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9 Weeks to becoming more YOU than you’ve ever thought possible

Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul

Aligning with what lights us up, relearning our inner cosmic power, and reclaiming the true essence of who we are with top-rated blogger, podcaster & soul-igniter Jordan Younger.

A Note From Jordan

Are You Ready To Bring In The Magic?!

This course was born out of waking up to the infinite magic and power inside of my own body. It is inspired by healing my body from debilitating chronic Lyme disease, the spiritual mysticism of Kabbalah, my own plant medicine journeys, the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos, manifesting through the Law of Attraction, spiritual teachings I’ve picked up along the way, and many of my recurring podcast guests who have opened my mind on my own journey to waking up my soul.

I am so ready to help you wake up to the worlds of wisdom that live inside of you, to transform your life and become attuned to your soul’s innate purpose, passions, and reasons for being here.

xo, Jordan

Do You Ever?

Feel like there is something bigger out there for you?

Find yourself playing out the same frustrating patterns,
living in a negative feedback loop justified by your past?

Feel so filled to the brim with inspiration and passion but not sure how to turn it into something tangible?
(Or unsure of what your passions are to begin with?)

Wonder about channeling, getting in touch with your intuitive gifts
(we all have them!), and think about being more aligned?

Struggle with your relationship with your body and the emotions that live inside of you?

Wish you were more inspired by your work (& didn’t feel trapped by the confines of money when it came to taking a leap in your career path)?

Want to feel more inspired, connected, and in the flow?

I get it! That’s what I wanted too, for so long.

After opening my mind to new practices, developing new routines, and learning that everything is happening FOR me & not TO me, I was finally able to open my mind and wake. back. up. to my own soul and all of the gifts my soul was ready to call in.

A Breakdown Of The Course

Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul At A Glance…

Each module is an hour-long audio recording that you can listen to at your own leisure, like a podcast! Each meditation is around twenty minutes and is also an audio recording that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Introduction //

A fun deep dive with me into all that we will create &
explore together on this journey…!

+ A meditation for intention setting, finding your happy place, & creating a mantra for this journey together.

Module 1 //

Remembering that you are an eternal soul, and exploring what that means.
We go into decluttering our mind, filling in the gaps, the Kabbalah creation story and how it pertains to waking up our souls, and returning to our soul’s house.

+ A meditation for awakening the third eye, reconnecting to your soul before you came to this planet, choosing a color that will stay with us for the remainder of the course, picking out a designated crystal (if you desire) and more.

Module 2 //

Surrendering to the Universe, a power beyond our wildest imagination. We go into what it means to surrender and why surrendering is so deeply important on the path to waking back up our eternal souls and returning to our truest nature.

+ A meditation for surrender and returning to our eternal souls.

Module 3 //

Honoring Our Ancestors, our Lineage, & our Childhood Memories to see/learn the trapped emotions that are lodged inside of us. Most of us don’t know what is in there until we commit to finding out!

+ A meditation to find those lodged ancestral emotions and traumas and releasing them into the Light.

Module 4 //

Developing an Intimate Relationship with Our Body (our Vessel!), Finding out what it needs, and committing to giving it that. All of our manifestations will come from here, from being one & in LOVE with our vessel.

+ A meditation for finding and releasing trapped emotions in the body, and replacing the trapped emotion with love and light.

Module 5 //

Play! Dance! Move! Find Your Bliss, do more of what you love, find your inner child, return to what our souls came here to do! Also, there are no rules. We go deep into dancing, releasing self-judgment, the power of Kundalini yoga + moving our bodies.

+ A meditation for releasing all self-judgment & returning to our inner FREEDOM!

Module 6 //

Automatic writing, journaling, & channeling. Making channeling & opening up to your intuition and your guides a part of your daily life. This is all about learning to trust, and ask for SIGNS! They do appear. 😉

+ A meditation for connecting to your guides, your intuition, your highest self, and asking for a sign.

Module 7 //

Law of Attraction, the Abraham-Hicks emotional scale, manifesting money, relationships, career, and more. Once you’ve done the work of the first 6 modules, this becomes ore & more easily accessible.

+ A meditation to attract, attract, attract, and turn our thoughts into reality. Manifesting is simply like attracting like & we are diving right in!

Module 8 //

Miracles, Miracles, Everywhere! Look, Ask, Receive. Simple as that.

+ A meditation to look for, ask for, and receive miracles in our every day life.

Module 9 //

Recap, Integration, & Living Intentionally in the Ceremony of LIFE!

