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Ep. 14 ft. Kelly Leveque & Wes Okerson



Jordan chats with her nutritionist Kelly Leveque and celeb personal trainer Wes Okerson about the health benefits of getting our bodies into ketosis, what ketones do for us, and all of the details about the ketogenic lifestyle. The product they are all obsessed with, Keto OS Bio Max powder, is a game changer that Jordan legitimately uses on the daily and wants everyone to know about!


For more info on guest name and the complete show notes, visit: www.TheBalancedBlonde.com



  • Keto OS Bio Max Link: thebalancedblonde.pruvitnow.com
  • Referral code to use on site: ‘thebalancedblonde’
  • 5-Day Keto Experience Pack: http://thebalancedblonde.experienceketo.com
  • Email jordan@thebalancedblonde.com for full info, for a 5-day sample pack and for more details!
  • The Charlie Foundation: https://www.charliefoundation.org
  • Dominic D’Agostino’s site: http://www.ketonutrition.org
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