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Hi my loves! I have been getting a lot of questions about the recent protocol I have started to help heal inflammation, Lyme, and all of the other health issues I am dealing with, so I thought I would do a post about it to lay it all out. In this post I will break down the Medical Medium protocol for Lyme, why I am going low histamine, foods to focus on, foods to avoid, the benefits of celery... READ MORE >
Every day I learn about a new symptom of Lyme disease… the newest being severe panic attacks, of which I had the pleasure of experiencing in full force this weekend. Anyone who has had a panic attack knows that it’s a terrifying feeling. I thought I had had them in my life before this but after having one on Saturday night I realized… all of the panic attacks I had had in the past were very minor compared to... READ MORE >
In the land of hustle and grind, with Instagram entrepreneurs telling us “dreams don’t work until you do,” and “you can sleep when you’re dead,” it’s no wonder that a lot of us are drilling ourselves into the ground with work and we’re… well… burnt out. TRUST ME, I did this for the first four and a half years of blogging & building my business. Did it help my brand grow rather quickly and keep me in the flow... READ MORE >
Last week I had the immense privilege of attending the annual Global Lyme Alliance‘s NYC Gala… on my birthday, no less. Yes, that was a coincidence. YES, I believe it was fate — because really I believe there are no coincidences in this life. I am not sure what the best part of the night was. Having my other half learn more about chronic Lyme from some of the top doctors, researchers, and fellow Lyme warriors out there probably topped... READ MORE >