What You’ll Get

9 Week Course
for $222

+ 9 Weeks of audio content you can listen to at your own leisure, consisting of a total of 10 modules that will walk you through the method I use to wake back up to my own soul and manifest abundance in all areas of my life.

+ 9 Soul-Speak Meditations that will help you get in the flow, align with your body, and take time in your day to pause.

+ A beautifully designed PDF that aligns with each module, containing a breakdown of each week’s topics, journaling prompts, intention setting inspiration, inspirational playlists to listen to, and quotes from many of Jordan’s favorite teachers.

+ Lifetime access to the official Waking Back Up to Your Own Soul Facebook group where you can connect with other students going through the course at the same time as you! You will be added to a list to be the first to hear about Jordan’s upcoming giveaways, retreats, courses, events, and more!

What people say

“Your course came at the perfect time. I cannot thank you enough for your time & energy in creating it! We are all at very different places in our journey and creating something to accommodate all of us is pure magic. I have experienced so many synchronicities along the way as a gentle reminders saying “YES, You are guided. You are supported.”

I’ve never truly felt like I belonged in my body until now. I’ve suffered with so much chronic pain and anxiety. This course has helped me feel like ME. Like I am home. I am ok and I am everlasting LOVE.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jordan

You are an Angel! Sending you so much love, light and healing as you rest and prepare for your wedding.”

- Erin

“Jordan’s course is so powerful that from the moment I signed up, I needed not even listen to the modules fully to see & feel my life shift before me — this experience is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I’m now an open channel for light beings, have more confidence in my business, and even beyond confidence — more revenue and systems in place to support my business growth! As a soul-led business owner, this is nothing short of amazing, and yet, what else could I have expected from this Reflector angel?”

- Alexandra

“I started “Waking Back Up To Your Own Soul” when I was in a really dark place in life.

I would put in my ear buds & listen to the modules as I walked around my favorite park here in Charleston, SC. Many days there would be tears in my eyes because Jordan truly spoke right to my soul.

Every module was full of so much wisdom, love & insight. I loved them so much I listened to some of them 3 times just so I could be sure that I absorbed all of the goodness Jordan was sharing with us.

The guided meditations were a huge highlight for me – the binaural beats & angelic sounds took me to another dimension – no joke – they are that powerful. I will continue using these meditations for a long time & hope Jordan makes more.

Thanks to this course I’ve dropped emotional baggage, manifested some really cool things, started to trust myself more & I feel so much better on a soul level. Life is starting to blossom again after a long winter of the soul. I feel like I’m getting my sparkle back!

The value I got was priceless – it was some of the best money I’ve ever spent. I highly recommend this course to anyone that feels called to look beneath the surface and do the work of the soul. Get ready to shine!”

- Cortney

“Jordan’s course has been radically life altering through the concepts she introduces in the modules. The meditations have taken me places I have truly never had access to before and I feel so spiritually in touch with my soul after doing this work. This course has been a catalyst for healing my chronic migraines and giving my body what it needs. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to get in touch with themselves and their potential on a much deeper level.”

- Grace

“I’m truly at a loss for words when I try to describe all of the positive changes the Waking Back Up to Your Soul course has made in my life. I look back at the 25 intentions I set in the intro module and can honestly say that EVERY single one has been integrated into my life in some way. I’ve fully established a daily meditation and journaling routine, I talk to my spirit guides every day, and I slow down and give thanks for nature and miracles more than ever before. I started my own blog and personal business after years of putting it off due to fear and doubt. I truly feel like I know and love myself in a new way, and this is just the beginning! This course will open up the floodgates to an entire beautiful world that lives within you and your amazing soul. If you are ready to elevate, rise, love and honor yourself more than you ever thought possible, this course is for you. Thank you, Jordan, for waking us up to the Divine beauty that lies within all of us and can never be taken away. I can’t recommend this course highly enough! Give yourself this gift and dive in for major transformation and joy!”

- Maya

About Jordan

Hi. I’m Jordan. And I’m so happy you’re here. You might be wondering right about now, “What does this girl know about waking up to her own soul? How did she get here?” Well, let me tell you. First of all… I am your peer! Your friend! We are in this together. I have learned a lot on my own journey to healing, and it is my greatest honor to share that with you and walk with you back home to your own soul.

I have been blogging & podcasting for six years, and wow have my topics radically shifted over the years! I was once a vegan food blogger and now, I no longer believe in labels. I am in the constant pursuit of expressing myself creatively. Blogging, podcasting, writing books, connecting with you guys, pouring my heart onto the page in the form of poetry, flowing through sweaty yoga classes, communing with nature, eating healthy foods from the earth, collecting crystals, turning my thoughts into my reality, snuggling with my cat — those are just some of the things that set my soul on fire. I happen to have created a life based off of what sets my soul on fire, and I am so ready to teach you to do the same.

