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Ep. 69 ft. Trevor Hall & Debra Silverman


Jordan sits down and chats with Trevor Hall, who many of you may know as the folk and reggae artist who sings Green Mountain State, To Zion, Where’s the Love amd so many other favorites, and their mutual astrologer (and Trevor’s dear friend) Debra Silverman to discuss everything from Saturn Returns to reading birth charts to astrological trends to keep an eye out for in 2018.


They also talk about how astrology has influenced Trevor’s music, what their spiritual routines are, and Trevor and Deb’s banter is sure to make you chuckle. These two are incredibly high-vibe, and they have a beautiful & unique relationship – Debra is Trevor’s “fairy godmother,” if you will. This conversation is a total blast, and it really speaks to how grounding & empowering a balanced spiritual practice can be.





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