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HI GUYS!!!! I have missed you all so much! I am so happy to be back on the bloggy today reflecting back on this wild year with all of you. I’ve gotta be honest with you guys. I usually just sit down to write and a blog post pours out of me. I don’t usually have to think twice about it because the post always just forms itself. But this post wasn’t like that at all. It was hard... READ MORE >
Ahhhh, the day has come for me to write this post!!! Where do I even begin? I am excited, gleeful, hopeful, a little nervous, and even a bit HESITANT to do this, but I know deep in my soul that it’s right, so I’m going with it. I wouldn’t be TBB if I didn’t follow my soul… we know that much at least. 🙂 Today marks the beginning of a digital detox I will be embarking on from social... READ MORE >
This post is something I have been wanting to write for a long time, and while I have hinted at it here and there and written about it in subliminal ways for many months… I finally feel ready to share a big step I have taken in both my spiritual and my healing journeys. I have transitioned back to veganism, and while that word is not my favorite for many dogmatic reasons — it fits what I am doing... READ MORE >
I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately thinking about chronic illness in relation to intuitive eating, body positivity, diet culture, and the healing powers of nutrition. A lot to unpack, I know. My sleepy Lyme brain has been on overdrive thinking about it all. I’m sharing my thoughts here because truthfully, I started this blog over half a decade ago to normalize being healthy in a world where “wellness” isn’t or at least wasn’t often considered cool or normal. Hilariously... READ MORE >