Nothing breaks my heart more than a human who doesn’t believe in their fullest potential. It doesn’t matter your age, your gender, your race, your background, your health history, your circumstances. HAPPINESS IS FOR YOU. HEALING IS FOR YOU. If I can heal from chronic Lyme disease and put my life back together, and not only that, fall head over heels in love with my life from the inside out, so can you.

This course is the culmination of my healing journey. You know when the worst thing you could ever imagine happens to you and you’re living in a rock bottom moment (or month or year or years) and you can’t even fathom that this terrible horrible thing might actually be your greatest gift, the catalyst to your greatness? Yeah, me neither. But I have Lyme and being bedridden and too brain-foggy and in too much pain to function for 2 years to thank for… all of this. For waking back up to my own soul.

Getting sick took me on a journey, a journey to remembering WHO I AM. Wild that we forget, but that’s what society conditions us to do. Through plant medicine, deep introspection, meditation, breath work, learning how to manifest, learning how to play, and opening up psychically — I have returned to my true nature. I have unlocked the key to who I am inside, and I’m never going back. And, I am taking you with me!

Life is magical and you are magical and I promise you, life is about to get a whole lot better and we are about to feel so much more aligned. Anything you can imagine, you can have. It’s not easy but the work can be fun if you let it. Actually, everything can be fun.



Will this course teach me how to manifest?!

Yes, this course will give you tangible tools and tips for incorporating manifesting into your every day life. My belief is that no one can “teach” you how to manifest or truly teach you how to do anything, because making it a part of your life and finding your sweet spot with it is up to you. But I will lead you to a method that hopefully works for you, and will open you up to a world of possibilities once you step inside…!

How much of a time commitment is this course?

This is technically designed to be a 9-week course, but you can absolutely do it at your own pace. If you feel like doing multiple modules per week, go for it! I encourage you to take your time with it as there are weekly journaling prompts, intention setting practices, and meditations you will be incorporating into your life. This is a lifestyle change for the long haul, not a quick fix! But go at your own pace and all will unfold exactly as it’s meant to for you.

Will this course give me something to believe in?

Well… I sure hope so! I also imagine it will be different for each and every person who goes through it. This course is greatly inspired by the wisdom of the Jewish mysticism of Kabbalah, with great respect to many different spiritual ideologies. It is also rooted in science (with inspiration from Dr. Joe Dispenza), A Course in Miracles, wisdom from my own plant medicine journeys, Abraham-Hicks, and many teachers who have influenced my journey. My hope is that this course introduces you to so many healing modalities and spiritual gateways that you will find what sticks for you, and it will give you connection, community, and bliss.

Will I learn how to trust my intuition, and know that I am channeling and not just listening to a “voice in my head”?

YES! We are going to get past those fears and blocks to reconnect you to the truest you, the one who does not doubt yourself — ever. Your confidence is gonna shiiiiiine and you’re gonna love it!

Is this course for me if I don’t currently have a spiritual practice?

Yes! This course is for anyone who wants to have a spiritual practice. The only thing you need to be here is the openness and willingness to open your mind, expand, and learn! This course will help you create spiritual practices in your life if you so chose to pursue them and incorporate them into your routine.

Is this course for me if I’ve already been on the spiritual path for many years? What will I have to learn?

Well… let me take you inside of my mind! LOL. But really, I believe this course has something unique to offer everyone as its truly crafted from the inner workings of my mind, based off of my own healing journey and influenced by the beautiful practices of plant medicine, channeling, working with light beings, Kabbalah, and so much more. This course will enhance your current spiritual practices and help you wake even further back up to who you are inside. There is always more to manifest, always a deeper place to dive into on our paths. I’m here to go there with you.

Will this course have anything to do with food? Will it help me learn to eat right for my body?

This course is not about food but it’s about the practices that make up every inch of our life, including the food we put into our bodies and nourish ourselves with. Module 4, all about falling in love with our physical vessel, will touch on learning to listen to our body’s internal cues to nourish ourselves and eat in the way OUR individual body was designed. Waking up to our souls means feeling our best, inside & out!

What if something comes up and I can’t finish in 9 weeks?

Totally take it at your own pace! You will have lifetime access to the course and all of the materials. If you are doing the webinars, they will be saved so you will have access to them if you can’t join at the time of the recording. The course will unfold in perfect timing for you. 🙂

Ok… You In? Let’s Do This!! Let’s Wake Up to Our Souls!!

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I have so much to share, and dear one, I would love to share it with you!