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Ep. 71 – Real Talk SOLO Episode: Life Updates & Instagram Q+A!


Jordan is checking back in with another SOLO episode. These are always a lot of fun, and they are her favorite way to connect with all of YOU!! So focus on what you want to talk about, and together we can manifest just what you need to hear!


She also gives some updates on what she has been up to lately, how her crazy rash is doing, what you can expect on her blog in the coming months, and more.


Jordan will be LIVE in New York City soon, and we want you to join us!


We’d like to thank Bob’s Red Mill for supporting the show! These are Jordan’s go-to products for ALL of her baking!! Bob’s Red Mill has been making gluten free, organic, and stone-ground products for decades. Bob’s offers a huge range of products that cater to specific dietary restrictions, so those of us with allergies and alternative lifestyles can feel really good and indulge in delicious treats during the Holidays!! You can get 25% OFF your purchase at BobsRedMill.com by using the code BALANCEDBLONDE at checkout.






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