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Ep 192 SOLO – Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol, Talking 5D Consciousness, & Pleiadian Channeling!


On today’s SOLO episode of the podcast we go deep into Jordan’s journey with alcohol and sobriety. She has been sober for 18 months now and has never felt better. In this episode we get into spirituality, high vibrational living, healing from Lyme, 5D consciousness, channeling, microdosing, and beyond! We also answer an audience Q&A about sobriety.

Some amazing questions you guys had cover how to keep friends when making a lifestyle change, whether or not Jordan’s husband Jonathan drinks, if Jordan regrets her years of drinking, what the hardest part about ditching alcohol was, what the Pleiadians have to say about the sober life (!!) and so much more. Jordan tells stories from her ayahuasca journeys and Lyme healing experiences in this episode as well. We can’t wait for you to listen and to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to Cured Nutrition for sponsoring this episode! Jordan is a huge fan of CBD, and Cured Nutrition is her #1 favorite brand. One thing that’s very impressive is their response to the Black Lives Matter movement. They have partnered with the Last Prisoner Project. There are currently over 40 thousand prisoners incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses despite legalization, and communities of color are disproportionately affected. You can use the code BLONDE for a discount at curednutrition.com.

Jordan is super excited to be introducing The Balanced Blonde audience to Athletic Greens, a brand-new sponsor to the show! She has been drinking their Green Powder every morning for the last month, and has completely replaced her morning green juice! It’s developed from a complex blend of 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients. Go to athleticgreens.com/blonde and get a free gift with any purchase of $20 or more!




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