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Ep. 80 ft. Shaman Durek


Jordan has a very special episode to share with all of you today: a LIVE conversation and Q+A session with one of her favorite teachers, friends, and people in the world, Shaman Durek!! He is so full of wisdom and ancestral knowledge… it never stops blowing our minds! He answers so many powerful questions from audience members that we know will resonate deeply with all listening.


Before this conversation, Shaman Durek led a shamanic workshop and lead everyone in the audience through a session to open up their natural powers. It was a powerful, transformative experience… pretty much MAGIC!! We firmly believe that everyone in attendance was supposed to be there, just like you’re meant to be listening to the episode (if and when you do!) – because Shaman Durek’s answers to these questions will resonate with and help each and every one of us.


We’d also like to thank our newest sponsor, EverlyWell. EveryWell offers a variety of home health tests, for everything from food sensitivities to vitamin levels to women’s health. Jordan was able to test her sensitivity to 96 different foods from the comfort of her own home, and she believes this is a really important service because they give us the power to take our health into our own hands… and who doesn’t want to do that?! You can learn more & order your own Home Health Tests at EverlyWell.com.


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