Jess’s mission in life to not be considered...

Ep. 21 ft. That’s So Retrograde

Jordan chats with Elizabeth Kott & Steph Simbari, the duo behind comedy & wellness podcast That’s So Retrograde. They share their wellness journeys, their weirdest wellness tips, what it’s like to be a comedian in LA, productivity hacks, wellness elixirs, reiki love, all of their soul on fire goodness, dream guests on their top-rated podcast, and more. There is also a REBBL tonic giveaway at the beginning of the episode, so be sure to rate, review & subscribe to...

Ep. 20 ft. Brian Underwood

Jordan chats with CEO of 70 million dollar company Pruvit, the Keto OS company that she uses on a daily basis, all about how he found success, what his entrepreneurial journey has looked like, how to deal with failure, his top tips for managing a team, the extreme health benefits of ketones in the body, and so much more. Brian’s tips for building a business are invaluable, and of course Jordan asks him what his favorite ketone flavors are,...

Ep. 19 ft. Rachel Mansfield

Jordan chats with her good friend Rachel Mansfield, food blogger and Instagrammer extraordinaire, about Instagram Do’s & Don’ts from their points of view. Jordan and Rachel both spend a LOT of time on Instagram… it’s kind of their entire careers in a nutshell. They have both experienced a lot of trial and error with the platform, so they share what works for them, what some of their pet peeves are, and some of the best things you can do...

Ep. 18 ft. Tara Sowlaty & Jessie DeLowe of How You Glow

Jordan chats with her dear friends Tara Sowlaty & Jessie DeLowe, otherwise known as the glowy, ethereal, magically down to earth duo behind How You Glow. The girls discuss everything from pantry staples and best LA restaurants to their wellness journeys, how How You Glow came to be, working with friends, travel inspiration, Jessie’s pregnancy, and they even brush on politics (and how to deal with the topic in very HYG + TBB ways). Ultimately, this is a feel-good,...

Ep. 17 ft. Lauryn & Michael Bosstick

Jordan chats with Lauryn and Michael Bosstick of the wildly successful blog The Skinny Confidential and the equally succesful Him & Her podcast. Lauryn and Michael are the ultimate when it comes to branding, building a business, effective time management, growing alongside of social media, knowing when to shake things up, and more. Not to mention, they are hilarious and together they are one of the most entertaining couples in existence. This episode is sure to inspire you to...

Ep. 16 ft. Emily Nolan

Jordan chats with her sister from another mister Emily Nolan — international model, authenticity master, radical self-acceptance leader, incredible writer, and the founder of TOPLESS yoga — a self-confidence yoga event and retreat series used as a tool for self-love. They talk about everything from their crazy similarities to Emily’s “four stages of self” in which she found her most evolved self, a.k.a “Full Emily.” Not to mention Emily’s recent 45 pound weight loss — how she did it...

Ep. 15 ft. Jeannette Ogden

Jordan chats with the super down-to-earth Jeannette Ogden of Shut The Kale Up about how she transitioned her life from fast food on the daily (not to mention recovering from an eating disorder) to becoming a wellness Instagram sensation and a genuine inspiration to hundreds of thousands of followers. Jeannette opens up about her rough upbringing, talks all about her synergistic and health-inspired marriage, being a full-time mama, how she grew her audience so organically, the role that healthy...

Ep. 14 ft. Kelly Leveque & Wes Okerson

Jordan chats with her nutritionist Kelly Leveque and celeb personal trainer Wes Okerson about the health benefits of getting our bodies into ketosis, what ketones do for us, and all of the details about the ketogenic lifestyle. The product they are all obsessed with, Keto OS Bio Max powder, is a game changer that Jordan legitimately uses on the daily and wants everyone to know about!   For more info on guest name and the complete show notes, visit:...

Ep. 13 ft. Danika & Christina

Jordan chats with Danika Miller & Christina Rice, otherwise known as the two women who have become her permanent limbs and essential parts of The Balanced Blonde brand. They talk about what it’s really like to intern for a blogger, the ballsy ways they both put themselves on the line to get hired, what the most annoying thing about Jordan is, and most importantly what they learned about working in the digital space, getting so close to their boss,...

Ep. 12 ft. Sarah Passick

Jordan chats with her close friend and literary agent Sarah Passick, a.k.a the #superagent that brought Breaking Vegan to life and works for the top wellness literary agency in New York City. They discuss the process of bringing a book to life and getting books published, the many A-list clients that Sarah has worked with, and how to maintain balance in a city as “on” and fast-paced as New York. They also discuss a BIT about Jordan’s next book,...

Ep. 10 ft. Sarah Pendrick

Jordan chats with Sarah Pendrick, women empowerment leader and founder of GirlTalk Network, all about running their own businesses, the power of the intuition, energy feeding energy, the non-profit life, and more. Sarah also tells the story of how she met her perfect man & manifested the life of her dreams.   For more info on guest name and the complete show notes, visit: www.TheBalancedBlonde.com   Resources: www.girltalknetwork.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmdX-9OoVxY&t=214s

Ep. 9 ft. Kathryn Budig

Jordan chats with one of her idols — OG yoga rockstar, best-selling author and wellness entrepreneur extraordinaire Kathryn Budig. They discuss their definitions of “fate,” the evolution of yoga, their book writing processes, where Kathryn is headed next & more! For more info on Kathryn and the complete show notes, visit: www.thebalancedblonde.com Resources: My review of Kathryn’s book: http://www.thebalancedblonde.com/2016/03/29/my-girl-crush-wrote-a-book-its-awesome/ Kathryn’s book: http://rstyle.me/n/cabbbnbejn7 Kathryn’s site: http://kathrynbudig.com

Ep. 8 ft. Lisa Hyde

Jordan chats with skincare specialist Lisa Hyde about all things skincare that WORKS, how both of their hormones went wacky and their skin exploded, how rigorous workouts do not help the problem, and how they both found balance again.

Ep. 7 ft. Katie Horwitch

Jordan & Katie chat all things “HSP” (Highly Sensitive Peeps!), teaching yoga & spin to a room full of sometimes *interesting* people, discuss their mutual love for being NICE to people and hate for the sounds that come along with sitting in an of

Ep. 6 ft. Rachel Mansfield

Jordan chats with food blogger, Instagram celeb & her dear friend Rachel Mansfield all about starting a blog, running a business and how they set their souls on fire. ALSO, cookbook for Rach in near future?!

Ep. 5 ft. Kelly Leveque

In this episode I chat with holistic nutritionist, health coach, wellness entrepreneur extraordinaire, freelance writer and science GEEK (in the best way) Kelly Leveque! We chat about all things from our friendship to blood sugar balance to the smartest w

Ep. 4 ft. Miranda Alcott

In this episode I interview my animal communicator & pet psychic, Miranda Alcott. We hear all about Miranda’s story, tips for dealing with emotions as an empathetic person, and together we interview my cat (and light of my life) HUDSON!

Ep. 3 ft. Sophie Jaffe

Meet wellness guru Sophie Jaffe and hear all about how she balances being a fitness rockstar, a full-time mama, full-time entrepeneur, incredible wife, friend and MORE. Jordan is so inspired by her and their friendship is a special one.

Ep. 1 ft. Brandin Cohen

Welcome to the first episode of The Balanced Blonde podcast! Jordan & her close friend Brandin Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Liquid I.V., talk starting a business, balancing friendships with the crazy CEO startup life, tips to remain authentic & open, funny stories about THEIR friendship, B’s advice to “focus on the rocks”, how he’d grow TBB if he was Jordan’s advisor… and more!

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